10 tips on choosing a stainless steel kitchen sink: dimensions, shape, installation type


  1. №1.Steel quality for cleaning
  2. №2.Advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel sinks
  3. № 3.The method of production of stainless steel sinks
  4. №4.The thickness of the steel
  5. №5.Wash depth
  6. №6.Color and surface type of kitchen sink stainless steel
  7. №7.The form of washing and the number of bowls
  8. №8.Type of installation of stainless steel sink
  9. №9.Accessories for washing
  10. №10.The best manufacturers of stainless steel sinks

Durable, durable, resistant to dyes and high temperatures and, most importantly, cheap stainless steel sinks won the deserved love of millions of families. Today there are so many of them in the shops that it is easy to find a suitable product: there are round and square sinks, mortise and overhead, with a matte and polished surface. Even color options have appeared! We understand how to choose the right stainless steel kitchen sink and learn to distinguish a quality sample from a fake.

№1.The quality of steel for washing

It is not difficult to guess that the durability and strength of the product directly depends on the quality of the material from which it is made. Washings that are made of steel with a content of 18% chromium and 10% nickel perform best. Such products are marked with markings 18/10.They are resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, perfectly tolerate contact with aggressive substances and maintain their original appearance for a long time. The most responsible manufacturers additionally cover such products with a protective coating , due to which the liquid on the surface quickly collects in drops, and this greatly facilitates maintenance.

In order to be sure of the quality of the product, look at what steel grade is made of. If this is the brand AISI304, then everything is fine, but sinks from AISI204 steel contain less chromium and nickel, therefore, they behave worse in exploitation. Information about the brand of steel, as a rule, is listed in the accompanying documents, so do not hesitate to ask them.

You can check how high-quality steel is used for the production of a wash without studying the certificates of conformity. It is enough to bring an ordinary magnet to the product: if it is attracted to the sink, then, alas, this is not the best option that can soon rust. Ideally, the magnet should quietly slide along the surface and not “stick” to it. Taking the magnet in hand, check all areas of the shell at once, as there are products in which the bowl itself is made of normal steel, and the wings are made of cheaper ones. This is how some manufacturers try to cheat, saving on materials and acting to the detriment of the quality of the finished product.

№2.Advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel sinks

Widespread stainless steel sinks - this is not an accidental success, but a consequence of the many advantages of such products. Among the main advantages, we note :

  • durability .A stainless steel sink with minimal care will last for decades without spoiling the effects of sunlight, heat, and shock;
  • availability .Stainless steel sinks are inexpensive, so even with the most modest budget you can afford a similar option. If you compare these products with analogues made from other materials, the stainless steel in most cases will be cheaper. Of course, much will depend on the shape, size and design delights, but the simplest option is inexpensive;
  • versatility .The shiny steel surface will perfectly fit into any interior style. A variety of sizes, colors and shapes will allow you to choose the ideal model for a kitchen of any size;
  • ease of care .There are no special requirements for the operation of stainless steel sinks. It is enough to keep the product clean and wash it once a week with detergent. Traces of water droplets may remain on the polished surface, so fans should be cleaned each time after use to wipe dry the walls and bottom of the bowl;
  • stainless steel is not afraid of high temperatures , so no additional support for hot pots, pans and pans will not be needed;
  • stainless steel is not afraid of strikes .

Not without drawbacks:

  • is the main drawback called noise. The flow of water from the tap and contact with the dishes cause loud unpleasant sounds, and the fall in something even from a small height will be heard by households in all rooms. However, the thicker the steel, the smaller the noise of the product, and some manufacturers use special rubber layers to improve sound insulation;
  • scratches on the surface of .Over time, on the polished surface of the stainless steel, fine scratches will occur. The quality of operation, they will not affect, but the appearance will not be the same. In addition, stains from water droplets will be clearly visible on the glossy surface. To simplify your life, take a sink with a matte surface, but you will have to wipe it dry after use in any case, if, of course, you want to extend the product's life;
  • a small variety of colors .Most products get a metallic surface. There are a small number of more expensive sinks that can repeat the color of bronze or gold. On the one hand, the steel surface is universal and will fit into any interior, but if you conceived something special, it will be difficult. Sinks from an artificial stone in this plan benefit. They, by the way, are not noisy at all, so you can consider this option for purchase.

№3.The production method of stainless steel sinks

Some properties of the sink may vary slightly depending on the method of production of the product. According to the method of manufacturing stainless steel sinks are:

  • stamped, they are also exhaust, pressed or seamless .Such sinks are made from a single piece of steel, which is given the necessary shape on special molds. The result is a product without seams, and this is the main advantage of such sinks. No seams - no leakage .The production technology is inexpensive, so that stamped washers are cheaper than welded ones. The nuances of technology do not allow the use of thick sheets of steel - this is a minus. Moreover, the thickness of the steel may be different in certain parts of the product. More recently, the small depths of such bowls were also attributed to the shortcomings, but today manufacturers have learned how to make stamped washes up to 25 cm deep;
  • welded washers are made from individual sheets of steel that are welded together. Manufacturers have learned to do so neat seams that you do not even notice them, so that the presence of a seam can already be deleted from the minuses of these products. If the welding spot catches the eye, and the seam is clearly made inaccurately, then you are not in the best quality product. The joint is usually located at the junction of the bottom and the walls of the bowl. Such sinks are more expensive, but steel is thicker than in them, so they are quieter and more durable.

