How to remove the smell of gasoline from clothes at home

Gasoline besides its direct purpose as a fuel also has a very extensive use in everyday life. With it, you can easily remove grease stains from walls and wallpaper, black stripes from shoes on the floor and linoleum, clean woolen and velvet things. In this article you will learn how to get rid of the smell of gasoline. Since, despite all its useful properties, it has a characteristic and very persistent odor, which is difficult to remove if it is on your clothes.


For a start it is advisable to list what should not be done if you want to remove the unpleasant smell from clothes:

  1. Under no circumstances, do not use bleach, because it contains bleach. When interacting with gasoline, a chemical reaction occurs, forming pairs harmful to humans.
  2. Washing machine is not the best helper to remove traces of gasoline. If you wash the soiled things in it, the smell will first permeate the drum, and in the next washings other items of clothing.

How to remove traces and the smell of gasoline without a trace?

Methods for removing

How to remove the smell from contaminated clothing, if there is time? The most effective way is to put the soiled things on the balcony and let them air out. Such substances are weathered, and because of this, the periods of their complete disappearance vary from two days to two weeks. This method is the simplest, but long in time. There are cases when the soiled thing is needed the very next day. In such a situation, it is worth resorting to household chemicals.

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Dishwashing liquid

  1. Dial a basin of warm water.
  2. Dissolve the detergent in it and soak your soiled thing.
  3. After about an hour, wash it by hand, then hang it out on a balcony or street.

Tip: Things should be washed in warm or hot water to achieve greater effect.


Another way to answer the question: "How to get rid of the smell of gasoline," involves the use of iron. It is advisable to use the "Silk" mode on your iron. As a rule, it is equal to one hundred and twenty degrees.

  1. Rinse well the soiled area.
  2. Lay the bottom with clean gauze folded in several layers.
  3. Carefully iron the contaminated area with an iron.

When heated, the evaporation process will occur much faster, and the stain will disappear.

Starch mixture

For this method you will need:

  • 1-3 drops of turpentine;
  • 1-3 drops of ammonia;
  • 1 tablespoon potato starch;
  • any brush, it is best to use a toothbrush, it can more effectively rub this mixture in the place of pollution.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Rub the mixture with a brush into the stain. Then simply wash your item with a powder.

Powder for washing

The most obvious method of removing odor from clothes presented.

  1. Take washing powder with pronounced flavors. Its aroma is enough to remove the smell quickly and without a trace.
  2. Wash a soiled jersey or pants in a basin.
  3. Post your things on the street or balcony.

Lemon Juice

When our grandmothers asked themselves the question: “How to remove the smell of gasoline”, they chose a method that has been tested by any generation and does not require large material costs. You should simply add one to three lemon juice to the water and wash it with the addition of powder.


Everyone knows that with the help of soda you can easily and quickly remove traces of sweat, but not everyone knows that it also copes well with traces of petroleum products.

  1. Make a solution of soda in proportions: four tablespoons per cup of water.
  2. Using a napkin or cotton pad, spread this mixture over the contaminated area.
  3. Leave for an hour.
  4. Then wash the clothes in the usual way for you with the use of detergent.


This inexpensive and affordable product can help you remove unpleasant odor from clothes. In addition, it can be found in any pharmacy.

  1. With the help of the same cotton pad, apply a small amount to the place of contamination.
  2. Wash with detergent.

Tip: For more convenience, you can use the spray.

A few more options

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You can also purchase such a tool as "Hand Cleanser".It is sold in a shop for car enthusiasts or in the near building. Use this tool as follows:

  • take a cotton pad;
  • apply a small amount of paste on it;
  • gently rub the substance into a stained place on clothes;
  • leave for thirty, forty minutes;
  • rinse the clothes in clean water without using any means.

It should be remembered that if the pollution is strong, then one wash will not work. In some cases, these methods should be repeated two to three times before the stain and unpleasant "flavor" are removed.

If the circumstances of life are formed in such a way that the result is needed fast and reliable, and the methods listed are not suitable, then you should resort to the services of dry cleaners.

Tip: When you go to dry cleaning, you should pay attention to the fact that you are given a receipt, in which there is an item on the full removal of stains and odor.

Removing odor from things made of leather

It is also worth mentioning the issue of contamination of leather with gasoline. In most cases, dry cleaning can not be avoided, but you can try the method presented below.

  1. Take the soap and grate it.
  2. Dissolve it in warm water.
  3. Dampen a cotton pad in this solution.
  4. Wipe the place of contamination well, then dry the remains of the soap solution with a dry cloth.

If you do not want to spoil the grater, you can use a regular knife, you can use it to make soap no worse and it is much easier to wash it.

Now you know how to remove the smell of petroleum products, not only by dry cleaning, but also on your own.

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