TOP 15: the best manufacturers of water heaters


  1. Ariston
  2. Stiebel Eltron
  3. AEG
  4. Gorenje
  5. Electrolux
  6. Thermex
  7. Bosch Thermotechnik
  8. Vaillant
  9. Polaris
  10. Timberk
  11. Zanussi
  12. Ladogaz
  13. EVAN
  14. NEVA
  15. Real
  16. In conclusion

Gas and Electric, flowing and memory - water heaters come in different typesand power, not to mention the mass of additional features. Habitual boilers and columns can make the life of a modern person more comfortable. I would not like to frighten you, but you have to be aware that a water heater is an object of heightened danger. That is why it is very important to be able to choose a quality unit and install it correctly. When it comes to boilers and loudspeakers, it is better not to save, because safety and comfort are at stake. Analyzing the mass of technical parameters, do not forget to pay attention to the name of the manufacturer. A large company with a history will not spoil its reputation for mediocre quality. To make it easier for you to navigate the vast market of this equipment, we will tell you about what the best manufacturers of water heaters exist at the moment, and how they were able to bribe customers.


The Italian company , founded in the 30s of the last century, is now considered the world leader in the production of water heating and heating equipment .The brand's products are sold in 150 countries of the world, it is distinguished by the widest range, easy installation and ease of maintenance. In addition, the company is constantly introducing new solutions.

At the moment, the company produces electric and gas storage water heaters, gas instantaneous water heaters, as well as indirect heating boilers and other equipment. The choice of electric boilers envy any competitor. Models with different tank sizes( 30-500 l), different shapes and designs( there are slim models) are presented. The tank is covered with stainless steel( the most preferred of all), some models get an enameled coating with silver ions. All equipment is equipped with a multistage protection system and polyurethane foam insulation, easy to manage. Most models have a quick heating feature. True, in order to preserve the guarantee for the boiler, it is necessary to change the magnesium anode every year, but this is in the interests of your own safety.

geysers are models with an open and closed combustion chamber, electronic ignition and a pleasant design. Units are able to work under reduced pressure of water( about 0.4 bar), they are compact in size and high safety. Cumulative gas water heaters are presented in a decent range, have a volume of from 50 to 315 liters, so that the option can be found for the apartment, and for a private house. As for pricing, that is, both budget and elite solutions, but they are all safe and durable.

Stiebel Eltron

Group of companies with headquarters in Germany .Founded in 1924, the German company today has become a giant with a world name: the brand has representative offices in 120 countries, and branches operate in 24 countries. The manufacturer is famous for its water heaters and heating systems. Here follow the principles according to which the equipment should be safe, energy efficient and comfortable.

The company manufactures electric water heaters of flow and storage type .Flow models are represented by devices ranging from 4 to 27 kW, so they are suitable for any needs. Many models are equipped with electronic control of water temperature, so that the user is as comfortable as possible, there are also models with hydraulic control. Storage water heaters are presented with models with volumes from 5 liters ( !) To 200 liters, there are floor models with volumes up to 400 liters and industrial ones with a tank of more than 400 liters. Special attention deserves a series of embedded boilers.

The advantages of the company's technology include durability and reliability. Boilers are equipped with a titanium anode, so there is no need to change it. It is also impossible to find fault with design. Almost all models can be connected to the dual-rate meter , and the main disadvantage is the price of devices - the brand can be called premium, but the reliability is worth it.


The German company AEG Haustechnik with a long history is now part of the Stiebel Eltron, but it also produces equipment under its own brand. Like the Stiebel Eltron water heaters, the AEG appliances tend to a premium segment, but at the same time they combine the best indicators of reliability, functionality and convenience.

The company has in its product range flow-through flowless electric heaters( power 3.5-6 kW) and pressure type( 4.5-27 kW).Electric boilers are models with a tank capacity from 10 to 1000 liters( there are wall, floor and built-in models), tanks get a coating of stainless steel or enamel. To protect against corrosion, of course, a replaceable anode is used, and for the water to keep its temperature for a long time, all models get a thick layer of insulation. In many devices, a quick heating mode is implemented.

All water heaters of the company have a strict, conservative, but stylish design, excellent energy efficiency, the highest build quality, convenient controls. Of the minuses, except for the high price, we note the need for periodic replacement of the magnesium anode in the storage water heaters.


The company from Slovenia has become a real giant in the field of home appliances. Today, brand products are exported to 90 countries. In Europe and the CIS, the company's equipment enjoys well-deserved popularity, as it attracts with an attractive price-performance ratio. The company relies primarily on design, innovation and functionality. Among other things, Gorenje produces electric and gas water heaters.

