Instantaneous or storage water heater

Instantaneous water heaters operate in a mode on the fly; The calculation with the practical calculations of hot water consumption and the conclusion that the power needed utter. In flow-through water heater inside the bacteria do not multiply, there is no need to carry out a tedious maintenance, inside there is no annoying obscurity magnesium anode. Instantaneous or storage water heater to take? Consider three criteria: the need for (v) in hot water, the quota flap electricity available space.

A variety of water heaters

The text is of remarks that are not in the official advertising heaters, and the concentrate is undocumented features of household appliances.

Pros and cons of the flow and storage water heaters

Storage water heaters are hung on the wall, have a bottom liner, the inlets are located at the bottom. This imposes considerable limitations on the strength-carrier constructions. Wooden wall will not stand the giant, which includes 500 liters of water in the tiny bathroom will closely. Instantaneous water heaters are taken in the following cases:

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  1. There is no place in the bathroom, or the surrounding areas for the installation of a large water heater.
  2. There is no need in boiling water.
  3. Flap than 5 kW of power. This product is below this threshold will pour a trickle of arms, will not wash well. Instantaneous water heater
  4. Often changes location (regular visits to the country).
  5. Required water dispenser for washing dishes and hands without great expense.

Limitation typical Khrushchev - 5 kW. Appliances consume a total of about 6 kW, including a washing machine. The house is full of household appliances with electric cooker, consumes more. When you see a little more powerful than the rest of the device hardware must sacrifice cooking, watching TV, turn off the PC. Otherwise, he knocks out traffic jams, entrance will be left without light.

The disadvantages of water heater are compensated for low power. Daily consumption stocked in the tank, quietly basking night. The advantages of open water heater in the morning: pets can be washed quickly, almost boiling water, take a bath. 6 kW trickle provide decent temperature of 45-50 ° C. Quick bath impossible.

Features installation of water heaters

Imagine a storage model. In the morning on the wall of 100 liters of boiling water: mixed with enough cold bath for two. As long as we fill one, new water is heated. One obtains two full normal hot water bath. Power water heater rarely exceeds 2 kW. Per night will heat 200 liters. The final temperature of - 75 ° C. Specific heat of water - 4200 kJ / kg C. Est final bath temperature - 50 ° C; Metal also has a heat capacity, it is necessary to take stock.

One bath takes 80 liters of water, if not boiling. The operating principle of the storage water heater provides a temperature of 95 ° C, to the extent it is not recommended to heat water. At temperatures below 75 ° C the process of reducing scale deposits blocked. When parse water heater, the bottom dotted brown mass of the magnesium anode is decomposed in the process, and saved the tank heater from damage. The point of electrochemical corrosion. Copper - the aggressor, eat everything. In this regard, flock charged particles.

We complete the review of advice: do not use water heater without the magnesium anode.

The operating principle of instantaneous water heater is a constant current of liquid. The small tank capsule is made of copper. Turning copper elements elsewhere would cause corrosion inevitable: no space inside for placing a magnesium anode. Replacing problematic. Running water increases the rate of electrochemical corrosion. In SNIP not prescribed set copper elements upstream of aluminum and steel without protective measures such as magnesium anode. In our case, the instantaneous water heater is always downstream. The best way to protect it - make a copper pot, usually separated from the rest of the water supply system of the check valve and not to cause appreciable harm.

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For instantaneous water heaters do not need to periodically purchase supplies. Magnesium anode for collecting the previous change during wear. The heater dismantled, inspected, conduct the necessary operation to the tank is not worn out due to electrochemical corrosion. Compare the storage and instantaneous water heater shows that the latter is less fuss installation and operation. It is necessary to correct the electrical connection of the device. Process stage includes two components:

  1. Proper grounding, otherwise breakdown in the body lead to the death of a person, an electric current will be closed with the heating element to the ground through the water.
  2. Devices for washing hands and utensils Safety class II (with reinforced insulation) do not have the need for grounding. The differential protection device is guaranteed to provide security. The principle of operation is based on a comparison of the input and output current. Leakage is noted - the device breaks the circuit, the incident is excluded.

Security measures are needed regardless of the type of water heater. heater power is not related to security. Kill voltage and current. The latter depends on the place of breakdown. If the heater is broken at the beginning, then the resistance is almost zero. Technical characteristics of the water heater does not affect the hazard. Electrical connection is carried out the same way, regardless of the device type and model.


Flow and storage water heaters have similar security requirements. When you select characteristic count, check the technical aspects. The result depends also on the initial temperature of the cold water.

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