Repair of the pump "Aquarius" with his own hands: how to disassemble and repair the

Pumps brand "Aquarius" are the most reliable equipment, actively exploited in private households and in the cottages. His weighty advantage lies in the simplicity of the design: eliminate most damage possible, without calling out an engineer. However, to take on such a serious matter not worth without theoretical training. Do you agree?

Those who wish to repair the pump Aquarius with his own hands, we are ready to assist in meeting this challenge. The presented paper in detail introduces the nuances of diagnosis, the identification of abnormal operation, the methods of restoration of technical capabilities.

We have described in detail the specifics of the pump device, the assembly rules / disassembly of the unit. Thoroughly analyzed the process of repair operations. As valuable information applications used photos, diagrams and videos.

The content of the article:

  • Typical pump device "Aquarius"
  • Common causes of breakdowns
  • Disassembly, assembly and repair
  • Regular maintenance of the pump
  • Some practical advice
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Typical pump device "Aquarius"

Design centrifugal pumps "Aquarius" It does not differ overly complex. The long, narrow stainless steel enclosed motor and a pump portion.

To the motor, located in the lower compartment of the device, attached drive shaft. It consistently wearing elements of the pumping unit: blade drive ring and impellers.

Position elements fixed presser lid with internal threaded connection. Oil-filled single-phase motor comprises a rotor, a stator and two bearing.

reliable automatic control unit is provided for the effective pump. On the power cord is fixed discharge system, by which to regulate operation of the instrument.

pump apparatus

This diagram graphically depicts the pump assembly "Aquarius". Located at the bottom of the engine, and on top - the pumping part, consisting of a set of working rings

The minimum diameter of the well in which it is possible to use "Aquarius", should be at least 120 mm. The depth of the water supply may vary within 1-20 m.

By the hose connected to the pump for three quarters of an inch user can get up to 120 cubic meters of water per hour. To regulate the water pressure in the system at the outlet portion of the working hose has a special valve.

Common causes of breakdowns

"Aquarius" successfully used not only in the wellsBut also in wells, Natural waters and large containers, appropriate operating conditions declared by the manufacturer.

Pumps of this type is quite successfully cope with the pumping of water, significantly contaminated sand. Unfortunately, impaired operation regulations leads to frequent breakage of the device.


it is recommended to examine the technical documentation pumps "Aquarius" Before starting any repair work, it provides useful information and important recommendations

Among the factors causing the failure, it may be noted:

  • continuous operation with the fluids contamination level which exceeds half of the declared limit the manufacturer (be not more than 20 g / l);
  • pumping hot liquids (if ambient temperature over 35 degrees);
  • frequent and sudden changes in the mains voltage;
  • disruption of mounting at the installation site or electric cable sheathed its underwater part;
  • flaws when hanging the pump;
  • no filter;
  • the absence of grounding;
  • Defective pressure switch, accumulator, etc.

It is obvious that the duration of the pump not only affect the working environment, but also the state water system of the house as a whole.

A number of serious problems can be avoided if you take care of proper installation of the pump. Great importance is attached to the immersion depth of the pump. If this figure is exceeded, the device will work with a constant overload and soon will break.

image gallery

Photo of

Appearance of a deep well pump brand Aquarius

The water jet pump line select embodiment, the transfer amount of water is 10% less than the production rate. If the maximum flow rate will be equal to the production rate, the equipment will be periodically run dry

The check valve in the configuration of Aquarius

The bundling unit depth Aquarius has a check valve, which prevents the formation of voids in the pipe connected to the pump and, consequently, eliminating water hammer. If between the valve and the water surface below 7 m, it does not perform a protective function

Effects of abrasive particles

Banned submersible pumping unit water containing abrasive particles. These impurities contribute to abrasion of the hydraulic part of the pump

The result of pumping the contaminated medium

If the pump pumps the environment with the content of grains of sand in excess of its jams. To eliminate the damage should contact the Service Center

A blown motor windings due to depressurization

Engine Failures occur due to damage of the waterproofing power cable. If the equipment is periodically removed from the barrel, holding the cable, there are gaps in it, in which water flows into

