5 materials for finishing the balcony outside


  1. №1.Plastic lining
  2. №2.Vinyl siding
  3. № 3.Metal siding
  4. №4.Profiled
  5. №5.Wooden paneling
  6. In conclusion,

One of the most important steps in the arrangement of a balcony is its exterior finish, thanks to which it acquires a harmonious appearance. The purpose of such decoration is not only a pleasant appearance, but also an additional protection of the balcony from negative environmental influences. The cladding material must be resistant to temperature extremes, precipitation, UV radiation, wind loads, and also be in harmony with the exterior of the building. What materials for finishing the balcony outside today are the most popular?

№1.Plastic paneling

One of the most sought-after materials is plastic, which is explained by its reasonable price. It is made of polyvinyl chloride with or without seams. In addition to the , the attractive cost of the , material benefits are the following :

  • good appearance;
  • a huge selection and availability in any building shop;
  • ease of installation and speed;
  • heat and sound insulation qualities;
  • does not change color and shape over time;
  • if one lamella is damaged, you can only replace it without touching the other elements.

Plating with plastic lining can even be done independently - it is quite simple to work with the material. In addition to standard colors, lining imitating the structure of the tree is on sale. Among the shortcomings of the material:

  • low durability, which is determined by approximately 15 years of service;
  • instability against mechanical damage. Deforming the wall paneling can be done with careless installation and operation, so you need to be very careful with it. It's good that replacing a damaged item is not that difficult;
  • The light weight of the material is not only easy installation, but also the likelihood that gusts of wind on the upper floors can simply rip the sheets of plastic lining, so it is not recommended to use it above the 3-4 floor.


Vinyl Siding At the heart of vinyl siding is also polyvinyl chloride, but it gets stronger performance through the use of special additives in the production. The result is a material that is perfectly balanced in quality and price, which leads it to the leaders of the modern market for exterior trim balconies.

Main advantages:

  • long service life( about 25 years), during which the main operational qualities do not change;
  • ease of installation and maintenance;
  • low flammability;
  • fade resistance;
  • resistance to low and high temperatures, to temperature extremes;
  • is not susceptible to the development of mold, fungus, corrosion;
  • a huge selection of different colors.

The material allows you to quickly and attractively equip a balcony and not worry about its appearance for the next dozen years. Among the shortcomings of the , one can single out an overpriced price, although it cannot be called too high. In addition, there are many unscrupulous manufacturers on the market who offer low quality material.

№3.Metal siding

Metal siding is one of the most durable materials for facing a balcony. It has a multilayer structure. At the base - a steel sheet with a thickness of 0.35-0.65 mm, it is galvanized on both sides, covered with a conversion layer, a layer of primer and a polymeric material. It can be with perforation or without it, have a different relief and even imitate the structure of a stone, log or ship beam.

Metal siding today is very popular in covering the balconies of apartment buildings, which is explained by its with numerous advantages:

  • attractive appearance;
  • resistance to environmental factors. Since the outer layer is not a paint, but a polymer coating, it is unnecessary to tint the material periodically;
  • excellent performance, includingresistance to temperature extremes, precipitation, sunlight, mechanical damage. The material is fireproof, not susceptible to the development of mold and mildew, resistant to corrosion;
  • due to the presence of locks easier installation.

This material is almost perfect .You can only find fault with for a low degree of thermal insulation, because it is metal, and the weight of the structure will be higher than when using plastic, so you need to consider whether the balcony can withstand additional load.


Profiled sheeting - galvanized steel sheets, additionally protected by a polymer coating. The corrugated structure provides additional durability to corrugated sheets, which are different from metal siding due to their large size and absence of lock joints in most cases.

Material advantages:

  • durability( about 40 years);
  • attractive appearance, a huge selection of colors;
  • tightness, fire resistance, anti-corrosion properties, high strength;
  • resistance to sunlight;
  • affordable price. The flooring costs less than metal siding, and the performance properties of materials are very similar;
  • simple and quick installation.

The material has a high thermal conductivity, therefore, it cannot do without a heat-insulating layer. The sheeting has no significant shortcomings, therefore it is often used for exterior decoration of balconies. It costs, of course, more expensive than plastic lining, but it will definitely not be necessary to frequently repair such a covering.

№5.Wooden wall paneling

Natural wood is not the most popular material for covering balcony balconies, due to its low resistance against numerous negative natural factors. This is the fact that is the main disadvantage of the tree, but modern technologies make it possible to use special impregnations in the production of wooden lining, which protect the wood from moisture, rotting, damage by pests and make it more resistant to fire. However, owners of balconies with similar skin will have to regularly take care of the material so that it remains in its original form as long as possible.

Among the main advantages of wooden lining:

  • beautiful appearance, which is able to elevate any balcony;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • heat and sound insulation properties.

Such a lining is unlikely to be appropriate when arranging a balcony in a typical apartment building, but for a small private house it is very suitable.

In conclusion,

With a wide variety of each of the materials, it is not difficult to design your balcony exactly as it draws imagination. Do not forget to take into account not only your own preferences, but also the features of the facade of the building, the floor of residence and the climatic conditions in the region.

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