7 Tips for Lighting a Baby Room


  1. №1.What factors should be considered?
  2. №2.Proper organization of natural lighting
  3. №3.Organization of general lighting
  4. №4.Working light
  5. №5.The organization of lighting in the playing area and near the bed
  6. № 6.Organization of decorative lighting
  7. №7.How to make lighting safe?
  8. In conclusion,

Today, scientists have already proved that the conditions for the development and upbringing of a child influence him in the future and shape his personality. That is why parents try to create the best possible conditions for their children, equipping the children's room with the best furniture and creating interesting layouts. But you should not forget about one of the most important parameters of any room - light, which affects not only the perception of the environment, but also the sight. Lighting in the children's room requires a careful approach: both the deficit and the excess of light affect negatively.

№1.What factors should be considered?

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There is no universal formula by which it would be possible to calculate how many light bulbs you need to use and where to place them. In each children's room, the issue is solved individually, and depends on numerous factors: the size of the room, the number and parameters of the windows, the side of the world on which the windows are facing, the age of the child, the materials used in the decoration of , etc.

It is advisable that create an lighting plan at the planning stage of the repair: it is important to consider not only what furniture will be used, what the walls and the floor will be, but also where the main and additional light sources will be located. Carefully it is necessary to approach the selection of the brightness of the lamps: you need to prevent the twilight in the room, but the light should not be too bright, so as not to give unnecessary glare on individual objects in the room. All space should be evenly lit: do not allow a sharp transition from light to shade.

As for the appearance of the lamps, today the choice is so wide that the children's room can be decorated in any style, and the chandeliers and sconces will resemble fabulous characters, have the shape of an airplane, a kite, etc.

№2.Proper organization of natural lighting

In general, the organization of lighting in the nursery begins with the choice of premises for it. It is recommended for this purpose to use the brightest room in the apartment, so that the child is provided with natural light to the maximum. In a room with sufficient natural light, the baby will be easier to wake up, and the atmosphere in this room will be more pleasant and positive. Optimally, to the windows facing south or east.

It is clear that there are not always apartments in apartments that are ideal for organizing a nursery. Then you have to look for ways to control the amount of natural light and solve possible problems with the help of lamps. So, if the window openings in the room are too large , and the light turns out to be too bright, then it does not prevent the translucent Roman curtains from hanging on the window, which will compensate for the excess light. At the same time, it is necessary to provide for more massive thick curtains, which can become a reliable protection from unnecessary light during rest.

The western and northern sides of the are not very suitable for organizing children’s homes, but sometimes there is no choice. In this case, the design of the window opening should be as transparent as possible. A good solution is to expand the window opening, but, alas, this can be done only in a private house. With a clear shortage of sunlight, it is necessary to increase the intensity of artificial lighting.

№3.Organization of general lighting

General lighting in the children's room can be arranged with the help of chandeliers, ceiling lamps, spotlights, spotlights, as well as using such non-trivial ideas as false windows. General illumination should not be bright, but sufficient to give an uniform light throughout the room. It is better if the stream of light is directed not downwards, but upwards and was diffused.

If you decided to use the chandelier in your room for general lighting, then pay attention to the options made of frosted glass and closed type. It is better to abandon large massive models of :

  • , firstly, they are not very safe during active children's games,
  • secondly, they clutter up the space, which is not always enough.

Alternative to the usual chandelier - ceiling lamp : it copes with its tasks perfectly, takes up little space, and at the same time can have an interesting shape, decorating a children's room. Another option is spot lighting , which is easy to organize if suspended or stretch ceilings are used in the nursery. Spotlights, located around the perimeter of the room, give a uniform soft light, which is so necessary in the children's room. Sometimes using spot lighting can zoning the room.

Not bad for children's rooms are suitable spots - chandeliers that combine several lamps. The direction of light of the latter can be easily changed by organizing a uniform general illumination and, if necessary, highlighting certain areas. If the children's room is quite small, then spots will be able to replace several types of lighting at once.

An interesting option for children's rooms is the luminous window or the false window , which is arranged on the ceiling. It imitates a real window opening, which is often followed by a drawing of a night sky or a daytime with clouds. If the starry sky is more decorative lighting that needs to be used in combination with other types, then the light from the clear sky will be sufficient to qualitatively fulfill the role of the main lighting.

№4.Working lights

The child’s desk should first of all be positioned correctly: closer to the window and so that the sun's rays fall from the front or from the left. To create a comfortable meeting in the evening, it is necessary to provide an desk lamp .It is better if the table lamp will be with a wide lampshade that will cover the light source so that the bright rays do not tire the child. The choice of table lamps today is more than wide, so you can find a suitable design and color. For mobile children who can easily drop a desk lamp, it is recommended to choose wall lights .

You can add a table lamp with a floor lamp or a wall lamp, if a child, for example, likes to do hard work and good lighting is simply necessary for him. Selecting lamps, do not forget to pay attention to the choice of light bulbs. The best, if their power is less than 60 W , so that the white sheets during the work did not produce glare. Parents should be advised to include in the child’s work at the desk not only work lighting, but also general, so that there is no abrupt transition from light to shade.

№5.Lighting in the play area and near the

bed. It is also necessary to take care of sufficient lighting around the bed so that the student can read before going to bed. For these purposes, suitable wall sconces or bedside floor lamp. If we are talking about a baby, then we need a dim nightlight to create a soft light if necessary.

The gaming area should also be decorated with its own lighting. It should be moderately bright, interesting, preferably, original design lamps: in the form of fairy-tale characters, airplanes, flowers, butterflies, balloons, etc. If the child is already old enough and has his own taste, then it is not superfluous to ask him about the design of the room and the lighting in it.

№6.Organization of decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is necessary for the visual correction of room space and for giving it an interesting effect. With the help of such lights in the room you can arrange a real fairy tale, a magical world in which the child will be interesting and comfortable. As decorative lighting, you can use LED and strip lights .They can be used to emphasize the most interesting elements of the children's room space.

Decorative lamps with a pleasant soft light can also be used. They can have absolutely any shape, shine in different colors, creating as a result a cozy atmosphere. It is important in the pursuit of interesting effects not to overdo it and not to overload the children's room with unnecessary details.

№7.How to make lighting safe?

Since we are talking about a child's room, when organizing lighting, it is important to think not only about the external effect, but also about safety for the baby. To make the situation comfortable, the lighting is optimal, and the child is not threatened, you need to follow these simple rules:

  • is better than to use ceiling lamps: if a light bulb breaks, nothing will threaten the child’s health;
  • ; all materials for the manufacture of lamps should be safe; at the same time lamp shades are better to choose plastic or fabric, the support for the floor lamp is wooden or metal;
  • lamps power is selected according to the age of the child : the older he is, the brighter the light is needed, but you should not overdo it;
  • if the nursery is intended for a very young child, then you need to take care, that all lighting priors are within the reach of ;
  • wires also should not be easily accessible : optimally - hide them in the box ;
  • all sockets and switches in the room are better than plastic covers.

In conclusion,

The modern selection of lamps for children's rooms is so wide that the room can be decorated in any style. It is important to pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to the functional component, as well as to the safety of all lighting fixtures. Many problems can be avoided if you think out a plan of lighting in advance and select a recreation area in the room, games and work.

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