Best Microwave Ovens by User Rating

  • From what to choose
  • TOP 5 among SOLO
  • 5 best models SOLO + grill
  • Solo + grill + convection: the top five

The popularity of using microwave ovens has not been confirmed a long time. This is facilitated by the small dimensions of the unit, its simplicity, convenience and functionality. Every year, or rather even monthly, more and more new models from different manufacturers enter the market. To understand this variety, we offer you the best microwaves according to the user rating for 2017-2018.Every self-respecting manufacturer tries to introduce to the market units with a diverse set of functions in a different price range. Therefore, for convenience, we will try to divide our rating of microwave ovens into three parts.

From what to choose

Before you start choosing a microwave oven, you should decide what set of functions the kitchen assistant should have. The microwave oven can be of three types:

  • Solo .That is, in which there are only microwave waves;
  • microwave + grill. In addition to the waves, it also has a heater or a quartz element that allows you to fry the product until golden brown.
  • microwave + grill + convection. Here, in addition to the above-mentioned elements, forced blowing of the product with hot air is added. That is, the microwave can work on the principle of the oven.

The first option is suitable for those who intend to use the unit only for heating or defrosting products. If desired, it can also boil or choke something. These are the most simple and inexpensive microwave ovens.

If you like fried chicken, it is better to choose models that have a grill. This feature will allow you to fry fish, meat, cook pizza and other "goodies" as quickly and simply as possible.

The third type microwave oven additionally has the function of forced heat distribution inside the chamber. This is the best option for those who plan to use the unit for making pies and buns, baking bread.

As you can see, it all depends on what you want to end up with. Therefore, thinking about which microwave is worth spending money, first of all it is necessary to determine the priority direction of its use.

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TOP 5 among SOLO

First, let's define which microwave oven to choose for a house with a minimum set of functions. The rating was based on user reviews, which have already evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model.

Gorenje MO17MW

This model has a classic sleek design and is equipped with rotary switches. She "can" warm or defrost the dish. But in cooking it is subject only to the most simple recipes: to simmer, boil.


  • simple and reliable;
  • has a backlight and sound notification of the end of the process;
  • inexpensive, about $ 60;
  • is quite powerful - 700 W;
  • capacious - volume is about 17 liters;
  • works fast.


  • not too large diameter of the rotating plate.

If you want to get a reliable, durable assistant at a low cost, it is best to choose this model.


This microwave oven with the same power has a slightly larger chamber volume - 20 liters. Management is carried out using the touch panel. On the one hand, it is much more beautiful and modern than the "mechanics".On the other hand, in the event of a breakdown, the entire control unit will have to be changed, only one button will not be replaced.


  • three recipes with auto mode;
  • four defrost program options;
  • enamelled internal surface - easy to remove pollution;
  • protection from the interference of children;
  • small overall dimensions;
  • easy control.


  • pretty short power cord, only 40 cm;
  • at the time of closing the door slammed hard;
  • door is not equipped with a handle, which creates additional inconveniences during operation.

Panasonic NN-ST251W

If you rely on customer reviews, this model can take an honorable third place. Here is presented the same set of standard functions, but the furnace has proven itself to be quite reliable and easy to operate model.


  • backlight internal camera;
  • sound signal indicating the end of the process;
  • simplicity and efficiency.


  • rather dim interior light bulb;
  • price.

By the way, the latter is inexplicable. Despite the fact that this model does not have any additional advantages, its price is 10-15 dollars higher than that of similar models of other brands. Probably, it is in its exceptional reliability.

Samsung ME81KRW-1

The cost of this model can be up to 80 conventional units and can be called the best in terms of price-quality ratio. It is quite powerful( 800 W) and pretty, it has a mechanical control. Equipped with a timer for 30 minutes.


  • is equipped with the necessary and sufficient set of functions;
  • boasts a high-quality assembly;
  • volume enough - 23 l;
  • is quite quiet;
  • has an internal ceramic coating that is easy to clean.


  • dim interior lighting.

Midea MM720CMF

If you rely on customer reviews, this microwave model can take first place in the 2018 ranking. It is affordable( about 65 cu) has as many as five power levels, the maximum of which is 700 watts. Stylish and modern design immediately attracts the attention of the buyer. The set of functions is standard: heat, defrost, weld.


  • cooking speed;
  • stylish design;
  • ease of operation.


  • the glossy surface of the door becomes easily dirty;
  • slippery control knobs.

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5 best models SOLO + grill

Now let's talk about which microwave oven model can claim to be the best microwave with a grill. Let's make a small TOP of five positions.