The formation of plaque on the suction side

When pumping water with a high salinity level gradually clogged filters on the housing is formed outgrowth

Reduced efficiency - increasing the load on the engine

The appearance of plaque on the filter pump Aquarius before the water intake of the pump reduces the efficiency of the unit, at the same time increases the load on the engine

Head losses due to obstructions

Due to the contact with the mineral particles pump dramatically reduces the volume of the pumped fluid and markedly reduced pressure. In addition, the pump operates with increased load and quickly fail

Appearance of a deep well pump brand Aquarius

Appearance of a deep well pump brand Aquarius

The check valve in the configuration of Aquarius

The check valve in the configuration of Aquarius

Effects of abrasive particles

Effects of abrasive particles

The result of pumping the contaminated medium

The result of pumping the contaminated medium

A blown motor windings due to depressurization

A blown motor windings due to depressurization

The formation of plaque on the suction side

The formation of plaque on the suction side

Reduced efficiency - increasing the load on the engine

Reduced efficiency - increasing the load on the engine

Head losses due to obstructions

Head losses due to obstructions

It is extremely rare, but still there are situations when the water in which the pump is immersed freezes. This is very dangerous for the device, because water expands upon freezing. As a result, the pump components can be damaged.

If the device is stored at a temperature below zero, all moisture from it should be carefully removed.

To pump to work properly, you should choose a model that exactly suited to the particular well. For more information about how to choose the pump well can be found in our other article.

First of all, we should focus on the production rate. It should significantly exceed the performance of the pump.

The fact that many wells are prone to silting or zapesochivaniyu.

The marking of the pump

On the device contains markings showing the operating conditions for which the pump was designed. It is not necessary to break these options to extend the life of the device

As a result of their debit markedly reduced. If the pump performance was exactly adjusted to the flow rate of the well, it may be a dangerous situation.

The pump will pump water from a well faster than it is supplied. The well is empty, and the equipment is idle, in the so-called "dry run." It is fraught with overheating and total failure of the device engine.

pump Cable

When suspending pump "Aquarius" downhole, should ensure that the weight of the device is necessary on the cable, rather than the cable or pipe. Incorrect installation - a common cause of breakdowns

The second important factor - is the nominal head, which should provide a pump in the water system. Different modifications of the "Aquarius" it may be 32 m, and 63 m.

The nominal value includes transport in horizontal water pipe and the pressure loss when water passes through the pipeline.

Find the right way the pump will not be subjected to excessive overload, in such circumstances the device will last longer and work more efficiently.

Disassembly, assembly and repair

Thus, the pump does not work, stop pumping water, or simply shows a sharp decline in performance. To begin, it should be disconnected from the power supply and water supply system, and then remove from the hole.

You may be useful information on how to get the pump out of the wellIf he's stuck.

Simple diagnostics will help you understand what exactly the device failure occurred.

pump disassembly

Although the dismantling of the pump "Aquarius" and efforts should be made to exert pressure, all the same act should be careful not to deform the unit case

To do this, the pump briefly include network and listen. If the unit is buzzing most likely faulty pumping his part. This is not the most difficult type of damage. But the absolute silence of the device indicates a high probability of problems with the motor. If burned magnet, the whole engine will have to be replaced.

If damage is too severe, you may need information on how to correctly replace a broken pump new.

Another stage of diagnostics - the study of the shaft device. It should just scroll arms. If the shaft moves freely in this department all right.

If it is necessary to scroll to make a notable effort or it does not move, most likely, the device scored sand and needs washing.

The washing pump is made as follows:

  1. Remove the protective metal mesh.
  2. Dismantle the cable channel (for a large cross-section models).
  3. Unscrew the four mounting screws.
  4. Take out the motor.
  5. Remove the plastic gear couplings.
  6. Gently crank shaft by an end portion at 12mm key while holding the upper part of the pump is stationary.
  7. When the shaft a little provernetsya on pump part serves a stream of water from a hose.
  8. Washing is continued, combining it with accurate shaft turns as long as the shaft begins to move freely.

