Which to choose a water heater

Since labor is non-pressure water heaters, are now recovered. Are relatively cheap, some models of small cars fit luggage. Going to the country - I took the free-flow water heater. The problem is limited to filtration. Scum remains, a hose free-flow water heater wait a little to fill. Area with a clean soft water are suitable. How does the device to be useful, what is the difference from the typical devices that help take a shower if necessary. Answer questions, take a look in passing, a water heater to choose ...

Pressure, non-pressure water heaters

Told how to choose a water heater for the apartment. Today devote time to those who love to travel in the summer, reaching the garden, forest, nature. Free-flow water heaters are known holiday village. Go village, see booth stands on top of the gas tank of KamAZ, or suspended (solyarochny) under the wing of an airplane. Typical free-flow water heater, cherished the sun. Pour water, rays of light are made to work, in the evening, you can wash with warm water. Water, presses atmospheric pressure, flows through the hose, drawn by the force of Earth's gravity.

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Description pressurized water heater

To distinguish the subjects of the world of home appliances, will outline a list of internal pressure cylinder.

leaky housing

  • A distinctive feature of the pressure cylinder is tightness.
  • The tank is always there, just in a small flow models. Literally copper capsule. Water pressure cylinder follows the action squeezes pressure riser. However! Turn off the water, the water heater turns into a free-flow. Spilled a maximum of 20% of the tank volume. Fence water heater tank is over the top.

It allows to merge the hottest layer. Another reason is: the bottom sediment accumulates. would take water from the bottom, the jet will be unclean, muddy.

Here are the pros and cons of pressure water heaters:

  1. Forget tank cleaning deposits from replacing magnesium anode conducts. A substantial portion of the sediment caused by the corrosion of the anode, not hardness salts. Why do we need magnesium anode: protects the tank, the heater against galvanic corrosion. None water heater is unable to do. Enamel allegedly hindered the process - mere speculation. Mechanism: the ink layer breaks, a thin strip of no protected steel. PETN copper or copper along the riser - the corrosion process begins. Will be stronger than in a tank made of stainless steel, on a small area of ​​steel will have full impact. Copper is not afraid of galvanized steel. The slightest damage to the protective layer described process is repeated. Water heaters need a magnesium anode. Flow tanks are made of copper, excluding electrolytic corrosion process. Similar technical solutions involve storage, explained in the review (a large mass, high cost, the potential danger of plumbing installed side by side).
  2. Accumulating pressurized water heaters require maintenance: cleaning tank, replacement of the magnesium anode. PETN is released from the scale, do not form in soft water areas. The accumulated sludge is drained.heater heater
  3. The water heater can not be used in irons, steamers and other instruments of this kind. Due to the presence of dirt. With existing construction fence is conducted from the top of the storage cylinder, thus the lion's share of dirt will not get here. Limescale remains partially on PETN, water hardness from the water heater inferior riser.
  4. When disconnecting the water can be drained from the tank to 100% through the emergency tap. And since you have to fuss fitting. Take into account the water comes out under its own weight, it is necessary to provide air flow inside.
  5. The water temperature thermostat corresponds indications PETN mounted on the bottom of the tank. A purely technical point, the majority of citizens should not worry.
  6. The water in the pressure cylinder under pressure. Locked mixer consumer, on the other hand is placed a check valve, not allowed back into the riser. Results in slight deformation of the tank violating the integrity enamelled coating. Which naturally leads to galvanic corrosion. When heated, the amount of water increases, the pressure inside is increased, creates a tank rupture threat deformation. The check valve is provided with a bypass. Surplus water blend, which is honestly warn dealers. When the valve opens, the pressure drops until it equals the riser. It triggered a check valve, letting the new portion of water.

Instantaneous water heater

Description of non-pressure water heaters

Free-flow water heaters variety of signs devoid of said list. Bucket equipped with a lid. Inside the float, the other kind of valve that controls the water intake from the source. The heater is configured coiled, thermostat built. Free-flow water heaters repeat the idea of ​​pressure. Heating is until needed. Buck often stripped of insulation, non-pressure water heaters is not very large in size, avoid heat water to high temperatures in advance. The losses will be proportional to the difference to the climate of the room decor. Above the tank temperature, heat leakage stronger, bigger extra unnecessary spending.

