How to check with a multimeter TEN washing machine

  • Where is the part of
  • located? How is the resistance of the heater installed?
  • How to check the heating elementOutwardly, it resembles a pipe of small diameter made of metal, inside of which there is a kind of spiral. That she heats up as a result of exposure to current. This is due to the resistance that the spiral possesses. The free space inside the heating element is filled with a dielectric, which has a high thermal conductivity.

    heating elements in the process of washing often heats up and then cools. As a result, the helix located inside the metal tube gradually wears out and begins to lose its qualities. All this leads to the fact that the heating element simply stops working. The part either closes on the case or burns out. The water in the washing process does not heat up. If the heating element has become unusable, the element should be replaced. To restore the performance of the parts is simply impossible. However, everyone will be able to check the washing machine with a multimeter.

    Where is the part

    In various models of washing machines, the heating element is located either in front or behind. How to determine the location of TENA?If the back cover is large, this is where the heating element will be located. Extremely rarely TEN is located in front.

    You can also turn the washing machine on its side and look at the bottom, where is the heater. If necessary, you can remove the back of the washing machine. This does not cause much difficulty. It is enough to unscrew the hardware.


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    How the resistance of the heater is calculated

    To check the heating element in the washing machine, you need to know not only how to ring the heater with a multimeter, but also its resistance indicator. First of all, you should calculate this value. You will need certain data:

    1. The voltage that is applied to the water heater. In this case, the indicator U is equal to 220 V. This is the voltage that is present in the household network.
    2. TEN Power - R. It is easy to determine this indicator. Just look at the instructions. Knowing the model of the washing machine, the power of the heating element can be viewed on the Internet.

    . Having learned all the necessary indicators, it is possible to calculate the resistance - R. For this, there is a formula:

    R = U2 / P

    This resistance occurs in heating elements during its use. R is measured in ohms. If the heating element of the washing machine is working, the multimeter should show the resulting figure.

    How to check the PETN After the location of the PETN has been determined, it is necessary to ring the ASN for integrity. Before checking the heating element, many experts recommend removing it. However, this is not necessary. It is enough to disconnect the wires from the heating element and ring it. To do this, unscrew all the nuts with a screwdriver or a wrench. To ring the heating element with a multimeter, it must be de-energized and disconnected from the mains. The device designed to determine the resistance should be transferred to the mark of 200 Ohms. The ends of the multimeter must be attached to the terminals of the heater.
    • If the heating element is in good condition, the device will show a value that will be close to the calculated one.
    • If the figure 1 is shown on the screen, this indicates a breakage that occurred inside the heater. In this case, the replacement of heating elements is required.
    • If the display shows 0, then a short circuit inside the heating element occurred. Fix this damage can only replace parts.

    Testing TENA on the breakdown on the case

    If the multimeter shows the correct value, but the water does not heat up, then it is worth checking the breakdown of the part on the case. With this phenomenon in the process of washing under the device can be observed sparks. It is very dangerous. To check the multimeter should be transferred to the dialing mode. The device should beep. After that, the indicators on the multimeter will light up. At one end of the device, you should touch the TENA terminal, and the second - to the case or to the ground terminal. If the multimeter began to squeak, the heating element is not working, and it must be replaced.

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