Effective ways to wash a thermos from tea bloom

Often those who carry tea in a thermos face the problem of plaque. The dark film covers the inner walls of the thermos and it is quite difficult to clean them. However, there are several ways to help keep your thermos clean.

Low pollution

The inner surface of the stainless steel flask is particularly polluted. About her, mostly, and will be discussed. Although many methods, such as soda, lemon or vinegar, are suitable for any kind of thermos.

The easiest way to clean the walls, if you get down to business in a timely manner. Minor plaque can be easily removed from a thermos using a lemon.

  • Cut the lemon into small slices so that they easily slip into the neck.
  • Pour boiling water into a thermos and leave overnight.

When you drain the water, the inner walls will be clean. This method allows not only to wash the dishes, but also to give it a pleasant smell.

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You can pour a little soda instead of lemon inside. How much depends on the volume of the thermos, but 2-3 small spoons will be enough in any case.3-4 large spoons of pearl barley are still poured. Hot water is added only to half. Then the thermos is closed and shaken vigorously. The longer you shake, the better it will be possible to wash it, because the croup will better scrub the coating.

Some use rice or coarse salt instead of barley - there is no particular difference. There is a tip to throw several small pieces of peeled raw potatoes inside. The method works in a similar way. Its only drawback is that more effort is needed to clear the flask of brown tea raid. Those who have weak hands will quickly get tired.

Old dark film

If your thermos has become very dark from the inside, then detergent will help to cope with the patina.

  • Pour a full vessel of warm water.
  • Add some dishwashing liquid and soda to it.
  • Shake well, so that all the components inside are mixed, and after an hour or two, drain the liquid.

The thermos must be rinsed several times with clean water. The same composition can wash the surface of insulating utensils on top and wash the lid, which poured tea, using it as a cup.

Sometimes water is poured in with white( bleach).Whiteness can really clean the bloom perfectly, but after it there is a strong odor, and it will be necessary to rinse the flask several times and then ventilate.

There are tips to use Coke to get rid of the plaque. But it is better not to spoil the drink, but instead take vinegar or a little soda. One of these products is added to a hot water flask and left for several hours. This method helps, like a lemon, to clean the walls, and eliminates the unpleasant old smell.

In order to form a raid as seldom as possible, we recommend using clean filtered water and brewing the tea separately, after which it should be poured into a flask. It is also necessary to wash the vessel after each use and leave it open until completely dry.

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