Choosing a blender for cooking baby food

  • Types and their pros and cons
  • Which blender to choose a young mother?
  • What to look for when choosing
  • Best blenders-double steamers
  • Best mini-blenders
  • Rating of the best submersible models

With the advent of a small family member, those domestic issues that had not previously received such close attention came to the fore. In just a few months, you will need complementary foods. And in order to make mashed potatoes and cream soups, you need a quality blender. But which one is suitable for cooking baby food? What to look for when buying and which environment is the best? In this article, we will answer all these questions, as well as present the rating of the best models of 2018 according to customer reviews and expert opinion.

Views and their pros and cons

Blender is a very functional and practical device that can save a lot of time and effort when preparing various culinary masterpieces. A good, high-quality model can in a few moments turn hard pieces of vegetables or fruits into a delicate air mass. For a powerful blender, even slices of raw meat will not present the slightest difficulty.

Its main task in preparing baby food is to make a smooth mash, without missing a lump. After all, the biting and chewing abilities of the baby are only being formed. In addition, the “children's” blender is simply obliged to do this quickly, without using a huge amount of details - after all, they will have to be washed later! A young mommy without this hassle. And the power of the device should be enough not only for vegetables and cooked cereals, but also for meat, fish, liver, etc.

For the preparation of baby food use:

  • immersion blenders;
  • mini blenders;
  • blenders, double boilers.

Let's look at them a little more closely.

Submersible blenders

Compact and convenient devices that can easily prepare almost any number of products. It is placed in different kitchen utensils and can be used not only for baby puree. This includes dough, minced meat, cocktails, vegetable purees, cream soups, and many other interesting dishes.


  • compactness;
  • functionality;
  • ease of care and operation;


  • low power.

Mini blenders

There are almost all well-known manufacturers of kitchen appliances. Such devices are designed specifically for the needs of young mothers. The mini-blender is made of environmentally friendly materials, it is small and the processing of a small amount of products - so that it is enough for one child’s portion, not more.


  • compactness;
  • cooking a small amount of food;
  • ease of use and care.


  • insufficient power;
  • limited functionality.

Blender-Double Steamer This is a multitasking device that not only grinds, but is also capable of heating, defrosting, or even steaming food. It is this heat treatment that is considered the most preferable for making baby food, because the products retain all their vitamins and nutrients.


  • advanced functionality;
  • fast cooking;
  • easy operation


  • high cost;
  • cumbersome device.

Which blender to choose a young mother?

Answering this question, each customer and young mother should be guided by their own preferences.

If you are not a supporter of ground food, mashed potatoes and cocktails - better buy a mini blender. This device will be more than enough if we are talking exclusively about baby food. In just a few months, when your baby learns to bite and chew, you will no longer need such an assistant in the kitchen.

If you like to indulge your homemade pastries, puree soups, cocktails - pay attention to the submersible model. It is convenient to store such a blender and use is not at all troublesome. It is affordable, easy to clean and fits almost any kitchen container. It is an immersion blender that copes equally well with a small portion for a children's lunch, and with a large number of products for a family of 3-4 people.

If you are a supporter of healthy eating, use the blender actively to feed both adult household and younger people, choose a blender-steam cooker. The capacity of such a device will depend on the number of products that you will constantly process. This is the device you can use when your child is older. This model refers to stationary blenders, which are easier to use than submersible blenders. I poured the products into a special container, closed the lid and pressed the timer button - it is not necessary to stand and control the device.

What to look for when choosing

Whatever your choice, there are a few tips that can make it easier for you to buy a good blender for making baby puree.

  1. Power. This parameter determines the quality and speed of the instrument. The higher the power, the more homogeneous and small mass you will get. It is powerful models that can easily cope with the hardest or structural products - meat, nuts, frozen berries, etc. Remember! For high-quality grinding of meat, the power of the blender should be above 400 watts.
  2. Functional. This includes the number of modes of operation, and nozzles included in the kit. The more nozzles and speeds of work, the greater the variety in cooking products you get. Some nozzles successfully cope with vegetables and fruits, others are designed for more solid products. You can not torment the device with high speed if you only need to mix several types of mashed potatoes in one dish, etc.
  3. Material manufacture. The device must be safe and durable. Make sure that the bowls and nozzles that are in contact with food, do not harm the health of your household. No toxic dyes or damaged items. Plastic is considered a lighter and cheaper material. But the metal body and elements - a sign of reliability and durability.
  4. Capacity volume. If you plan to use a blender not only for making baby puree, then the capacity of the bowl will be an important selection criterion for you. The more consumers in your family, the more volume your blender should boast.

