How to clean rings of gold

for a long time Almost every woman has at least one ring, and men often wear this jewelry. Let's learn how to clean the golden ring, which has lost its original brilliant appearance. After all, gold also darkens with time, tarnishes, and all sorts of irregularities on it are clogged with grease and dirt.

How to clean smooth rings

The easiest way to clean a smooth ring without stones and other decorative ornaments. But is it often such rings? This may be the most simple engagement, and if a woman already has one such ring, then another time she will want to get something more intricate.

A smooth, relatively new product made of gold can be polished with a soft cloth. If there are no extraneous inserts, then soaking in a soap solution will do. You can brush the gold ring with ordinary toothpaste, which you brush your teeth. Pasta easily copes with everyday pollution, and after it the ring will really look better. Brush for this procedure, take a soft, already used.

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Although other metals are added to pure gold for strength, its products are still quite plastic, so try not to scratch the jewelry.

Speaking of folk methods, it is impossible not to mention the use of onions. The bulb is cut and rubbed with the surface of the ring. Bulb juice cleans gold jewelry from dirt and grease. Perhaps this is not a very convenient method, but it is quite simple, and you can try to clean the ring in this way out of curiosity - it will do no harm.

Applying ammonia

To get rid of old, stubborn deposits, formed film, blackening, you need to clean the rings with a solution of ammonia. Many are interested in how much it is necessary to pour ammonia. The answer is simple: usually 3 teaspoons or a little less is poured into a glass of slightly warm water.

Saltilina sold in bottles in a pharmacy and is a solution of ammonia 10%.It has a peculiar smell that causes rapid breathing, so it is used to bring a person to his senses if he fainted. In this regard, we recommend to cover the vessel in which the ring will be soaked with a lid. Soaking can last indefinitely. Benefits of ammonia:

  • dissolves many contaminants;
  • adds shine to the product;
  • does not leave stains;
  • does not damage the surface.

The presented method is particularly good in that it can be used to clean the embossed ring with various curls, notches. In some other household way, it is extremely difficult to clean all these irregularities.

How to clean rings with stones

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If a pattern is applied to a ring, then using a brush is not recommended. Since gold is a rather ductile and soft metal, even bristles can affect its surface. As a result, the pattern on the jewelry will look dimmer.

In this case, it is better to apply soaking in a soap solution or clean the decoration with the help of a special tool that can be bought in a store.

Ring with stones deserve special attention. In the process of wearing between pebbles, grease, residues of cosmetics, dust and other dirt linger in fixtures. It is necessary to clean the gold ring, but some stones are very sensitive to any external influence.

Before cleaning, it is necessary to learn how to handle this or that stone.

  • Turquoise can not be wetted, and even more so immersed in a soap solution. To clean the gold jewelry with turquoise, you need to turn to professionals or use the tool from the jewelry salon.
  • If the ring with pearls is dirty, you can wash it in soapy water and then rinse it thoroughly and let it dry naturally, laying it on the cloth. It is advisable to use moisturizing soap and take filtered clean water.
  • Swarovski crystals are not recommended to wet, otherwise they may fade. They are wiped with a special napkin for cleaning crystal or with felt or velvet.
  • Emerald, amber and some other stones cannot be cleaned with ultrasound, since they can form cracks.
  • Solid stones, such as diamonds, topaz, quartz, beryl, can be cleaned with a brush and almost any detergent. Sulfur salt is applicable to them, which will effectively clean both gold and stones.

If you know that the stones are glued, then lowering them into the water is undesirable. You can use to clean the thin sticks, which are wound cotton. Wet them in a solution of alcohol or vinegar and thoroughly wipe the back streets.

How to clean white gold rings

To clean a white gold ring, you can use the same methods as for yellow. However, there are a few exceptions. White gold cannot be left in water for a long time and washed frequently. It must be carefully but carefully wiped, dried.

Lined with rhodium, white gold is not recommended to be strongly rubbed with brushes, because the rhodium coating is thinner over time, although the metal itself is rather hard. The best cleaning method is using soapy water or using ammonia. Abrasive powders are categorically excluded.

How to preserve the appearance of the ring

for a long time If your ring is really expensive for you, and you want to keep it as long as possible, and then pass it on to children, then you need to follow a few rules:

  • Remove the ring before doing hard physical work with your hands before visitingpool, before hygienic procedures.
  • Wear gloves when washing the floor or dishes.
  • Make sure that the jewelry does not fall on cosmetics, perfumes, medical preparations. Many stones grow dull from this, and the metal itself is covered with a dark film.
  • Clean the jewelry regularly, but not too often. Once a month will be enough.
  • Use only cleaning agents that do not cause you to doubt.

For storage of rings it is necessary to have a casket upholstered inside with velvet. Particularly expensive jewelry that you don’t wear every day should be kept in it. The box itself is installed in a place protected from the direct rays of the sun, but not very raw.

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