From this point of view, non-pressure water heaters call option truckers wanting to maintain personal hygiene, surrounded by harsh country conditions. Convenient: the pressure is not necessary. By necessity container filled column. There are two conditions to consider:

  • First. Free-flow water heater must be located at a certain elevation. The water runs down by its own weight, is placed over the container for washing cubicles. However, in terms of convenience, in the country often choose water-heater will be much worse solution: constant pressure offline than hampered automatic operation (speed measuring sensor consumption). Although a small weight, power consumption is large, the efficiency is relatively low. Water required net. In unconfined water heater is relatively easy to replace the heater. A tremendous plus. non-pressure water heater
  • The second requirement concerns safety. All types of water heaters find devices increased risk of electric shock because it is located next to the fluid that passes easily charge carriers. In this sense, it is important to perform a grounding outlet. PETN breakdown leads to the fact that the electric current is in contact with water. For normal operation of the device proper grounding need to man as air for breathing. Otherwise leaks will go through the body of the unhappy, until he knocks out the plug, not the fact that the individual remains alive.

Security measures

the second requirement is elementary principal vacationers. Frame of angle steel, buried in the ground and create the necessary conditions. For mounting the electrical steel select bus (strip). Discard standard wire, the resistance is relatively large, compared with the copper - steel stronger. The latter will provide the guaranteed performance grounding in the accident. Wire can break off accidentally, a montage of the earth would have to carry the cable the desired degree of protection against mechanical, other influences. Grounding lightning conductors, sockets (cottages) carried a steel rail (band width of 3 cm, a thickness of 5 mm).

Mechanical strength is accompanied by an acceptable electrical conductivity. It is appropriate to remind the grounding resistance made as small as possible. Units, shares ohms. If the parameters of the finished structure is difficult to measure - hams offer special schemes - anticipating the installation, it is commendable to do the necessary operations.

Why are non-pressure water heaters

The type of devices unable to give a strong water jet, is characterized by large losses.

What's wrong with the storage pressure water heater

However, if you choose a water heater, it is necessary to organize off-season service. In winter, in freezing the water is drained cottage otherwise break tank deforms curable ice. The complexity of the cottagers do not like the winter one can get inside the cottage, to carry the device. Serial numbers devoid of equipment, the loss will be difficult to find.

Why not take a gas water heater

We decided to choose a gas water heater, to announce: in any case the installation of the master service has been 04. The equipment set up for the type of fuel. Can be done in the city. Avoid equipment, technical specifications which are not configured to use the type of gas. It causes unpleasant consequences up to the explosion.

Note! Unlike the cookers, gas water heaters, not all can be configured to bottled gas. Specify the details of the dealer.

Select the electric water heater is more secure solution. Balloons take to the new location does not have to. Seem more convenient to take a column to take a real shower - the water quality of the villa is lame.. Limescale inside the coil will then be cleaned. Make the adjustment.

variety of water heaters

Why is the water heater, - ask the editor. The mass of the responses given by life.

Once in the city ...

Recent developments with the general building costs for hot water forced residents to talk about the complete shutdown of the resource. The authors of the total size of the unknown element once repeatedly exceeded their own consumption, a senior House official said: refuse to pay. Then, the article was removed (lifted Criminal Section). Somebody, devoid set counter plaid hot water quietly. Forced to pay a crowd. Run over great numbers.

For example, 4 cubic meters common to one individual. Impression old witches and their evil little family, greedy connect meters, day and night pouring public domain, bathing, giggling gleefully. The only way to explain such amazing facts waste hot water incomprehensible, mysterious way. Yes mediocrity heads of municipal services. More look to their subordinates were "their", not those who can and knows how to channel water.

Perturbed neighbors offered chop off supply of hot water supply entrance heaters. The portal quoted calculations showing: the cost comes out about equal. Obschedomovye costs are cut from platezhek. How to choose a water heater for the apartment, not to become a hostage of sad sack, planted us on the neck is not clear by whom? The review will be useful to average people who want to become independent from the operating mode of the boiler.

Water heater for flats

How to choose

Choosing a water heater to produce flat, guided by considerations of arrangement. Secondly estimated cost. Water heaters are selling big, small, cheap, expensive. Other aspects of the small waves, only to function devices performed. On the wall hung boiler, says little. Optionally the storage unit type. It's time to give a brief classification:

  1. Flow.
  2. Savings.

Is not the only criterion for graduation, divided into gas and power. Let's get acquainted with the gas instantaneous water heater Electrolux for 5000 rubles. The model is called GWH 265 ERN Nano Plus. One minute warm to 10 liters of water, demonstrates conventional power 20 kW. Much more desired one bathroom, electric water heater touch the conversation. Let's think. A typical bath requires filling 0.1 cubic meter of water: 100 liters. Filled container 10-15 minutes. Cold water. It turns out, 10 liters per minute figure is acceptable, if we apply really hot water to a corresponding input of the mixer, the other input of which is supplied cold water.