BBK 23MWG-923M / BX

If you carefully study consumer reviews, we can note that this model holds the leading position. With a fairly average volume of 23 liters, it has good power - 900 watts. For a model that has a grill, its price is quite democratic - about $ 120.


  • stylish design;
  • affordable price;
  • high power;
  • enamel coating;
  • mechanical control;
  • silent;
  • five power control modes.


  • is quite heavy, weighs 14.1 kg;
  • not very well-known manufacturer.

Bosch HMT84G461

This model has an electronic control unit, which can be both a plus and a minus for this unit. There are 11 automatic programs, 4 cooking modes and 3 defrost. The model is quite well established in the market of microwave units.


  • rather big camera volume — 025 l;
  • the power of the oven itself is 900 W, the grill capacity is 1200 W;
  • 5 power levels;
  • lock from curious kids;
  • inner surface is made of enamel.


  • weight about 17 kg;
  • price from $ 145.

LG MB 4342 BS

This, unlike the previous model, has a slightly lower power - 800 W in the chamber and 1000 W on the grill. But it is equipped with a quartz grill. Equipped with I-wave technology, thanks to which the waves inside the chamber propagate spirally. Such movement provides more uniform cooking.


  • spacious, volume 23 liters;
  • has an enamel inner surface;
  • built-in menu for 44 programs;
  • has a weight of only 11 kg;
  • is equipped with child protection.


  • even after the end of the cooking process periodically gives a signal.

Panasonic NN-GD371M

Despite the fact that we have placed this model a notch, it is not too inferior in quality to the previous one.


  • practically silent operation;
  • bright lights;
  • stylish interesting design;
  • quartz grill;
  • compactness.


  • not too long power wire, about a meter;
  • during defrost indicates that the product must be rotated, however, continues to work;
  • is absent "Quick start";
  • at the time of closing the door publishes quite a noisy click;
  • in some retail outlets the price can reach 190 dollars.

Whirlpool MAX 36BL

One of the most compact models. The volume of the inner chamber is only 13 liters. At the same time, a quartz grill and a wave distribution system make it quite attractive to the buyer.


  • miniature;
  • interesting design;
  • ease of operation.


  • low power grill, about 700 watts;
  • at the end of the cooking process, the heating stops, however, the oven itself remains switched on for a full five minutes;
  • rather big cost - about 150 US dollars.

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Solo + grill + convection: five of the best

If you like a lot and often cook using microwave ovens, then the best microwaves for you are those that have the greatest number of functions. What are the advantages and disadvantages they have? For them, we also compiled a kind of TOP 5.

Samsung CE103VR

This model has 12 recipe programs, 6 types of automatic defrosting and another 5 for automatic cooking. All of them are described in detail in the instructions. The stove is quite spacious( 28 l) and powerful( 900 W), equipped with a very powerful grill( 1250 W).


  • bioceramic surface;
  • mode "ventilation";
  • large set of functions;
  • good build quality;
  • uniform distribution of microwaves.


  • is quite heavy - 18 kg.

Panasonic NN-DS592-M

The Panasonic model NN-DS592-M is particularly popular among convection microwave ovens. Like others, she has both weaknesses and strengths.


  • capacity of about 27 liters;
  • fashionable design;
  • the possibility of cleaning from pollution with steam;
  • the program of a warming up without participation of the rotating mechanism;
  • steam humidification;
  • non-trivial opening of the door from top to bottom;
  • mode eliminates unpleasant odors.


  • large weight and rather impressive dimensions;
  • in the process, the body is quite heated;
  • high price;
  • stainless steel interior coating is not too scratch resistant;
  • automatic cooking programs do not imply weight correction;
  • baking in silicone tins is not well baked.

Sharp R-8771LK


  • double grill - infrared bottom and quartz top;
  • has a compact size, at the same time spacious - 26 liters;
  • swiveling metal table - definitely not broken;
  • clear Russian display.


  • the inner surface is made of stainless steel, which increases the risk of scratching;
  • in standby mode there is no clock;
  • very high price.

Gorenje MO20DCE


  • smooth inner surface made of high strength enamel;
  • push button control mode;
  • powerful grill and convection( 1200 and 2200 W respectively);
  • 15 programs, 8 modes auto preparation and 4 for defrosting products;
  • compact dimensions with a rather large capacity - 20 liters;
  • not too much weight - about 14.5 kg.


  • there is no possibility to memorize your own recipes.

Körting KMI 925 CX


  • has all the necessary functions of a modern microwave oven;
  • good quality, interesting design.


  • is quite difficult to manage;
  • costs quite a lot, the average price is about $ 430.

Like everyone else, this rating is very subjective. In varying degrees, it was based on the opinions of users. However, you may add to the list any other models of your choice and you will also be right.

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