What to do if the dishwasher does not run out of water

What to do if the dishwasher does not run out of water


Any hostess will agree that dishwashers and washing machines make our life much easier. But what if one of them is clogged and the water does not go to the sewer? Most importantly - do not panic, but try to pinpoint the cause, which led to the problem.


  • 1Main features of functioning
  • 2Malfunctions that are eliminated by their own hands
    • 2.1The drain hose is bent
    • 2.2Filtered water filters
    • 2.3The drain system is clogged with food residues
    • 2.4Drain pump clogged
  • 3Malfunctions that can not be eliminated by hand
    • 3.1Damaged pump failure
    • 3.2Problems with the water level sensor (pressure switch)
    • 3.3Software module malfunction

Main features of functioning

Dishwashers, as well as washing machines, have an intake valve for pumping clean water from the water supply. True, in the first case its design is slightly simpler: it is single.

After filling the water tank, the incoming liquid is heated or immediately, thanks to the electric pump, fed to the dishwasher arms. The dishes for washing the cutlery of the dishwasher are directed at different angles, which ensures a high quality of washing. To household washing devices such function, certainly, to what.

For many housewives the dishwasher has become an effective remedy for daily routine

Then the water gets to the bottom of the compartment, filtered using two different types of filters, and then, prepared for the next production cycle, is collected in a special container. The liquid that the dishwasher system recognized as unfit for further use is drained into the drain by the operation of the drain pump.

And of course, we must understand that nothing like this is necessary for washing devices. There, all waste water is considered dirty and not subject to filtration.


The whole work cycle is monitored by a special device - pressostat.The heater, if necessary, heats the water to the required temperature, and the solenoid valve throws the detergents into it. At this stage, all processes in dishwashers and washing machines are absolutely identical.

Malfunctions that are eliminated by their own hands

If you are lucky, and the breakdown is not serious, then having spent a little time and effort, you will repair the home appliance without leaving your house. First of all, this refers to the clogs of varying degrees of complexity and the kinks (or twisting) of the drain hose. And remember that before starting repair work, you must always remove the plug of the dishwasher from the outlet.


Situations where you can try to repair yourself:

  • The drain hose is bent;
  • filters of water purification were clogged;
  • The drain system is clogged with food residues;
  • the drain pump is clogged.
Problems with the hose or clogs can be solved independently, but in more serious cases, professional assistance is indispensable

The drain hose is bent

To solve the problem, you only need to gently straighten the nozzle, so that a free flow to the sewage system of the used liquid is established.

Filtered water filters


This situation happens if you ignore the instructions of the manufacturers of household appliances to remove food debris before laying the cutlery in the washer. As a result, you only need to clean the filter, which is located most often at the bottom of the home electronic device.

The drain system is clogged with food residues

To solve the problem, drain the water, disconnect the hose from the sewage drain, lower it into a small container and start the draining of the used liquid. With a normal jet, you need to check the hose and sewer connection, and if it is weak or missing, make sure the drainage pipe is in good condition.

Drain pump clogged

With sufficient skill and convenient location of the part in your dishwasher model, you can try to repair the fault, very carefully, using a thin stick or pencil.

Malfunctions that can not be eliminated by hand

It should be understood that it is impossible to eliminate some malfunctions of dishwashers and washing machines by oneself at home. If you have already checked everything about what is written above, then you may need to call a repairman for household appliances.


Damaged pump failure

In this case, only the replacement of the part will help, and an experienced specialist must replace the drain pump. Doing this yourself is extremely dangerous.

Problems with the water level sensor (pressure switch)

Without current data on the required fluid pressure, the program module can not work correctly. It is necessary to replace the pressure switch, and it is better to entrust such an operation to an experienced master from a specialized company.

Software module malfunction

It is clear that in fact it is a question of the "brains" of a household appliance, without which you should not expect any normal work. Probably, the usual flashing will help, but sometimes nothing will remain, except to replace the broken part with a new one.

Remember that with any independent action, you risk losing warranty from the manufacturer of your washing or erasing device. The council here is one: start repair yourself only if you are sure of its successful completion.

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