№4.The thickness of the steel

The thickness of the steel determines the quality of the finished washing. The thicker the material, the better the product will cope with shock loads, withstand the weight of heavy dishes and less noise when in contact with water droplets. Too thin steel will vibrate violently when a jet of water falls, and may even sag under water-filled pots. There are cases when a thin stainless steel was even pierced with a knife, but it is all about handicrafts.

The thickness of the steel sheet ranges from 0.4 to 1.2 mm , while the pressed washers are always thinner than the welded ones. In any case, take a sink with a thickness of less than 0.6 mm is not recommended .In the case of welded products, this parameter rises to 1 mm.

№5.Sink Depth

When choosing a stainless steel kitchen sink, it is easy to be tempted to take the deepest model possible, because it will hold more dishes in it and it will be easier to wash the overall items. The long-term experience of millions of housewives has shown that car washes with a depth of more than 18 cm, although capacious, with constant use cause a lot of inconvenience due to the fact that you have to lean more. Back pain is inevitable.

Too shallow washing can cause water to splash on all surfaces within a radius of 1-1,5 m. In terms of comfort and roominess, sinks of 15-18 cm are considered best.

No. 6.Color and surface type kitchen sink stainless steel

The color of the stainless steel we all well represent. The absolute majority of kitchen sinks are produced in a similar shade. Good or bad, you decide. In principle, this color has become the same classic as the white shade plumbing. If you want something such, then you can buy an sink with PVD-coated , which is applied to the surface of the product, gives it extra protection and a beautiful shade. Available in bronze, brass, silver and gold. Such specimens are more expensive than simpler analogues, but not transcendentally.

If you are not limited in the budget, you can pay attention to the sinks, in which the bowl is made of stainless steel, and the working surface - from tempered glass .Such products look modern, they are safe to use( glass thickness 8 mm), but at a price they catch up and sometimes they overtake products made of artificial stone.

The extremely meager choice of colors manufacturers of stainless steel sinks are trying to redeem with various surface finish options:

  • smooth polished sink looks beautiful before the first use. To keep her mirror shine, you will have to wipe the surface dry each time and use special care products. On a shiny metal, all splashes and defects are very noticeable, and over time it can fade;
  • smooth matte surface less whimsical in care, longer retains a presentable appearance;
  • textured surface with engraved or rolled. Such sinks look unusual, and the traces of water droplets on them will not be noticeable, but in numerous cavities and uneven dirt it will be much easier to accumulate, so you have to spend even more time to care than in the case of polished surface.

№7.The shape of the sink and the number of bowls

The shape, dimensions of the bowls and their number depends on the size of the kitchen and your needs. In small kitchens, as a rule, compact square or round sinks with one bowl are installed. With one side can be fender for drying dishes. You can opt for the more interesting oval and rectangular washers .Remember that square sinks are more capacious than round ones, and if you stopped at a square or rectangular version, then take a better bowl with rounded corners - it is easier to care for such a product. Wash embedding width starts at 45 cm, 60 cm is considered the standard, but there are also broader options. They usually contain several bowls.

A great option - corner sink .It allows you to effectively use the kitchen space, because we all know that sometimes it is not easy to arrange the corners. Often, corner sinks are supplemented with wings on both sides for drying dishes. Often also similar products receive an extra bowl.

Two-bowl sink is convenient because it allows you to simultaneously do two separate processes. For example, wash dishes and soak vegetables. The size of the extra bowl may be slightly smaller than the main one, or it may be exactly the same. Naturally, a two-bowl sink is a privilege for large kitchen owners. There are even triple washes, but this option is more for professional use.

When you purchase, do not forget to pay attention to whether there is a hole in the sink for the mixer, because some models provide for its installation on the countertop. If you need a product with a wing, it is important that it was located on the right side. However, there are convenient wrapped sinks that can be mounted wing in any direction.

No. 8.Type of installation of stainless steel washer

The choice of the type of installation depends not only on purely aesthetic preferences, but also on such purely pragmatic factors as, for example, tabletop material. On the other hand, the chosen type of installation puts forward some requirements for the dimensions of the tabletop, the hole in it for washing and the qualifications of the installer.