The Best

Steamer Blenders Blender Steamers are the best choice for organizing baby food and preparing healthy food for adults. Before you buy such a device, be sure to read our top 3 most successful models of blender steam boilers according to customer reviews.

Philips AVENT SCF870

Compact and reliable. Among the advantages - neat design, comfortable dimensions. Device power - 400 W, volume - 450 ml, two speeds, one nozzle. Owners of such a blender note some noisiness of the device, ease of use and durability. I am glad that there are no hard-to-reach parts in the bowl that are difficult to clean.

Beaba Babycook Original

Spacious children's blender-double boiler. Characterized by original performance, reliability and functionality. The model is praised for fast and high-quality cooking of various foods. Power - 350 W, but none of the owners complained about the lumps or not the broken meat. Spaciousness - 600 ml. There are several modes of operation, including express defrosting. In general - an interesting and functional blender-double boiler for those who do not like to spend much time in the kitchen.

Tefal TD 7000 Babe Home

Practical and reliable device from a well-known and responsible manufacturer. High-quality assembly, thoughtful ergonomics, an interesting "childish" style. The blender-steam cooker is very convenient to use - the device has several modes of operation, simple mechanical control, a spacious bowl( 750 ml).There are jars for comfortable storage of various products. Power - 350 W, the blender is quite quiet in operation.

The best mini blenders

Our “narrow-profile” mini blenders continue our rating.

Philips HR2872 Daily Collection

Stylish and original blender with a bottle. Ideal for lovers of soups, cocktails and mashed potatoes. The bottle is a convenient option for transporting children's lunch. The volume of the bowl is 600 ml, all parts can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher. Power - 350 W, sharp knives easily cope with ready-made vegetables, as well as frozen berries and fruit pieces.

Braun MR 320 Baby

Compact and reliable model with high-power work. The blender has a small 500 ml bowl, but the work capacity is 450 watts. Such a model can easily cope with the most solid, small or frozen products. The bowl is made of thermal glass, it can be safely put in the microwave.

Panasonic MX-GX1011WTQ

The most capacious blender in this category. Bowl volume - 1 l. The type of device is stationary, but the device is very convenient to use for the preparation of baby food - fast modes of operation, careful grinding and mixing, low noise, easy maintenance. Power of work - 400 watts. You can use both at home and while on vacation or traveling - wherever there is a connection to a regular outlet.

Rating the best submersible models

According to our users, submersible blenders are the most affordable and versatile devices. The “functional responsibilities” of the immersion blender are not limited to cooking exclusively baby food, such a device will be your faithful kitchen assistant in the preparation of many other dishes.

Bosch MSM 6B100

The most affordable version of the submersible blender in our review. Simple and reliable model which favorably differs in the long term of operation and simple leaving. Power - 280 watts, so vegetable puree such a device prepares a bang, but over the meat dishes have to work hard. This blender can also be used to make various “adult” delicacies - cocktails, sauces, dough, etc.

Philips HR1677 Avance Collection

Very powerful blender( 800 W) with speed control, splash protection and tube mode. Although such a model is an order of magnitude more expensive than the previous one, the Philips functionality is several times higher. The device is able to grind and mix almost any product - hard or delicate, small or large. Included is a liter mixing bowl and a variety of nozzles.

Braun MQ 5077

Multi-tasking, modern kitchen assistant for all occasions. With such a blender, you can use any kind of food - pies, pastes, sauces, mashed potatoes, creams, etc. In the functional model - 21 speed, power 750 W, bowl, volume of 1.5 liters, a large number of additional nozzles. The device is very easy and convenient to use, the bowl has no hard-to-reach places and profiled surfaces that are difficult to clean. In general, this model is positioned as multi-tasking, powerful and easy to manage.

We really hope that now the question: how to choose a blender for cooking baby food in 2018 will not be unsolvable for you. From our review of the best blenders for children, it is quite possible to choose an excellent model for every taste and budget. And if you want to make a choice yourself, now you know what to look for before you buy and what should be the device for organizing baby food.

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