What can be colored jeans at home

Jeans - this kind of thing that can serve a very long time. At the same time, they can fade, fade or just their color may cease to suit you. In this case, many are thinking about how to dye jeans.

Types of dyes

Denim fabric lends itself well to the process of dyeing. Because of this, it can be quite easily painted at home. The process of painting is made with special paints for denim. They can be bought at hardware or fabric stores. The color scheme is quite diverse, starting with light blue and ending with black.

Paint can be made in the form of a powder that needs to be dissolved in water, additionally there can be gloves and a fixer in the package. There are also fabric paints in the form of aerosol cans, which are sprayed onto the fabric and acrylic paints in tubes.

Dyeing with

Dye After you have purchased the paint of the desired color, you can begin the process of dyeing the house. There are two ways to paint jeans: in a washing machine and manually.

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Put the denim product that you want to dye in the washing machine. Turn on the longest wash mode( usually a flax mode).Before pouring the dye into the drum, it is recommended to dilute it in water for better coloring of the product. Take one portion of paint and stir in a half liter of hot water until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. After this, pour into the powder compartment.

After stopping the machine, remove the product and rinse them in a solution of vinegar to fix the color. To do this, prepare the vinegar solution at the rate of two tablespoons of vinegar per liter of water. After that, you need to wash the pants with the use of detergent.

If you want to dye more than one jeans, it is recommended to paint them one by one to avoid stains due to uneven color.

Jeans, prepared for painting, must be clean. If you dye dirty fabric, it can be painted unevenly and will not be a lasting effect.

For manual dyeing of denim products you will need a large volume enameled container. Pour about six to eight liters of water into it. Before starting the painting process, dissolve the paint in a small amount of water. Then add to the water tank and turn on the stove. Before boiling, lower the product there and switch to medium heat. Make sure that the jeans are constantly in the solution and periodically mix.

After about an hour, remove the pan from the heat and cool. Rinse the product in cool water, then you can fix the paint with a solution of vinegar. After that, wash your dyed jeans with a regular powder.

Blue dyeing

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Blueka is sold in household departments in powder form or as a liquid solution. Dilute the preparation in warm water to obtain the desired shade. For color stability, you can add two tablespoons of salt to the solution.

Soak the product in the resulting liquid for two to three hours. Invert your pants regularly for a better staining. After obtaining the desired shade, rinse them in warm water. At the end of the procedure, fix the paint with vinegar.

The method of digestion of jeans

This method can be done at home jeans-varenki. The essence of this technique is to create abstract stains on denim that will contrast with the main color. To create this color will need some whiteness, a bucket, a long stick and gloves.

Jeans need to twist in different directions. In places of twisting, spots will be formed that will be darker than the boiled out fabric. To create a fantasy pattern on jeans, you can use clothespins, elastic bands, etc.

Pour water in a large saucepan or bucket, about half. Before the very boiling, put the jeans twisted in various ways into the container. Then pour about a glass of whiteness. After fifteen minutes, the fabric will change color to lighter. Using a stick, lower the jeans into a container so that they are completely in the water. After you see that the jeans have changed their color to the one that suits you, remove the bucket from the stove.

Carefully remove the product and rinse well in cold running water. After the digestion process on jeans, there is usually an unpleasant chemical smell. To dry, hang them in fresh air so that the smell will disappear.

Coloring with acrylic paints

You can decorate denim with acrylic paints. They are very resistant and after drying they are not washed out from the fabric. The paints are applied to the fabric with a brush, the pattern is selected at will. After drying, it is necessary to iron the fabric from the wrong side using paper to fix the color.

Knowing how to dye jeans at home, you can update the old boring thing. A new shade will give the product an attractive and modern look.

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