Gas water heater in the apartment looks a continuous problem (against the promised savings). I wonder how many have a standard cylinder, when the house is worth the device. Move the central branch of the riser using the service 04. There is another consideration: the bottled gas is different from a network pressurized composition. When it comes to the cookstoves, it is recommended to change the injectors. Small nozzles for screw-burner, forming blue fuel jet. Fluid Heater important energy source?

gas water heater

Home plate, transported to the country, are trying to connect to a container terribly smoked. Written, gas water heaters for Electrolux apartments have an open furnace. The fire is burning in the room. Do not need a coaxial tube supplying fresh oxygen and exhaust the combustion products do not have to drill a hole in the wall under management, how to deal with fumes. Another factor of concern, sulfur. Natural gas deprived (Standards), is actually present. An additional factor soot when burned oxide is obtained by contacting water vapor give acid:

Flue gas boilers do not brick and metal. Suitable two materials:

  1. A special acid-resistant steel.
  2. Ceramics.

Two material resistant to corrosion by the action of gas generated by the combustion of natural gas. Science - water vapor, carbon dioxide; almost can be charged with battery. Brick chimneys, the chimneys crumble over time plague.

I do not want to add the apartment ills. Specify a particular gas flow, storage water heaters. Maybe suitable electric models. Let us give a piece of advice:

  • would take model equipped with gas-control (control of the presence of combustion, the automatic line overlapping) protection against overheating.

Electric water heater

electric water heaters

If a gas water heater great problems with the family of electrical situation is clear:

  1. Small instantaneous water heater.
  2. Large storage water heater.
  3. The average hybrid water heater.

Flowing water heaters

Flow-through water heaters of two types: hung on the wall, it bites into the water supply path instead mixer. For mounting on a sink equipped with special plastic nuts. Power of the heater 2 kW, enough to wash the dishes, hand, for serious purposes are aggregates because they have their own water pipe with a diffuser, where the jets hit the rain. Water heater resembles a kitchen mixer is equipped with a thick cylindrical body with the exhaust outlet to the wire.

Class II Electrical specifications established suddenly remembered: a detective capita was connected to phase voltage, wanting to get rid of unnecessary human.

220 look frightening. Although information about the victims denied. Nothing like this will not happen, the current goes to ground, bypassing the sewage pipe, a maximum hit palm, then knocks out traffic jams, turn off the device itself against overload.

Wall instantaneous water heaters look drawer medium size (20 cm long), containing two nozzles: input, output. Unlike previous models (cost 3000 rubles) are designed for lovers of soul. Fortunately allowable power (3.5 kW or higher). Often two outputs. One shower room, a second mixer, hand wash.

Instantaneous water heaters. What is the difference from storage. Warm fly ...

water heater

... water heater storage tank for apartments is gaining, slowly working. To heat does not escape, insulation on the walls of the container. Good water heater stores the water for two days in hot form.

Storage water heater for flats

The structure includes:

  1. The input, output connections. Both punch container bottom, a first end located at the bottom end of the second top. Water heaters take into account the physical properties of hot streams naturally rise. Climbs the hottest water. As I understood, the tank is not released completely (unless a special valve is inserted into the drain).
  2. The splitter is located above the inlet pipe, prevents rising stream (pressurized central riser) of cold water was top, where hot water. A liquid with a low temperature is reflected downwards.
  3. Magnesium rod needs to collect special scale, softening. Magnesium rod is sometimes replaced, heater last longer.
  4. The housing includes a three-layer formed: an outer casing, a layer of insulation, the inner tank wall. In most outer layer of metal, between it and the water runs polyurethane. The inner walls are made of a special glass enamel with impregnations of silver, titanium, for reasons of hygiene. The first metal disinfects, attaches coating antiallergic properties. Even within the stagnant water devoid of unpleasant odor, taste. Suitable wash.
  5. Protective element impossible to miss - a temperature sensor. It is based on mechanical or electrical bimetallic plate, wherein a thermistor is used.

That's how many systems regulates the proper functioning of the storage water heater. Electrolux appliance worth 6500 rubles (for example, EWH Magnum Slim). Instantaneous water heaters are equipped with a maximum thermostat and the heating element in the housing. Other devices do not need to supply hot water. The difference in performance is better of course useful water heater for the shower, if space allows.

