12 best built-in kitchen hoods

  • List of the best manufacturers of kitchen hoods
  • What should I look for when choosing a built-in hood?
  • Best built-in hoods 45 cm wide
  • Best built-in models 50 cm wide
  • Top 3 built-in hoods 60 cm
  • Best built-in models 90 cm wide
  • Conclusion

Kitchen hood is the key to cleanliness and comfort in the kitchen, because this appliance can clean your bathroomsoot, gas combustion products and cooking odors. Modern hostesses seek to get into their kitchen not only a reliable and effective hood, but also organically fit it into the style of the room. If not only performance is important for you, but also the invisibility of the kitchen hood, we suggest making a choice based on our ranking of the best embedded models over the past year. Let's try to figure it out together - which embedded kitchen hood is better?

A list of the best manufacturers of kitchen hoods

For sure those who claim that the brand of home appliances is not the determining factor are cunning. Even as a defining one, because the forethought of the device, and the build quality, and durability, and maintainability of the device directly depend on this. And in our case - also design features, and appearance.

In the assortment of proven manufacturers of home appliances, such as Bosch, Smeg or Gorenje, you can always find a good and high-quality appliance. Kitchen hoods are no exception. Of the advantages - the reliability and popularity of the brand guarantee the quality of performance, availability of service, all sorts of innovative additions. Of the drawbacks - not very impressive variety of kitchen hoods and embedded models in particular. In addition, you must pay extra for the trade name of your purchase.

If we talk about highly specialized companies engaged in the production of kitchen hoods, it is worth mentioning such manufacturers as Jetair and Kronasteel. These are European companies that invariably attract the attention of consumers with high quality, efficiency and stylish design. The first one, Jetair, is more experienced( it has been presented on the technology market since 1984), and the second, Kronasteel, on the contrary, is young and dynamically developing( entered the domestic markets in the 2000s).Our ranking also includes a worthy domestic brand - Elikor, which has developed a line of successful and reliable models of built-in kitchen hoods with different widths, devices, and even colors. Another popular European manufacturer, Maunfeld, produces not only extracts, but also the rest of the kitchen "stuffing."The most powerful models of hoods are impressive - at 700 and 1000 m³ / h.

What should I look for when choosing a built-in hood?

Our top 12 best models of built-in kitchen hoods are not only based on popularity ratings and customer reviews. We tried to pay attention to the technical parameters of the selected devices. Pay attention to the type, power, design features of those or other models, and then the purchase of the hood will pleasantly surprise you, and the device itself will become a reliable helper and harmonious decoration of your kitchen.

First of all, decide on the device type of this device. Hoods are diversion and recirculation.

If to explain in simple words - the exhaust hoods are connected to the ventilation shaft and “change” the polluted air to clean from the street. When installing such a hood, it is necessary to provide a way to take in fresh air from the outside, and to output the "exhaust" air from the kitchen. At the same time, remember - the shorter the corrugated channel - the less additional noise the hood will make during operation.

Recycling hoods simply pass the polluted air through the built-in filters and return it to the kitchen. Of the benefits - installation can be performed at any time and in any free space. Of the minuses - the need for regular replacement of filters, as well as - constant airing of the room, in order to avoid oversaturation of air with carbon dioxide.

Some modern hoods are a 2-in-1 device, they work to remove air and odors, and to drive air masses through a filtration system. These are noteworthy models that perform well and have a lot of advantages.

The most important selection criterion is the efficiency of the hood. If you buy a “weaker” model, then you simply don’t feel the benefits of its work. But too powerful extractor will make a lot of noise. Experts advise to adhere to this formula: the volume of the kitchen, increased 10 times - this is an approximate indicator of the volume of air, which should "recycle" hood for an hour of work.

As an additional selection criteria, we recommend to pay attention to the backlight( LED lamps or halogen), to the margins of the hood( some models are very hard to clean with soot and grease, and the slightest spot is immediately apparent).so that this figure does not greatly exceed the mark of 60 dB).It is possible to build in hoods both in the kitchen cupboard and in the worktop, and some models are equipped with an additional screen for installing false walls from the furniture facade.

Based on these simple tips, you can also make your own list of requirements for a good kitchen hood. And now let's consider in detail the ranking of the best built-in hoods for the kitchen in 2018, according to.professionals and customer reviews.

The best built-in hoods with a width of 45 cm

Rating the best built-in kitchen hoods begin narrow models whose width does not exceed 45 cm. Such hoods fit perfectly into small kitchens equipped with double-burner tiles.

ELIKOR Integra 45 cream

Narrow model, domino design. The domestic manufacturer offered its customers an original model for the most affordable price( about 2800 rubles).The power of the device - 400 m³, two speeds of work and two modes - to filter and remove air and unpleasant odors. The hood works quite quietly( the manufacturer claims 55 dB), does an excellent job with its function, pleases the eye with a pleasant design.

Kronasteel Kamilla 1M 450 inox

Compact standard model for a small kitchen. It differs quite budgetary cost( about 4000 p.), Low power( 390 m³), ​​quiet engine operation. It has three modes of operation, it is possible to include both recycling and air exhaust from the kitchen. Buyers praise the model for productive work, quality performance, convenient and easy installation. Among the shortcomings - it is necessary to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the surface.