After this washing can be considered ended, the apparatus is collected in reverse order and include. To reverse the assembly was performed correctly, it should be still in the process of dismantling memorize the position of all the details.

Dismantle the pump and have to carry out various repairs. Service Center for this special press is used, and in a home studio will have to make additional efforts and use improvised tools such as a jack.

Even before the beginning of works it is necessary to learn how to properly disassemble the pump dispenser.

pump disassembly

When repairing pumps "Aquarius" special press is used in the factory. When disassembling the device in a home workshop use various homemade devices

To perform the following tasks:

  1. Take the pump out of the well.
  2. Disconnected from the power supply.
  3. Remove the water supply nozzle tube.
  4. Strongly compress the pump body into its lower and upper parts.
  5. Rest against the lower edge of the device in a strong base, such as a table or workbench.
  6. Remove from the snap ring groove with a suitable tool, such as uzkogubtsy.
  7. Alternately, remove the impellers.
  8. Remove the bearing assembly with a hard cover, on which it is located.
  9. Inspect all of the elements of the pump for wear and tear and damage.
  10. Replace any damaged parts.
  11. Perform reassembly device.

Clamping the edge of the pump casing should be so as to loosen the locking ring clamp. When this item is dismantled, the remaining operations will not require excessive force.

In order not to confuse the sequence reassembly, it is best to provide a place for the removed parts. They are spread in order, while maintaining the correct position of the workers rings relative terms "top" and "bottom".

Pump impellers

If worn impeller "Aquarius", they just need to be replaced. New items can be purchased at a service center

During reassembly should pay attention not only to the correct position of the workers of the Rings, but also on their position relative to the other parts.

Once all the elements are assembled, impellers must retain the ability to rotate freely. pump contamination by extraneous particles of sand or silt may cause another unpleasant breakage.

If the shaft is included in the device is jammed state, and then the engine does not start, probably burned the stator winding. Eliminate such a fault, i.e., rewind motor home is not easy. It makes sense to entrust the operation of experienced specialists.

If the coil is okay, but the engine still does not start, the problem may be in the condenser or in a state of electric cable.

With all the capacitor is relatively easy: dismantle the damaged element, and in its place establish new and serviceable. Check the electric cable should also be a place contact with the engine, as well as the integrity of the cable itself.

How to repair the pump Aquarius with his own hands

When disassembling the device must remember the sequence of parts, better sign elements and designate the top / bottom (click to expand)

Sometimes it is enough simply contact soldering. If there is a gap electric cable, it is necessary to determine the position of the gap and solve the problem. Place the repair should be further protect the special heat-shrinkable sleeve.

But the cable repaired to some extent remains "weak link". Perhaps it makes sense to replace the damaged cable is a new, solid wire.

During disassembly, repair, and reassembly is recommended to keep the engine in an upright position to prevent leakage of oil from it.

Sometimes the problem with the engine in the pumps "Aquarius" are not due to the lack of voltage in the network, and because of his jumps. To solve this problem, use an auto or Voltage regulatorBy including it in the net.

This measure may be provided at the stage of installation of the pump, so as not to eliminate the damage caused by the power of poor quality, and to prevent them.

pump connection

If the pump does not turn on, maybe it simply does not enter the power supply. You need to check the contacts reliability and integrity of electrical cable

As a result, a sharp voltage drop marked decrease pump output can occur in the network. As soon as the power indicators will come back to normal, the pump will operate at full capacity.

If not, may decrease the pressure of water supplied to the system is not due to pump failure, a malfunction of the water supply pipe.

In this case, you should get the pump and carefully inspect the pipe, to reveal the gaps and eliminate them. Furthermore, it is also necessary to test the integrity of the pipe connection places the pump nozzle, tip and adapter, etc.

pump capacity reduction may be observed in cases where the clogged filter holes.

Easy cleaning and washing of filters is usually solves the problem. If after cleaning the filter pressure in the system does not recover, it should look for other faults.

You may be interested in our other article about for the manufacture of filter wells.

An indication that a problem with the pump, can be part of the trip limit.

Painting is as follows: the pump is activated, runs for a short time and then switched off automatically. This situation shows that there are problems with the voltage stability on the network, or that the device is clogged with sand and needs washing.