And a hybrid

Told what to choose a water heater for the apartment (kitchen, shower), we mention: solar model will consider later, fit poorly in the current theme, suitable vacationers, private mansions.

In a fashion the flow-term storage water heater for a flat, relatively small denote hybrid model volume 15 liters. Rapidly heated. Visit the house from time to time, let the appliance do not want to. Rescue unit such as Eureka Ariston. Immediately warned - fun is not cheap (more than 5000 rubles). Note 15 liters men enough, the woman is not enough.

TANS water heaters

Despite the abundance of producers, water heaters do not vary greatly. The main thing - the build quality quickly. One pot is brewed in different ways, depending on what will fluctuate wildly life. Nonche two types of protective coatings are common: stainless steel, enamel. Firms strive to make the product unique. Apply disinfecting additives enamels, Aristo titanium coating (useful tortured allergic reactions, skin irritation). The question of what to buy water heater, decide of their own financial capacity, the purely technical characteristics of the instrument. Manufacturer - minor matters, would be collected accurately.

Heater for heater

TANS water heaters

However, a water heater between incompatible components. The manufacturer strives to make a unique design of PETN, a unique type of protection against limescale, author thermostats know-how, sometimes have intricate cut-offs. It allows customers to win the commitment and devotion. In the west, a typical alignment: putting up manufacturers, when it is necessary to take another standard. In terms of components of utter desolation. Recall War processor socket motherboard. The manufacturer sought to impose their native element base. Competition!

But can it be called the best type of heating element? Look, maybe useful, you go buy a heater for the water heater:

  • First, meet the heating elements, are screwed into the housing. Perimeter thread nut capture key. We list the problems inhabitant:
  1. Prirzhaveet difficult to evict thread.
  2. Laziness at home to keep the key 40-50 or plumbing.
  • In Termex, Ariston heating elements are often found with a few nuts on the perimeter. Are removed to the outside of the tank, the best option.
    Fixing PETN

    Fixing PETN

  • PETN one nut. Removed inside. When dismantling the heater can not drop to the inside surface of the tank, scrub: it is easy to damage the protective surface of the tank, will not last long.

In addition to these structures heaters storage water heaters myriad forms modifications. storage water heaters often sutured within the helix (which is located outside), gas water heaters have no heating element for obvious reasons, the heat exchanger is present. With regard to electric heaters, be sure to take a second group, the benefit to buy a heater for a water heater Thermex not a problem. Longer have to twist, dismantling for cleaning runs easier. How many nuts on the perimeter? It happens 5 or 6 - there is no difference.

How to understand the store, what type of heating element stands on a particular cylinder. Ask the seller to remove the decorative panel, hold the nuts. On the floor, avoid to believe from one model to the type of heating element is changed.

Which water heater tank cover to choose

There is no clear opinion, which is better - the enamel or stainless steel. Let's see the gifts of advanced companies, we see that the line release of both types. Even giants Ariston, Electrolux powerless to solve. Enameled pots often accompanied by dry heating elements, stainless steel side by side - with standard designs. Difference explain features of an electrochemical corrosion.

cylinder device

cylinder device

Dry inside heater comprises nichrome (fechral) outside decorated ceramic tubes. Together resembles a machine gun with a rotating barrel. Suitable isolates the heater from outside aggression metal from external threats from the copper parts. It concerns the destruction of the tank electrochemical corrosion, degradation installed near plumbing.

magnesium anode

It is useful to know why you need a magnesium anode! It protects the water heater from outside aggression, reconciles metal items inside. Copper heater destroy the tank, it is necessary to scratch the enamel. Damage reduce magnesium anode in the series of metals occupying a limit position. Steel plate will be saved from the threat of foreign copper podvodok. Try not to take an electric water heater, devoid of magnesium anode.

What type of heating element prefer. Today fashion "dry". But wait a little flattered squeak, in the water heater magnesium anode, cook key 40-50, will have to periodically change the rod, the precipitate is. At fixed intervals apart the equipment, clean out the dregs. However, the magnesium anode will prevent damage to the tank when the coating cracking. The protective electrode should be. Reinsurance: better safe than sorry.