Zigmund &Shtain K 005.41 B

is the brainchild of a German company for the production of embedded and small kitchen appliances. The model has the highest power - 550 m³, dual-mode operation of the device, economical consumption of electricity, low noise level during operation( up to 55 dB).In general, it is a practical and durable retractable hood that is built into the kitchen cupboard. Great for small kitchen studios. The cost of the device - from 5500 p.

The best built-in models are 50 cm wide.

The best three models, 50 cm wide, are installed above the same small cooking surfaces and embedded in wider cabinets and worktops. An additional 5 cm affects the performance of the hood and the variety of the range.

Kronasteel Kamilla Slim 500 inox

An innovative model with the thinnest bar and low noise level during operation( up to 38 dB).Power of the device - 400 m³.Buyers consider this hood optimal in terms of price and quality, stylish and reliable. And the manufacturer experimentally confirmed the durability of the model - the hood did not turn off for 7 years of continuous operation. Conveniently, the device starts up when moving forward, and also has the function of memorizing the last operating mode. The cost of the hood - from 3800 p.

Jetair Aurora LX 50 IX

Mechanical recessed hood with a working capacity of 500 m³.Slightly more noisy( up to 53 dB), equipped with three speeds, two modes of operation, indication of filter pollution. Attracts the attention of buyers minimalist design, thoughtful and high-quality assembly, high performance. To pay for such a device you need about 4000 p.

Maunfeld Crosby Push 50

Completely built-in hood with the highest performance - 750 m³.The device is equipped with two quiet, but powerful engines, can work in two modes and at three speeds. Lighting - energy efficient halogen lamps, very practical and unpretentious in the care. A great option for studio apartments, the noise does not exceed 52 dB, the control is quite simple and reliable, mechanical. The price for this model is also the highest in the list of hoods by 50 cm - from 6500 r.

Top 3 built-in hoods 60 cm

The most popular segment of kitchen hoods - with a width of 60 cm. These are the standard sizes of cooking panels and gas stoves, so buyers have a huge choice among models with that width. We present the three best models of 60 cm built-in kitchen hoods.

Kronasteel Mini 600 white

Fully built in, compact and stylish model, designed for installation above a standard plate. The manufacturer tried to surprise his admirers, and he succeeded quite well - the model's suction power is 650 m³, while the engine consumption is about 150 watts. The hood is supplemented with electronic button control, a timer and a display. There is an indicator of pollution. From the practical experience of buyers - the hood is very convenient to use, it is quite unpretentious in the care, copes with its functions.

Korting KHI 6673 GN

The appliance of another German company that offers domestic customers excellent embedded solutions for modern and comfortable kitchen equipment. This model is quite interesting in technical terms - high productivity( 650 m³), ​​3 high-speed operation modes, low noise level( up to 51 dB), timer, LED economical lighting. You can control the hood from the touch panel or using the remote control. In addition, the device is equipped with an anti-return valve, which eliminates the ingress of odors from the ventilation in your home or apartment.

Bosch DFM 064 A 51 IX

A fairly economical, but effective model. With a width of 60 cm, the productivity of work is relatively low - 420 m³, however, the consumption of electricity is minimal - only 76 watts. At the same time, customers praise the device for reliability, durability, the highest quality of performance, quiet, stable operation, elegant appearance. The hood is characterized by the presence of intensive mode and an additional sliding screen for plating.

The best built-in models with a width of 90 cm.

. The most overall and technically “heightened” hoods are 90 cm. They are suitable for large volumetric kitchens and surprise their owners with a full range of convenient add-ons and features.

Elica ELITE26 IX /A/ 90

A fairly standard and low-end model with a panel width of 90 cm. Efficiency of work - 800 m³, electronic touch control, three speed modes, including intensive. In the model - nothing superfluous, all sensibly. Owners like the modest design, reliability, excellent traction.

Kronasteel Monika 900

An interesting, powerful and easy-to-use model. Efficiency - 1000 m³, two modes of operation, 4 speeds. Equipped with a display, an indicator of pollution, speed sensors, an increased air vent. It can turn on automatically, according to the sensor. The model is pleased with the presence of perimeter suction, low noise, high productivity and efficiency.

Smeg KDD 90 VXE

Premium model that is built into the worktop. Immediately felt the "noble design origin" of the device - an elegant design, neat geometry, thoughtfulness to the smallest detail. Suction efficiency - 750 m³, electronic sensor control, 4 speeds, including the most intensive, and the possibility of interval work. The device is complemented by a display, timer, perimeter suction, a powerful LED lamp, pollution indicators. This is a rather expensive but rather popular model, which is preferred because of the domino design and rich functionality. Powerful engine copes with the removal of odors and soot from a large kitchen, but it does not interfere with conversation or rest.


As you can see, the modern buyer has the opportunity to make a choice of kitchen hood according to many criteria. Including among the budget, and among the expensive models. Such a diverse choice enables each of us to choose exactly what will decorate and complement the individual atmosphere of the kitchen. And although it seems that in general, all the hoods are more or less similar, believe me, upon closer inspection, you can definitely buy exactly “your” model, which will make the time spent in the kitchen pleasant and comfortable.

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