Regular maintenance of the pump

Proper care of the pump "Aquarius" will minimize the likelihood of unscheduled. To do this, you need to remove the pump from the well, to an inspection. And lift pump must be careful not to damage the wall of the casing, and the pump housing.

This procedure is time-consuming, especially when it comes to deep water diving, but still, experts recommend to perform a diagnostic check of the pump twice a year.

First, operate external visual inspection of the pump housing. Identify possible chips, cracks, corrosion, and other damage to the traces.

If we neglect this step, when the pump disassembly damage can be even more serious. When external damage is found, action should be taken to address them, for example, to clean and handle special structures areas corroded.

Check the pump

Upon completion of repairs, washing and maintenance of the pump is checked in a container with water, to avoid having to repeatedly remove the pump from the well

After that, remove the engine cover. Here, checks how freely moving the motor shaft. If its rotation is difficult, it is necessary to wash out the unit from contamination as described above.

During the diagnostic examination and check the condition of bearings and seals for wear. If necessary, replace them immediately.

Another important procedure - replacement pump lubrication. In this case, you should only use lubricants that are recommended by the manufacturer.

When pump failure, located in the borehole, these substances can emerge from the housing. Contact with water oily extraneous impurities can significantly impair its quality.

Some practical advice

As a lubricant in the pumps "Aquarius" used vaseline oil increased purification.

This composition is used in pharmacy for the manufacture of ointments. In this case, the manufacturer conceals the name of the company supplying the product.

The cover of the pump motor

As stated in the inscription on the cover, it should not be open. Careless handling of the engine oil may result

Total pump engine "Aquarius" contains about half a liter of vaseline oil. But to restore lubrication is better to contact the manufacturer, to avoid contamination of wells technical oils. usually no problem providing this service to an authorized service center.

If the pump is "Aquarius" to be used in computer-aided water supply, be sure to install check valve. The device is not equipped with this element, it will have to buy separately.

It is recommended to give preference to a valve equipped with a valve made of brass. Such devices are characterized by high resistance to wear and a longer service life.

If the pump is to be used only for irrigation, there is no need to buy and install a check valve. It is possible to block the flow of water into the hose. The pump then will be idling, the device is designed for such loads.

If you need to replace the condenser, it will be useful to consider the following information. In pumps "Aquarius" used devices 14-80 microfarads capacity, calculated on 400 V. This bipolar dry Czech manufacturing a capacitor, the dielectric component of the device - polypropylene.

Depending on the model or pump manufacturing time therein can be installed TESLA firm capacitor, AEG, Gidra etc. Models and with wired contacts, and a spade.

All this leads to the conclusion that for the pumps "Aquarius" approach similar models from any manufacturer, if their characteristics are consistent with the technical requirements.

Water pipes in the system of independent water is generally used, or half-inch or three-quarter inch. But a pump or tube, which is connected to the output of the pump conduit must have a diameter not less than one inch.

These areas are water supply can be connected via an adapter. When using smaller-diameter pipe can observe a decrease in pump capacity.

pump characteristics

This diagram clearly shows the characteristics of different models of pumps "Aquarius" to the well. This data will help you choose the right pump, taking into account the specific situation

Some artists-amateurs were trying to reduce the performance too powerful pump by removing the part of the workers rings. Such actions could be fatal for the instrument. It is best to initially select the desired equipment performance.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The process of dismantling, repair and reassembly pump "Aquarius" graphically represented as follows:

Audit procedure and purification devices, exhaust in the well for 11 years, can be seen here:

An interesting experience for changing the oil in the pump motor "Aquarius":

It is not necessary to disassemble the pump without first studying its structure and operation procedure. The result can be even more serious damage than those that are trying to fix an amateur master.

Care, accurate knowledge and common sense usually lead to positive results in the repair of this reliable and efficient device.

You are familiar with the failures of the pump? Or you have experience in autographic repair its individual components? Please write about it in the comments to this article. Many owners of "Aquarius" can prigoditsya your recommendation to eliminate breakdowns.

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