Electric storage water heaters are available in a wide range of volumes, from 5 to 200 liters .There are vertical and horizontal models , rectangular, barrel-shaped and compact, so that there is an option for any home, even the most modest size. In terms of design, buyers are waiting for a decent variety: boilers are made in the traditional white, as well as silver and black colors. There are devices with "dry" and "wet" heating elements, electronic and mechanical control. The tank inside is covered with stainless steel or protective enamel - both versions demonstrate decent performance in terms of durability.

instantaneous gas water heaters are not presented in such a wide range. The power of almost all columns is about 20 kW( excellent for a family of 3-4 people), there are units with modulated power of the flame, which makes use safer and more comfortable. Columns can be placed in homes with a minimum water pressure of 0.2 bar. Complain, in principle, nothing. With high quality prices are reasonable, only some models weigh decently.


The Swedish company has been recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances for many years in a row. Brand products are actively sold in dozens of countries on all continents, and customers know that Electrolux appliances are distinguished by high reliability, wide assortment and impeccable quality, all at a reasonable price. The manufacturer does not stand still, constantly introducing new solutions and improving its products. In addition, the company produces electric and gas water heaters, indirect heating boilers, as well as heating equipment. Warranty on water heaters reaches 7 years , which speaks eloquently about the quality of technology.

Electric boilers are represented by models from 10 to 150 liters. There are models in which the tank is covered with stainless steel, there are units with a coating of anti-corrosion glass. Along with boilers with “wet” heating elements, more durable, but also more expensive devices with “dry” heating elements are presented. The manufacturer produces barrel-shaped devices, as well as compact slim-models. There are no complaints about the design, the control can be mechanical or electronic, in some models there are anti-freezing functions, anti-bacterial water treatment, as well as an economical mode, temperature parameters programming. Some models have a universal installation, and new boilers with innovative protection of heating elements get the warranty for 15 years.

The electric speakers are models with different power and control types. There are models with display and memory. Geysers Electrolux are equipped with heat exchanger made of high-purity copper , can operate at low pressure of water and gas, and this is a priceless advantage in domestic conditions.


The history of the company began in 1949 in Italy .Today it is an international corporation with productions worldwide, Russia .The company specializes in the production of water heaters, and therefore boasts a wide range of products and a host of innovations. The manufacturer uses patented technologies, has a large scientific laboratory at its disposal, and the narrow specialization of production makes it possible to safely call the company one of the best manufacturers of water heaters.

The range of corporations is wide. electric boilers have a tank capacity of 10 to 100 liters: the most compact models can be placed in the kitchen under or above the sink( they will make washing dishes comfortable), and larger models will be able to heat water for the whole apartment. There are units of vertical and universal mounting, with electronic and mechanical control, the shape can be cylindrical and rectangular, if the slim version. The design is simple. Also on sale are many instantaneous electric water heaters , differing in compact size. Thermex equipment is inexpensive, as it is assembled in Russia, in the installation boilers and columns are simple, but users complain about the lack of reliable anti-corrosion coating.

Bosch Thermotechnik

This German giant needs no particular introduction. The company proves its leadership year after year. Under the Bosch brand, a wide range of household appliances, electric boilers, geysers and indirectly heated boilers are produced. The company's products are sold in 150 countries. The corporation owns several factories, hundreds of representative offices and branches. There are Bosch plants in Russia.

geysers are models with a capacity from 10 to 27 l / min: if the first ones are suitable for a family of 1-2 people, then the second ones will cover the needs of 5-6 people. There are devices with piezo-ignition, battery ignition and hydrodynamic ignition. Separate models can operate with a minimum water pressure of 0.1 bar , so in the domestic conditions, the company's columns are simply a find.

The electric boilers are presented with compact models with a volume of 10-15 liters , as well as “full-size” units on the 30-150 liters .Some models can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. Tank coating is made of glass-ceramic. Models with mechanical control are more affordable, but those that receive electronic control are acceptable.


The German company has been on the market for more than 140 years and today has become a leader in the production of climate control equipment. There are representative offices in 20 countries, products are sold in 60 countries. Particular attention is paid to the technique for the preparation of hot water. Indirect heating boilers, electric and gas water heaters are produced.

The 3.5-, 7-kW electric speakers are compact in size and have a nice design. geysers have power from 17 to 24 kW, are equipped with piezoelectric ignition or battery ignition, there are models with a modulating burner.

Gas storage water heaters are produced with a tank capacity of 130-220 liters and receive piezo ignition. Geysers are presented in wide assortment, have power from 17 to 24 kW, are equipped with a modulating burner. The cost of the Vaillant equipment is above average.