The volume of water heater

Keep in mind: the smaller tank prevents good wash, large deformations vulnerable mechanical, thermal sense. The catalogs of the world's manufacturers of long range values ​​are cited 30-100 liters. The most acceptable solution:

The difference volume water heaters

The difference volume water heaters

  • 30 liters is enough for one person. Buy water heater Electrolux and Ariston, decide for yourself, be sure to pay better attention to power. Model 2500 watts handles tank, after 42 minutes. The resulting water temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. Enough men, women living alone. The question is who to go to wash the first of a young couple, we recommend the stronger sex. For the simple reason, water, time will be less. The woman will have time to prepare, meanwhile, a fresh supply of hot water arrives.
  • On the couple is better to take a volume of 50 liters. Without saving enough for two of them. How to choose the power. Losses do not care while suffering - take below. For sure the heater is connected in parallel with other devices, that together do not exceed the power limit of the access (distribution) panel. Learn the desired parameter can be an electrician, count the total household consumption of household appliances.
  • 80-100 liters - tank size family with children. Pomoyut, after 42 minutes podospeyut next 30 liters of water. Less time is unlikely to take bath procedures.

When you select a volume, remember: the equipment must be placed. In our countries, usually over the toilet. Other places deprived. Behind a cordon often apply water heaters with an upper liner, put on the floor. Much safer, if you suddenly fall to the empty hulk toilet, it will not find it. Will local disaster. The small water heaters with an upper liner place under the sink. Note: for building standards technology, the supply voltage is 220 volts, the territory of the bathrooms there.

Includes the equipment contrary to the rules, obespokoytes grounding presence differential protective device (geographically enters Thermex heaters).

Instantaneous water heater vs

Most buying water heaters, defeated the good life. Take a shower from the flow, please highlight the power of 5 kW. Few houses the luxury (though vampires make due to constant crashes scale of one entrance). People are hungry to buy Heater for heater Ariston Thermex. People have to go to the victim's room volume, avoiding conflict with a maximum power consumption of the apartment.

Water heater take when there is no margin kW panel. Domestic consumption has reached a maximum. As for instantaneous water heaters. Do not take the unit consumption of less than 4 kW. One confusion.

Gas water heaters a good option of private homes, apartment buildings will create a lot of problems. It has tremendous power. If the option to withdraw combustion products through the flue gas heater, consider a candidate for selection. Savings models unpopular Ariston released something. Model is easier to pick up, exploring the Yandex-market, check specifications. Definitely recommend to buy the magnesium anode for storage-type water heater regardless, gas or electricity unit is powered. The tank is subject to destruction. Even in the boilers are placed deprived of PETN.

Take into service: the tank water can not drink. Use the housework. Wash at the very least in the shower man enough for 20 liters of water. Person does not like cold (lowers testosterone), the jet temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius. In the average case, preference is given to 40 ° C. Ten degrees will burn longer, ten less - cold. Taking a shower is a 6 minutes. You can roughly calculate the required capacity of the heater comes to flow, accumulation model. Explain the difference. We continue to discuss how to make the right choice of heater.

Calculation of cylinder capacity

The basis for calculating the heater power are simple figures:

  1. The temperature of cold water. The heater is placed. The temperature in winter, summer is not the same. Please note, when you draw conclusions about buying a water heater.
  2. The specific heat of water is open, changes little by regions. Find the figure on Wikipedia. 4200 J / kg K. We will carry out the calculation.

Instantaneous water heater

Let's start instantaneous heater. It acts on the fly. Inside the flow sensor unit comprises power supply when the consumption exceeds 2 liters per minute. Love to save, the lower limit will be the basis for selection. It comes from the power of PETN. Enable spiral with less consumption - term reliability will decrease sharply, operating conditions are harsh. The water temperature is high boiling, no one need harmful equipment. Good flow-through water heater can operate electric, do not be in view of the protective circuit.

In flow-through water heater is one heater, some do not regulate the power spiral flow of water. The temperature is set as desired, heater starts to warm, the flap determines how much liquid is supplied. The case concerns the instantaneous water heaters - adjustment method turns an important point. We'll have to adjust the valve independently. Once inside the instantaneous water heater exclusively fuses:

  1. Protection against overheating. Usual bimetallic strip thermostat other plane controlling the temperature of the tank, a simple piece of wire, combusted heat, heater spared.
  2. Flow sensor. Sometimes the impeller, on the rotation cylinder realizes the volume of water consumed.

A similar scheme in gas column with one difference. It is useful to monitor the presence of a burning fire, no reverse thrust.

