Choosing an inexpensive but high-quality multicooker for the house

  • Design and operation of the device
  • Advantages and disadvantages of
  • Choosing a multicooker according to the technical characteristics of
  • Functional features of the
  • multi-cookers Additional features
  • Useful tips
  • The most popular models of multi-cookers

You can not spend a lot of time spending time on your deskBut at the same time you want to please yourself and your household with various and tasty dishes? There is a way out - just buy yourself a reliable and multifunctional electronic assistant - we will tell you how to choose a multicooker for your house in 2018 so that she will take over your daily culinary duties.

Choosing a good slow cooker is not at all difficult. We will help you not to get lost in a variety of models and manufacturers, and we will tell you about everything that should be considered when buying this thoughtful and convenient device. Specifications, features, equipment - all this will help you with the choice. How to choose a multicooker for the house? Weigh all the pros and cons of using this device, as well as determine the amount of work that you are willing to entrust the slow cooker. It is on your culinary preferences, basically, will depend on the choice of a particular model. But let's get everything in order!

Device and principle of operation of the device

Multivarka - a modern and versatile device that allows you to cook one dish at a time, almost without human intervention. It is enough to lay the necessary ingredients, select the mode and turn on the device. At the end of the work, the multicooker will turn itself off, which will be signaled with a sound signal. In some models, if you do not immediately open the slow cooker and begin to eat, the function of keeping the dish hot is turned on. This is convenient if you or someone from your family does not have time for lunch or dinner - the food will be fresh and hot for your arrival and you can immediately sit at the table.

Structurally, household multicookers are cooking bowls enclosed in a thermally insulated casing. Between the bowl and the shell of the device placed heaters - heating elements responsible for the supply of heat and cooking products.

The temperature inside the multicooker gradually increases. In parallel, the pressure rises. It is thanks to the competent combination of these factors that the food in the slow cooker is cooked fairly quickly, while it does not burn, does not fall apart and retains all the nutrients, vitamins and the complex of micro and macro elements. No oil and cholesterol or carcinogens - mostly, products are steamed, or quenched, boiled, baked. That is, multicookers are considered an effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Although, it is more than just a double boiler. After all, multicookers can do a lot - to fry, stew, to torment, etc.

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Advantages and disadvantages of

How to choose a multicooker so that it does not collect dust on the shelf? Before proceeding to the recommendations, we will try to objectively talk about the pros and cons of using such a device in everyday life. First about the good.

  1. your intervention in the process of cooking lunch or dinner is reduced to a minimum.
  2. No special technological knowledge or culinary talents are required - even a novice in the kitchen can easily cope with cooking dishes from a recipe book, which is sold along with the chosen slow cooker.
  3. As already mentioned, the slow cooker prepares wholesome food, as well as smokes, steam and sterilizes, makes yoghurts, deep-fries and helps to create both simple and complex multi-component dishes.
  4. It is quite economical, and its operation will be cheaper than using a stove.
  5. Multivarki - compact and mobile, take up little space, and if necessary - easily rearranged or even transported from place to place, from the kitchen to the kitchen. Do not require any permissions, installation and connections.
  6. Both a young housewife and an inexperienced student or bachelor can use a slow cooker and feel like a skilled cook. Dishes, with proper use of the device modes, always turn out! Poorly cooked or burnt rice, raw dough, tough meat, broken potatoes - all this is in the past.

But there are some nuances:

  1. You can cook only one dish at a time and take a lot of time to do it. Therefore, you can hardly figure out a quick lunch or dinner - everything needs to be planned ahead of time, with a margin of time.
  2. You should also carefully consider the experiments with the modes and methods of cooking new and original dishes - not always invented recipes or tips from girlfriends are suitable for your device.

And this is probably all. Some may be scared away by the high price of advanced multivarks with wide functionality, but if you count how much it costs to operate a gas or electric cooker, as well as the time and effort that we spend on it, the choice of a multicooker becomes obvious .

We convinced you? Then let's start choosing!

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Choosing a multicooker on the technical characteristics of

It is worth choosing a multicooker according to the parameters of power, roominess, and also taking into account the material from which the device is made and the design features.

  1. Arrangement of heating elements. Do not chase for cheap and buy a slow cooker, where the heating element is located at the bottom of the bowl for cooking. Such a device does not guarantee uniform and fast cooking. Models of the average price category most often have the lower and lateral placement of the heating elements, but the most optimal is considered “3D heating”: at the top, side and bottom of the bowl.
  2. Power. The run-up of this indicator - from 300 watts to 2 kW.The higher the power, the less time will be spent on cooking. For a family of 3-4 people it is better to choose a slow cooker not lower than 700 watts. Capacity of the device 5 liters and above? Look for a model from 1000 watts.
  3. Capacity or volume of the bowl. When choosing a multicooker on this parameter, please note that you will not be able to quickly prepare an additional portion, so choose a model with a small margin. So, two, three liter models fit bachelors or couples. If you have a child - buy a slow cooker in 3-4 liters. Often guests come or you are lucky from a large family - choose a slow cooker with a bowl of 5-6 liters.
  4. The material from which the bowl is made. Capacity for products can be teflon, ceramic, with a non-stick coating or with marble coating. Cheap models have non-stick bowls - cheap and cheerful. Teflon - easy to clean, even in the dishwasher, but is subject to mechanical damage. Ceramics - a little more expensive, but stronger, better and more environmentally friendly. Marble spraying - new, found in expensive and elite multicookers. It guarantees uniform heating, easy maintenance and long service life of the device.
  5. Control - mechanical or electronic. This criterion is relevant for all household appliances. Mechanics - knobs or knobs - more reliable and unpretentious type. However, a touch panel or other electronics will look more stylish and modern. Of course, there is always the likelihood of unforeseen breakdowns and this should be taken into account.
  6. Design features. This includes the presence of rubberized legs, so that the device does not slide on the table and scratch the countertop, the presence of a drip pan, so that your dish does not get too much moisture, a sufficient length of the power cord, as well as a stand for the spoons and buckets that are included. Such a slow cooker, which boasts the presence of all of the above, will be considered convenient and practical.