Polaris water heaters, as well as other manufacturer's appliances, have proven to be low prices and acceptable quality. The history of the brand began in 1992, when the company was founded by students of the Moscow Aviation Institute. Later, the company became part of the international holding Texton Corporation LLC.The manufacturer has several factories and hundreds of service centers throughout Russia, exports equipment to countries in Europe and Asia. Also at the disposal of the manufacturer factories in China, Israel and Italy. In the range of more than 700 items of various household appliances.

All water heaters of the company electric .Cumulative models are models with tank capacity from 30 to 100 liters , there are compact models with a volume of 8-20 liters .The tank cover in most models is made of stainless steel. There are models of vertical and horizontal pattern. The design is minimalistic and versatile. The flow models have an power from 2 to 5.5 kW , i.e.wiring redone will not be necessary. In the installation and handling of all devices are extremely simple. Warranty is usually not particularly long.


The company has been operating relatively recently, positioning itself as Swedish, but makes no secret that the production is in China. The manufacturer focuses on the post-Soviet market, produces good quality and reasonably affordable equipment. It specializes in the production of water heaters, climate and thermal equipment.

Storage water heaters are represented by electric models from 10 to 80 liters. The units can be mounted vertically and horizontally, there are boilers that will perfectly fit under the sink. The manufacturer focuses on the design - such boilers and show no shame. Also in the range there are industrial storage water heaters.

instantaneous water heaters are presented in several series. There are pressure and pressureless models of different capacities. Some devices boast the presence of a filter and a high level of protection against water. Equipment warranty - 1-2 years.


The company was established in Italy in 1916 and produced kitchen stoves in which it implemented new ideas. Later, the brand's products became known throughout Europe, and in 1984 the company became part of of the Swedish corporation Electrolux .Nevertheless, today a wide range of household appliances is manufactured under the Zanussi brand. The company's products are of high quality and exquisite design.

The range of boilers and columns of the company is poorer than the choice of refrigerators or cooking surfaces. However, finding a suitable electric water heater will not be a problem - there are both flow-through and cumulative models. Geysers less, in our market, they are brought in limited quantities. The brand's products are distinguished by high quality, durability, cost effectiveness, and the introduction of innovations, but it is not cheap at all.


Domestic Enterprise Ladoga LLC has been operating since 2004 and specializes in the production of gas-fired hot water heaters and gas central heating boilers. The company is very responsible approach to the quality of every detail. Heat exchangers for columns, for example, are made from purified copper with increased thermal conductivity. Quality control is in place at every stage of production.

Columns of the manufacturer are maximally adapted to work in domestic conditions and even can be switched on at a water pressure of 0.1 atm. .Most models use imported electronics. All speakers are equipped with a multi-stage security system. The range of models is wide, all equipment 5 years warranty , and the prices are pleasantly pleased.


Domestic company , operating since 1996, specializes in the production of electric water heaters and indirect heating boilers. Household flow models have a capacity of from 6 to 30 kW, are available in two series, budget and standard. There are industrial-type speakers with a capacity of 36-120 kW.Electric boilers are represented mainly by industrial models, but there are also compact household appliances. The main advantage of the manufacturer’s devices is the low price.


NEVA geysers are manufactured by a St. Petersburg company. These are compact devices that are not inferior to European counterparts. Most models come with an electronic ignition system, modulation of the flame and display. All models are equipped with a reliable security system, simple and reliable in handling. In terms of design, these are quite nice units, which are made in white and silver color. There are models with pictures: flowers, landscapes, abstraction. Surprisingly, the functional, safe and modern speakers of this manufacturer are very inexpensive. The range is decent, there is a model for any buyer.


Domestic company, operating since 2000, produces electric water heaters, also sells equipment of other companies, provides after-sales service. The main activity is the production of electric boilers .They get “dry” heating elements and an innovative corrosion protection system. Warranty on products from 7 to 10 years.

Boilers of the company have barrel-shaped and compact tanks, the volume ranges from 40 to 150 liters. According to user feedback, Real water heaters are practically not inferior to more expensive devices from well-known brands, they are quite durable, reliable and easy to maintain.

In conclusion,

The market has high-quality products from other manufacturers. So, for example, we can mention the water heaters Atlantic ( France), Inshans, ( Italy), Atmor ( Israel), ( )( )( , Bulgaria), ( )Vogel Flug ( Austria), Klima Hitze ( Germany), "Halo" ( Russia).The main thing when buying do not forget to be interested in quality certificates, warranty and do not see too cheap goods.

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