How to clean nickel silver at home

Silver nickel products are replaced by silver in the budget version. In Soviet times, cutlery from nickel silver was produced according to the same models as silver, differing only in marking. And, I must say, they look quite decent and elegant. But only if they are well polished.

However, silver also darkens and needs to be cleaned periodically too. But we will talk about silver separately, and now we’ll figure out how to clean nickel silver at home, using the cheapest, simplest and most affordable tools.

Why melchior darkens

This alloy of metals tends to form dark oxides upon contact with certain substances. So that the dishes or other items made of nickel silver do not darken, immediately after washing them, wipe them dry with a soft cloth. Every drop of water, dried on the surface of nickel silver in a natural way, will leave behind a dark speck. Cause darkening and unwashed remnants of food, lingered in the smallest cavities on the surface.

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The answer to the question “how to clean cupronickel” naturally follows from here: you need to remove the oxide film from the surface.

Modern means for cleaning nickel silver

The chemical industry produces a lot of tools to help care for household items made from different metals. There are special formulations designed to clean the darkened nickel silver at home. It can be a gel, liquid or just soft wipes soaked in a special composition. Some of the finished products not only clean the surface, but also cover it with a protective layer that prevents the cupronickel from further oxidation.

You can successfully and very effectively clean nickel silver utensils with dishwashing powders. It is only necessary to choose those means that do not contain chlorine and have not very pronounced abrasive properties.

But if there is no such tool at hand, there is no time or desire to go to the store, you can easily get by with simple household methods.

Homemade cleaning products from nickel silver

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In former times, to clean dishes from nickel silver, the hostess took a simple dental powder, a rag, and rubbed a spoon-spoon or another dish from a shelf. Now tooth powder is much harder to find than any ready-made tool for cleaning metal products. The substance that has become literally antiques can be replaced with crushed chalk( if you have it and you are not too lazy to turn it into a fine powder).

Another replacement option is toothpaste. And you can apply not only white, but also gel paste. It is necessary to clean the dishes in the same way as tooth powder: apply a little paste on a cloth and wipe the dishes from nickel silver until the dark spots disappear.

But the chalk has a tendency to get hammered into small depressions of the relief and form not the most beautiful whitish clusters there. You will have to stock up on brushes and patience to clean everything to a perfect condition.

You can use ordinary baking soda for cleaning nickel silver dishes and cutlery: either wipe items that require cleaning with soda gruel, or boil them in soda solution for several minutes.

Do not throw away the egg shells if you decide to clean the cutlery. The shell is good only from raw eggs, you will need to wash and chop it. Then throw it in boiling water with a spoonful of table salt, then place there and cutlery. After 10-15 minutes of boiling, darkened spoons and forks will gain their former radiance and purity.

The following answer to the question “how to clean nickel silver with home remedies” is best known:

  • take a piece of ordinary food foil, about 25 × 40 cm, and line the bottom of the pan or bowl with it;
  • add 4 tablespoons of baking soda;
  • lay out cupronickel;
  • pour boiling water into a bowl so that it is covered with all cleaned appliances.

A chemical reaction begins in the solution, as a result of which the foil darkens, and nickel silver, on the contrary, brightens and returns the surface cleanliness. If the darkening is very strong, you can boil some cutlery in soda solution with pieces of foil for a few minutes. But this tool should not be used for dishes that have been gilded or silver plated: both gold and silver peel off.

You can perfectly clean the nickel silver with a soft cloth moistened with sodium thiosulfate solution. This substance is sold in any pharmacy and costs a penny. Buy on occasion one package - and you have enough of it for a couple of years to clean all the nickel silver utensils.

After any method of cleaning, rinse the dishes well in not too hot water and wipe dry. Do not store cutlery, if they are wet at least to a small extent, otherwise everything will get dark again.

It is better not to store nickel silver dishes in places where household chemicals, especially those containing chlorine, can get.

Well cleans the surface of nickel silver and water with the addition of ammonia. If you have an ultrasonic washing device lying around in the closet, it's time to get it out and use it. Place it in a container with the objects to be cleaned and turn on the network for 15-20 minutes. Everything, even the most persistent pollution will dissolve.

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