How to dry down jacket after washing at home

divorcescountry. But no one is immune from accidental pollution, and over time, every thing in any case needs to be washed. However, products made of down are quite difficult to maintain. In this article you will learn how to dry a down jacket after washing, so that it remains fluffy and beautiful.

. How to wash

correctly. Each of us is wary of washing down jacket, since it does not have certain knowledge and skills, it is easy enough to spoil it. But if you still decided to wash it, and even in the washing machine, then remember a few tricks, so that after drying your winter outfit remains in the same form in which you bought it. In order to wash a down jacket, you need:

  • to do it only in the “delicate wash” mode;
  • when you choose the temperature, give preference to thirty degrees;
  • squeeze 600 to 800 revolutions;
  • rinse additionally need at least an hour;
  • total washing time of about one and a half hours.

To make it easier to fluff the filler during drying, place three or four balls for washing linen or tennis balls in the washing machine drum, but before that make sure that they do not fade so that the down jacket does not acquire yellow spots.

After completing everything clearly according to the instructions, you can safely move on to a very important stage - drying the product.

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How to properly dry the

A down-padded jacket washed in a typewriter will dry much faster than after washing by hand. If you washed a piece of clothing using balls, in this case, dry it as follows:

  1. Choose a well ventilated room.
  2. Hang the downy product on a coat hanger using the coat hanger.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight.

To avoid the appearance of an unpleasant smell and harmful bacteria inside the down jacket, never dry it on a heater or a battery. The fact is that the fluff heats up quickly enough, which can lead to the multiplication of various microorganisms. Moreover, drying with the help of the listed devices can spoil the appearance of the product.

These are the basic rules that should be followed when drying a down jacket. However, we must remember that there are two types of downy products, we will tell you more about how to dry each of them.

Drying quilted products

Surely everyone saw on the top of the line, but no one thought about their purpose. As a rule, this element of the decor is also used to dry the clothes, especially after washing in a washing machine. In this case, the down inside is evenly distributed, and the stitching does not allow it to roll in the lower part of the product. It is worth paying attention to the frequency of quilted elements - the more, the better the down coat or jacket will keep shape. If your product has this type of useful decor, then follow these steps to dry it properly after the washing machine:

  1. Take a down-padded coat with clean hands and carefully hang it on the hanger.
  2. Next, place the product in the open air, avoiding exposure to sunlight.
  3. Shake the downy product so that the down is evenly distributed over the surface.
  4. At the end of the process, you can re-trot a down jacket.

And for those who have a gentle drying mode in the washing machine, you can cope with this matter absolutely without further ado. Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Set this mode at a low temperature.
  2. Wait for the process to complete.
  3. At the end, whisk the product by hand.

This drying time is three hours. Therefore, you can safely leave your favorite coat in a typewriter, and yourself drink tea or coffee in the circle of loved ones, even have time to cook dinner. In order not to spoil the product during washing and drying, unfasten the hood, fur and decorative elements from it.

Drying of non-quilted products

If you bought a product on which there is no rare attachment, then there is a possibility that the down will fail in one place. This will lead not only to the deformation of the down jacket, but also to the loss of its heating properties. Therefore, vertical drying can only harm. In this case, it can be dried in a horizontal position using a special drying or wooden shelf in the bathroom. But if you still decide to dry the jacket vertically - follow the tips below:

  1. Hang the product on the hanger.
  2. The best place for drying is fresh air, if there is no such possibility, it is better to hang it in a room that is well ventilated.
  3. Every three to four hours it is necessary to remove the down jacket from the hanger and carefully separate the rolled down fluff from your fingers. Then shake the filler in such a way as to control its uniform drying.
  4. After you have done this work around the perimeter, shake the product and hang it back on the hanger.

This method will take you quite a lot of time, but thanks to it you can achieve the desired result.

In order to fluff the filler more, you can go with a vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle at low power on the wrong side of the down jacket.

If you still do not have time to do this painstaking business or you did not manage to perform a certain stage and new problems appeared, then you should contact dry cleaning and use their services. Professionals with special equipment will fix the problem and do everything correctly and efficiently.

It is necessary to straighten rolled up fluff not only during vertical drying, but also in the event that you decide to dry the down jacket in a horizontal position.

Problem - stains

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Owing to drying, unpleasant stains can appear on the surface of a down jacket - stains. Usually the reason for this is the powder that was used when washing in the washing machine or problems during drying. If you have:

  • white stains( detergents), then replace the washing powder with a special detergent for washing of down-padded coats;
  • yellow stains( due to improper drying), it is necessary to break the filler, otherwise, it will dry in a lump, and the moisture that comes out will evaporate unevenly, leaving behind similar stains.

For proper care of the product, carefully read the instructions on the label.

Observing the exact sequence of actions and all the tips, you will permanently preserve the appearance of the down jacket, and most importantly - its heat-shielding properties. Having replenished your life experience with this procedure, you can safely use it in the future, and you will not be afraid of contamination of the down product. The more careful and careful you are about things, the longer they will delight you.

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