In terms of energy flow boilers exhibit a surprising constancy in methods. Gas boiler comprises a valve, defined by the presence of dissolved water consumption. The principle of exploiting the Bernoulli effect resulting in moving media. We estimate how much power is required in this case. Assume tap water gives a temperature of 5 ° C, to warm up to 40 ° C, and in a minute, 3.5 liters is consumed. The total expended energy is calculated by the formula:

Q = V x ΔT x C = 3 x (40 - 5) x 4200 = 441 kJ.

Unit heats water for 60 seconds, as follows from the above. The result is a power:

N = Q / t = 441000/60 = 7.35 kW.

Now compare this figure with the shelves gathering dust. Power instantaneous water heaters less enough to wash with grief in half. It is believed Khrushchev pulls flap 5 kW. You can buy a water-heater Ariston 4 kW suffer or honored at a gas column, receiving much higher rates. Problems removing the products of combustion are described repeatedly. Find solution - gas instantaneous water heater will be the option to save. Wash, forgetting the value of the costs. We do not ask to take a word.

Water heater flow type

Today, every house counters, water thermometer is not difficult to get. Take measurements independently assess needs, make a selection of the instantaneous water heater, based on the financial and construction capabilities.

Power water heater

Characterized by a water heater tank insulation. Water is preparing for a long time, thoroughly, and get a lot. The programs are advised to take 50 liters per person. Tank capacity is derived by multiplying the numbers on the number of family members. We believe the choice of water heater, to put it mildly, is not justified. There are fans to take a bath. How to calculate the capacitance. One curious meter proposed to calculate the volume, then taken in proportion to the cold water. Let's say:

  1. Bath volume was 150 liters.
  2. The cold water temperature is 5 ° C.
  3. hot water temperature 85 ° C.
  4. For water at 45 ° C.

water heaters

Take 75 liters of cold and hot water and obtain 45 ° C. Hens on laughter. Firstly, the heat capacity of the bath, which is based simply thrown. Even if the old cast iron has seen a landfill, a new steel with heat losses rather big. You know how to count? Authors Pass offer to measure practice. Fill the bathtub with water fixed temperature, to get the right conditions. Measured parameters of the crane jet. Vouch, during warm as bath, bathroom, sewer portion adjacent to the floor.

Metal container generates infrared heater, the air becomes hotter. The heat will be lost, until the temperature reaches equilibrium. Then begin to radiate outward concrete wall. Process endless heat leakage with time during heating of the room drops. Will have to pour a bath, to provide decent living conditions. By the way, put into an electric heater separately avoid for safety reasons, but there are baseboard model fit. Choosing an electric heater logically lead together with the auxiliaries.

Lovers to shower live much easier. Are calculated as described above, with the power of 2 kW night is enough to warm up the titanic amount of water. Technical characteristics of the water heater is easy to check the formula. Suppose the dark, shower idle, it is 8 hours. Let's see how much water is heated to 70 ° C temperature. We use the formula above, substituting the existing heat.

Variety vodongarevateley

It turns out:

3600 x 8 x 2 kW = V x ΔT x C;

57.6 MJ = V x 65 x 4200;

from whence

V = 57,6 MJ / (65 x 4200) = 211 liters.

Polish water heaters 2kW produce 200 liters. Diluting with cold water to obtain about 400 liters of liquid for showering. Enough somehow football team without replacement. However, in order to choose the right water heater, enough to conduct calculation of the total volume. We take into account the time in which we plan to use the device. Young people taking a shower in the evening before the festivities, adults in the morning before work. Some take twice a day feeling fresh. Who have no time to engage in the middle of the week. The graph is analyzed, compiled by the consumption of time, days, weeks, months, holidays. From the resulting arrangement is selected peak load take to determine the volume cumulative cylinder. 50 liters per person - not a serious approach.

As long as one person takes a shower, heated up in plenty of water. It gives a slight advantage. There sediment factor. Inside the water heater magnesium anode. Choosing a water heater for the apartment will provide constant concern for the consumables. Rod wear, start the water heater breakdown, are spending any time when in the water. In summer you can drain the container and avoid unnecessary expenses. Choosing a gas water heater eliminates the problems. Blue fuel will, if there is much to lose combustion products.

As for the price, stop worrying. Unless you manage to get half the tariff for electricity, gas could not be much more expensive. The cost of the gas column at all funny. You can get it on Yandex Market for 3500 rubles. The main types of water heaters, please note: gas take up more space, other things being equal, cumulative volumetric flow. Obvious facts. Aluminum fuel tank is vulnerable to galvanic corrosion. It should be taken into account when selecting components to avoid damage.

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