How to clean the washing machine from mold?

  • How to start the fight against mold
  • Where in the washing machine mold
  • Fighting mold: ways and means
  • How to get rid of mold forever

Black mold lives in damp, warm places with insufficient ventilation: in the bathroom, toilet, in the places of leaks between the ceiling and the walls. If a putrid smell spreads around the door of the washing machine around and a black coating is visible on the inside of the rubber sealant, the machine is infected with mold. Mold in the washing machine is a serious problem and it is very difficult to get it out. Therefore, it is better to install the washing machine not in the bathroom, but in the kitchen, where the air is drier. In a spacious room to clean the stylalk inside is more convenient than in a cramped bathroom. In this article we will tell you how to get rid of mold in a washing machine, because it is dangerous for human health.

How to start the fight against mold

Withdraw mold in the washing machine is very difficult, so first check the details from the outside, and then inside:

  • rubber seal (cuff hatch);
  • capacity for powder, conditioner and bleach;
  • filler hose, filter on it;
  • drain hose, filter on it;
  • drain filter located at the bottom of the machine.

If gray surfaces or black spots are visible on these working surfaces, they must be cleaned with a chlorine-containing agent. You can use a special remedy for mold for cleaning washing machines or use folk methods. The people use vinegar, a solution of copper sulfate or "Belize". Care must be taken to ensure that strong chemicals do not damage the cuff of the washing machine.

Get rid of the fungus is much more difficult when it spreads inside the tank of the washing machine. Disassemble a washing machine and clean it at home is very difficult. If you do not have the necessary skills, then you better entrust professionals to dismantling the styralka. Another method of cleaning is required.



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Where in the washing machine mold

There are a number of reasons why mold can be formed in a washing machine:

  1. The room where the washing machine is installed is infected with mold;
  2. the room is damp, hot, there is no ventilation;
  3. the door of the car is always closed when not in use;
  4. washing is carried out at a temperature below 60 degrees;
  5. at washing often use a conditioner, conditioner for linen;
  6. when rinsing do not use bleach;
  7. to the powder do not add a scaling agent;
  8. often they leave raw laundry in the stylalk.

Rinsing mode, embedded in the washing program, is not able to remove the remains of the air conditioner from the laundry and from the tank walls. Over time, the tank of the washing machine overgrows the bloom, it is difficult to get rid of. This plaque serves as a nutrient medium for mold of black mold. In this case, regular cleaning from mold is required. What can I do to clean the car and always get rid of new attacks of the fungus?

Fighting mold: ways and means

Remove the mold and protect the washing machine will help bleach and heat. Cleaning sequence:

  1. Pour 1 liter of "Whiteness" into the powder tray. Set the mode of "strong pollution" and the maximum temperature.
  2. After 2, h, when the water in the stylalk is heated to 90 degrees, put the program controller for a pause for 1-2 hours. This will help to radically clean the tank.
  3. Continue washing.
  4. Pour in a container for detergents 1 liter of 9% vinegar, run the rinse.
  5. After cleaning, dry the machine, leaving the door wide open for several days.

This method of cleaning does not leave the fungus colonies no chance of survival. You can apply it no more than 1 time in six months. After cleaning, you need to thoroughly dry the washing unit, leaving the door open for 2-3 days.

Citric acid helps to get rid of mold. It is softer than chlorine, but it can also clean the heater of the washing machine from scale. For cleaning, 400 grams of acid will suffice. The wash cycle without laundry starts at a temperature of 60-90 degrees. Instead of citric acid, you can clean it with vinegar, 1 liter per wash. Prophylactic antifungal cleaning is carried out 3-4 times a year.

How to get rid of mold forever

Forever get rid of mold will help the rules:

  • after washing, the door of the machine should be kept open until it completely dries up inside;
  • Do not leave laundered underwear in the laundry;
  • after washing, carefully remove moisture from the drum and rubber sealant from the outside and inside;
  • at the end of washing, it is necessary to wash the dispenser for detergents and dry it;
  • every month to run a machine without laundry at 90-100 degrees, using a bleaching agent for cleaning;
  • neobobhimo 3-4 times a year to clean the dumb with lemon acid or vinegar in hot water;
  • use water improvers (air conditioners, rinses) as little as possible - after them it is difficult to clean the tank of the fungus;
  • To get rid of mold helps to clean the filter and hoses regularly.

When these rules are fulfilled, it is easy to clean the fungus from the walls of the tank and rubber at the time of its appearance - the spores will not have time to multiply and spread by the machine. Regular cleaning and drying will extend the life of the washing machine. Disease spores, bacteria will not fall on the underwear and in the respiratory tract of family members and pets. The struggle with mold will preserve and the technician, the health of the inhabitants of the house. Now you know what to do if mold appeared in the washing machine and how to get rid of it forever.

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