The installation method of washing is divided into three types:

  • mortise sinks - the easiest and most versatile option. In this case, the sink holds the countertop with the help of bumpers. The hole under the bowl can be cut without making jewelry calculations. It is only important to treat the place of the joint between the sink and the table top very well with sealant. Otherwise, water will slowly spoil the countertop. It is easy to install using this method, there are no special requirements for the countertop material, but get ready that there will inevitably remain on the side of the water, which can also fall from there to the tabletop, so do not forget to wipe it in time;
  • integrated sinks - a more modern and aesthetic installation option. The bowl can be installed flush with the worktop( there will be no sides at the top) or just below its level. In any case, it is better to entrust the work to a professional, and the hole for the bowl should be cut very carefully, to the nearest millimeter. The sink keeps thanks to the system of clamps and brackets under it. Outwardly, everything looks great, and the pools on the table top will be much less, or not at all. The bowl can be positioned below the level of the worktop, and then the walls of the sink continue, as it were, with the material of the worktop. Installation in this case is even more complicated. Moreover, you will have to order a tabletop with an already prepared hole of the required size. This type of installation is appropriate for stone and metal countertops, because its part will be constantly in contact with water;
  • washbasin - this is a retro version. This sink is mounted instead of a tabletop on top of one of the kitchen floor modules. Installation is very simple. Previously, this type of installation was very popular, today it is rarely used. Apply it, mainly when the budget is limited, or you need to create a retro interior. The weak point in this case is the junction of the edge of the sink and the adjacent cabinets. If water gets there, the furniture can deteriorate, mold and unpleasant smell appear, so many people prefer to treat the joint with sealant.

№9.Accessories for

sink Stainless steel sink will be even more practical and convenient if you retrofit it with accessories:

  • waste grinder , which is installed under the sink and crushes food waste, preventing sewer blockages;
  • The Colander is a perforated tray that follows the shape of a bowl and is designed to simplify washing, defrosting and drying vegetables;
  • baskets for washing vegetables and fruits differ from colander in greater depth, and their holes are larger, because this is, in fact, a net;
  • automatic valve , which is built into the drain hole and allows one-touch blocking the drain and collect water in the bowl. Convenient when you need to soak a large amount of vegetables;
  • cutting boards, the size of which exactly follows the shape of the bowl, allow you to maximize the use of the working area in the kitchen, freeing up space on the worktop for other processes. This accessory will be appreciated by people who cook in the company, but do not have extra space;
  • detergent dispenser , built into the sink, and located next to the mixer. The dispensary with a supply of detergent at the same time is under the sink and replenished as needed;The
  • drinking water tap will allow clean filtered water to be supplied separately from ordinary tap water;
  • cutlery stands will more accurately organize the storage system.

As a rule, a set of some of these accessories is attached only to expensive car washes. However, it is much more convenient to choose exactly those elements that will actually be used, so buying a separate wash and accessories separately is even more profitable.

As for the mixers, they are usually chosen to match the tone, but in terms of design you will find a huge variety. It is better not to install mixers weighing more than 6.5 kg on the sink itself - such products require installation on the countertop.

No. 10.The best manufacturers of stainless steel sinks

The best guarantee that the manufacturer used the “correct” steel of the required thickness, worked the joints well( in the case of the welded version) and did not break the geometry, is considered his name. Do not be lazy to clarify all the characteristics of the product in the accompanying documents for it, and the warranty period is another quality certificate.

Among the largest manufacturers of stainless steel kitchen sinks can be noted:

  • Franke, Switzerland .Produces a wide range of sinks, presented in several collections. There are products with a matte, polished and embossed surface, with tempered glass, wings and without them. The number of bowls, the shape, size and style of performance vary greatly;
  • Blanco, Germany .It produces sinks with a different type of surface, for 1 and 2 bowls, with a width from 40 to 90 cm. Models differ in the type of installation, shape, number and location of the wings;
  • Imenza, Portugal .Produces quite expensive, but very high-quality bowls. There are models where metal is combined with tempered glass;
  • Smeg, Italy - this is a matt, polished and relief stainless steel sink for one, two and three bowls. In addition to metallic colors, there are also copper and brass colors. Dimensions vary widely;
  • Reginox, Holland .Here are made expensive and very high-quality products with a lifetime warranty. The range has all the shapes, sizes and several colors;
  • Teka, Germany .The company produces various forms of washing. In the range of many products with two bowls and wings, but there are also quite compact models;
  • Schock, Germany .Produces ideal in terms of quality and design of washing, as well as accessories to them;
  • Zorg, Czech Republic .These are more affordable sinks, which are distinguished by a decent quality and an impressive range. There is a separate collection with PVD coating and tempered glass;
  • Ukinox, Russia .A large domestic manufacturer produces car washes in several collections and is able to satisfy the requests of various categories of customers. In the assortment there are both the most simple, inexpensive, but at the same time high-quality models, and products with a complaint;
  • also note the products of European manufacturers Elleci and Alveus , which is of high quality and the same high price. From Chinese companies, you can highlight the washing Matteo, Oulin, Ledeme and Sinklight .They are inexpensive, but the quality is better to evaluate on the spot( a magnet to help you).There are also good products in Ikea.

In the budget segment, the guarantee, as a rule, is 1-2 years, but they serve as washing much longer. For more expensive models, a warranty of up to 5-10 years is provided, and some manufacturers are so responsible for the quality of their sinks that they are not afraid to give a lifetime warranty.

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