In addition to technical indicators, your choice will definitely affect the functions that should be performed by the home multicooker. And this is also a criterion for selecting a good and effective model.

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Multicooker Functional Features

As a rule, the most unpretentious models of multicookers have about 6 main modes in stock - cooking, stewing, dairy dishes, cereal porridge, liquid dishes and frying. For a small family, where the multicooker performs a supporting role for safety net - this is quite enough.

If you are going to entrust your e-assistant with a full-fledged diet of your household, then you should invest in a slow cooker with advanced functionality. Such devices will help you:

  • bake or other products;
  • make fresh yogurt;
  • smoke meat and fish;
  • to cook such complex and diverse dishes as pilaf, stews, stewed fruit, pasta, dumplings;
  • deep-fried or grilled;
  • to perform author's recipes in the "multi-cook" mode.

Which multicooker will you choose - cheap and simple or multifunctional, with the number of programs from 10 to 30?Depends on your culinary fantasies and abilities. Do not buy an expensive and versatile multicooker, if there is no need to use all its potential and productivity.

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Additional features of

The multicooker, like a real caring mother or wife, can please you with a fresh breakfast or a heated dinner. The device features such as delayed start, timer, auto heating, temperature maintenance mode are responsible for this. It is these “abilities” that significantly influence the price of the device, but practicality and ease of use overlap and justify these costs. Take advantage of the opportunity to save precious morning minutes in preparing breakfast - just put the food in the slow cooker in the evening and enter the right time to start, and in the morning - wake up from the aroma of freshly cooked semolina or hot baking. Only in this way you will appreciate the beauty of using this useful device.

Also, modern multicookers have:

  • protection against children;
  • automatic shutdown when overheating;
  • sterilization;
  • preservation of an operating mode at interruptions in the electric power;
  • voice alert for people with poor eyesight.

So, we told you what to look for when choosing the best multicooker model for you. And now, let me give you some useful tips that will make it possible to extend the life of the device.

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Useful tips

  • Always pay attention to the quality of the device. Rough joints and seams, a strong smell of plastic, a hard or irregular course of regulators or control buttons - evidence of the unreliability and poor quality of the multicooker.
  • The warranty period for the device must be at least one year.
  • Having a service center nearby is a reasonable precaution!
  • Prefer those models that have smooth-walled bowls - such a vessel will be easier to wash off food debris.
  • Also, ask if you can buy a new bowl in the chosen slow cooker, if something happens to the old one. It will be a shame to buy a new device because of a broken or damaged container.
  • Move frequently - pick up a model with a removable power cord - then there is less chance that the cable entry point into the device will be damaged during the next transportation.
  • Always launder your home multicooker after each meal. If the lid in the appliance is not removable - just pour water and turn on the cooking mode for 15 minutes.
  • If you decide to clean the device outside - be sure to disconnect it from the power supply and do not turn it on until it is completely dry. Multicooker better to wipe with a damp cloth.

Observe the rules of operation and the selected device will repay you uninterrupted and long service.

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Most popular models of multi-cookers

By tradition, we have prepared for you a small rating of 2018 multi-models.

The top 5 most popular models according to buyers of small household appliances for the kitchen opens Multicooker REDMOND RMK-M452 .A stylish, roomy appliance, with a ceramic bowl of 5 liters and ample features. Power - 860 watts, three-dimensional heating and lifting of heating elements guarantee you delicious fried foods, like in a pan.


Philips HD4737 / 03 also has a 5 liter bowl, but a higher power is 980 watts. A variety of modes( jelly, macaroni or pasta, yogurt, pizza), reliability and quality favorably distinguish this particular model from the whole electronic variety. Also, the multicooker is equipped with such options as a delayed start, timer, temperature support.

Inexpensive, but reliable multicooker - Panasonic SR-TMH10ATW.The manufacturer tried to make his model extremely simple, but functional and practical. This is an economical and compact multi-cooker - 2.5 liters capacity, 490 watts of power. Plus, there are 5 main modes, delayed start, heat maintenance, teflon coating of the bowl. Given the cost of the device, this model has no disadvantages.

More productive - Moulinex CE 500E32 multi-cooker. Capacity - 5 liters, power - 1000 watts, cover the bowl allows the use of a dishwasher. Sophisticated safety system and protection against overheating, full functionality, stylish metal design and the Multipovar function.

REDMOND SkyCooker M40S is a smart multicooker, equipped with remote control technology. Popular model among buyers for 2017.In the arsenal - 700 watts of power, 5 liters of volume, a bowl with non-stick ceramic coating, a book with a bunch of recipes, spoons, measuring glasses and scoops included. Of the useful properties - protection against accidental activation, delayed start, heat maintenance, timer, multi-pair. More than 17 modes of operation, low price, carefully executed assembly - what else is needed for a good microwave?

Confident that our brief review helped you learn how to choose a good slow cooker for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. All models have collected the maximum amount of positive feedback and are in the highest positions of the popularity of sales. If someone already appreciates the benefits of using such a multicooker in their kitchen, then why don't you join this number of lucky ones?

Now you know how to choose a multicooker for your home in 2018, so that your home will always be filled with delicious and mouth-watering aromas, the table was full of dishes, and you had more free time for yourself and your loved ones. Choose wisely!

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