How to remove the smell of fish from things: the advice of the wife of a fisherman

Fish dishes are useful, tasty and loved by many, however, despite all the advantages, fish and fish have very peculiar, they have a very peculiar, they have some perennial, they are very useful, they are very useful, tasty, and loved by many, however, despite all the advantages, fish and fish oil have very specific, they have very peculiar, they have a very peculiar, they have a very peculiar, they have very peculiar, and they have some perennial, they are very good, tasty and loved by many.can cause a lot of trouble. For example, appearing on clothes, the smell of fish can spoil a thing, because getting rid of it is not so easy. But there are effective options for how to get rid of the smell on clothes.

Washing powder

The first thing that comes to mind when solving the problem with the smell of clothes, this, of course, wash. In case the pollution is light, try washing the soiled thing in the usual way, with a powder, liquid detergent in a typewriter or by hand. If you are sure that this will not be enough, resort to the help of improvised means like lemon juice. Citric acid neutralizes the unpleasant smell of fish, if you add it to the soap solution and wash the thing in it. At the end of the wash you can add air conditioning with a pleasant smell.

Ordinary baking soda can remove the fish flavor. To do this, replace the powder in the washing machine with one glass of soda and wash the clothes as much as possible for her temperature conditions.

Soaking to help

To be safe, you can soak things in a good, thick solution of high alkali soap before washing. Such a solution can be quickly diluted by adding soap in the form of chips rubbed on an ordinary kitchen grater to hot water and carefully mixing the water. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of soap depends on the color of the laundry soap; the darker it is, the more alkali it contains, which will help to remove contaminants.

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You can also soak things off with the scent of fish with vinegar. Leave soiled clothes for 40 minutes in warm water with the addition of two tablespoons of vinegar and with washing it will be much easier to cope with stains and the smell of fish.

According to many housewives, in order to get rid of fat and its effects on clothes, high-quality dishwashing detergents do an excellent job. If you need to get rid of plowing fish, well suited means with a lemon flavor. Apply the product on the stain and leave for a while, and then wash the thing with your hands.

Please note that after such a soak thing should not be sent to be achieved in the washing machine, and the more add tool during machine wash. Such tools form the amount of foam that deceives the water level sensors in the machine. This not only does not help you to remove the smell of fish from clothes, but can also cause serious damage to the equipment.

Things for which you are not worried about the color, you can soak in bleach. It is best to choose one that does not contain chlorine, which can damage tissue. Leave the clothes in the solution with bleach for 40 minutes and then wash with powder.

Boil and forget

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If the clothes you need to be cleaned are white, you can resort to using “heavy artillery” and boil it in a “strong” solution from water and laundry soap. Pour the solution into a large pot or basin, dip things into it, put it on a fire and bring to a boil. After that, boil on low heat for about 40 minutes, pouring water into the pot if necessary. After this treatment, you can easily get rid of pollution.

Important nuances of

To effectively get rid of fishy smells and stains, you need to follow some guidelines:

  1. If you have to understand the "aroma" of fish on clothing regularly because of the profession related to cutting and preparing this product, try to remove the smell and stains at once from several things at once. So you will save time, washing facilities and water.
  2. When washing things is not in a hurry, you can wrap them for several days in newspapers that absorb odors perfectly and remove stains after they have “given” the lion's share of the “fragrance” to paper.
  3. Add some vinegar to the water during rinsing. It has the ability to neutralize substances with an unpleasant odor and will help to get rid of it more easily. Rinse clothes after such treatment must be carefully and several times.
  4. After washing, the item should be dried in a well-ventilated area or in the open air. It is better if this happens in the cold, which can also help get rid of unpleasant odors. Strongly "fragrant" things should be left in such conditions at least for the night.

Chemically continue

If all efforts have been in vain or the thing is too delicate to apply radical methods to get rid of an unpleasant odor, apply dry cleaning. This is not the cheapest way, but in the arsenal of specialists there are more ways of saving from unpleasant odors and complex stains, so you can be very likely to be able to remove them.

The smell of fish on clothes can spoil your mood, but if you know how to remove it and get rid of it in time, it will leave you and your favorite things forever quite soon.

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