What to do if the washing machine door does not open

Household appliances can fail at any time, and this usually happens when you least expect it. And it can happen regardless of how much money you gave for your purchase or what brand flaunts on your equipment. From force majeure no one is immune, so you should always be prepared for such troubles.

One of the most common situations is that the washing process is completed, and the door of the washing machine does not open. In such circumstances, you can not do rash hasty actions - they will become your biggest enemy. In no case can you pull the door with all your strength, as if your life depends on it - lack of patience can cause even greater problems and expenses. Physical strength here will not help, you will need to establish the cause of the problem, and only then take up its elimination.

To get started, it is worthwhile to study the list of possible reasons why the door of the washing machine does not open:

  • The problem with the hatch locking device( UBL);
  • Water is not pumped out of the washing machine drum;
  • The door does not open due to the nature of the machine;
  • Breakdown of the UBL intelligent module;
  • Breaking the handle of the washing machine.

Each of these cases requires a special approach, since the hatch of the car is closed due to various factors. It is worth noting that not every malfunction can you solve by yourself - it is quite possible that you will have to ask for the help of specialists.


  • 1 Problem with the sunroof locking device( UBL)
    • 1.1 How to replace the UBL with
  • 2 with your own hands Water doesn’t go off the countereasy way to open the door of the washing machine

The problem with the device locking the door( UBL)

Problems of this kind can be different, it all depends on the brand of the washing machine. If the damage is minor, you can easily fix it yourself. The first reminder in this situation - always keep the instructions for your equipment ready. In most cases, it describes in detail what needs to be done if the door of the machine closes and does not respond to signals from the intelligent module.

You can manually unlock the door using a special cable. To reach it, you will need to remove the drain filter cap. The emergency unlocking cable is usually painted bright orange, so finding it is not difficult. You just need to pull it, and the hatch should open.

But not every washing machine provides for the presence of such a cable. If there is no cable, you will need to get to the latch UBL and turn it off manually. To do this, you will need to remove the top cover and slightly tilt the body of the machine back - then the drum will move a little and open access to the lock. Get to the retainer, unplug it, and it's done.

The easiest and most common way to solve a problem is to disconnect the washing machine from the network. Sometimes the door of the machine is closed due to interruptions in the signal. De-energize it, you can open the door( in some cases).

How to replace the UBL

with your own hands If you are confident enough in your skills, you can completely replace the lock device. To do this, you need:

  • Remove the locking rim, thus freeing the right segment of the door cuff;
  • UBL is fixed by two screws. You will need to unscrew them, and then you can safely remove the device;
  • Adhering to the above instructions, fix the new UBL.

The important point - when you disconnect the device from the wires, do not forget in what order they were. After installing the device, turn on the washing mode and test the machine.

Water is not pumped out of the drum of the

washing machine. A rather serious problem. Such a failure may occur for the following reasons:

  • If the pump has failed;
  • If there is a blockage in the sink;
  • if the control module is faulty;
  • If the water sensor has failed.

Do not try to solve these problems on your own, otherwise you will only aggravate the situation. It is better to enlist the help of specialists.

The door does not open due to the peculiarities of the operation of the

machine. Everything is simple here - not all washing machines release the lock immediately after the end of the wash. Usually they withstand a timeout of 1-5 minutes. It often happens that an impatient owner begins frantically trying to open the hatch, and it becomes the culprit of a real breakdown. Read the instructions, and then you will be ready for anything.

Breakdown of the UBL intelligent module

It is possible that the lock itself is intact, but the program simply does not give it a signal to open the hatch. In this case, it is necessary to reflash the intelligent module, and this should only be done by a trained specialist. Contact the service and the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

Break handle

This damage may occur as a result of wear parts, and due to excessive enthusiasm of the owner of the washing machine, who tried to manually open the locked door. For repair, you need to follow this scheme:

  • Remove the door from the hinges;
  • Remove the screws that connect the two rims of the cover, and then carefully disassemble the door;
  • The handle mechanism is located on one of the rims. It is necessary to make sure that the latch is in good condition. The lock device is quite simple, so there should be no problems. Having understood the features of this pen, you quickly fix the damage.
  • The last stage is to reassemble the door and check how it closes.

In this release all possible reasons for which the washing machine does not open were listed. But do not forget that each case is unique, and it is not always possible to cope without help.

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