10 materials for finishing the floor in the bedroom


  1. №1.Carpet
  2. №2.Modular carpet tile
  3. №3.Massive board
  4. №4.Piece parquet
  5. №5.Parquet board
  6. №6.Cork flooring
  7. №7.Laminate
  8. №8.PVC linoleum
  9. №9.Natural linoleum( marmoleum)
  10. №10.Vinyl tile
  11. Other options
  12. In conclusion,

The floor covering in the bedroom must meet several requirements: to be beautiful and eco-friendly, because it is a rest room, simple to clean and warm enough to feel barefoot. Well, if it can create additional noise insulation, which will only improve the microclimate of the room. Naturally, the color and type of floor finish should be in harmony with the overall interior. What materials can be used to decorate the floor in the bedroom, and what are their main advantages?


One of the most suitable coverings for the bedroom, warm, soft, pleasant to the touch and cozy. By the main advantages of the carpet should include:

  • soft and warm surface. Walking on the floor, trimmed in this way is very nice, and the nap can be both very short and long enough;
  • a variety of patterns and colors, so that the material can be successfully entered into the interior of any bedroom;
  • excellent sound insulation;
  • relative ease of installation.

Long nap carpet can be combined with other types of finishes. For example, near the bed you can use a soft fleecy rug, on which in the morning it will be nice to become barefoot.

The disadvantages of this coating are obvious:

  • carpet badly accumulates dust;
  • the need for frequent thorough cleaning;
  • carpet - not the best option for allergies.

№2.Modular carpet tile

This material - derived from the usual carpet, only the carpet tile received a number of additional benefits. It is cut into pieces with a reinforced base carpet: the tile does not bend, it is very dense. Among , the main advantages of of this material are worth noting:

  • is a very simple installation that even an unprepared person can handle, because working with individual carpet tiles is easy. Moreover, dismantling is also easy, which is also important in some cases;
  • ease of transportation;
  • profitability. When laying carpet tiles, no more than 5% of waste is generated, and for carpet, this figure can reach up to 20%.The fact is that the width of the roll of carpet does not always correspond to the parameters of the bedroom, and this problem does not arise with tiles;
  • environmental friendliness. The material does not emit toxic substances, and manufacturers argue that carpet tiles can be used even at elevated temperatures: underfloor heating, heating, etc.;
  • sound and heat insulation;
  • ability to withstand the load of furniture;
  • using different color tiles on the floor, you can create different patterns.

The disadvantages of the are the same: high dust accumulation capacity and the need for frequent and thorough cleaning. Carpet tiles are subject to abrasion, but when it comes to the bedroom, this drawback is not so significant, because the load on the floor here is minimal.

№3.Massive board

This is one of the most beautiful, natural and warm coatings, which makes the bedroom cozy and comfortable. Often a massive board is confused with the piece parquet : these are coverings of natural wood, which differ only in size. So, a massive board can be from 60 cm to 6 meters in length and from 7 to 20 cm in width. The parameters of the piece parquet are more modest, and the length is a maximum of 60 cm.

The main advantages of solid wood:

  • high strength and durability. The board can last for about 50 years, it can be scraped and restored many times, unlike many other floor coverings;
  • excellent thermal insulation properties and a warm surface;
  • decent appearance;
  • environmental friendliness and safety.

Among the minuses worth noting:

  • high price;
  • installation process requires numerous additional materials, therefore it is not easy and expensive;
  • sensitivity to temperature and humidity variations;
  • the need for constant care and use of protective materials for wood, otherwise the material after a few years may begin to rot or be affected by pests;
  • solid board can not be used with the system of underfloor heating.

Massive board is four grades :

  • third and second grade recommend the use of blister finishing or dyeing,
  • and first and highest grade can be used with nail polish, wax or oil - thus the texture of wood will not be hidden.

Depending on the cut and wood processing, solid wood can have a slightly different pattern. For a bedroom, wood of almost any breed will do, as the floor load is minimal.

№4.Piece parquet

Piece parquet, the basic parameters of the dies of which have already been indicated above, is a completely natural material, which is made of solid wood. Its advantages are similar to a massive board, but the main ones are worth mentioning:

  • durability and strength;
  • heat and sound insulation;
  • coating can be sanded 8-10 times, giving it an original look;
  • is a huge assortment of colors and textures from those that nature itself offers us, as well as the opportunity to use parquet tiles of any shape, combine elements of different colors, create real patterns.

Together with all this piece parquet keeps high cost, and before laying it must be very carefully put in order the base. Care for such a coating also requires a special : correct and regular, otherwise it will quickly lose its visual appeal.

№5.Parquet board

Parquet board differs from the two previous coatings in that it does not consist of solid wood. This is three-layer material : the top layer is valuable wood species, which are responsible for the appearance and basic properties of the floorboard. The thicker this upper layer, the better, because in this case, you can carry out several times grinding. The two lower layers are most often made of softwood. All three parts are firmly glued together, and at the same time the fibers in them are arranged in different directions in order to achieve maximum strength of the final coating.

The main advantages of the floorboard:

  • excellent appearance. At first glance, it is very difficult to distinguish the floorboard from the piece parquet;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • faster and easier installation, compared with solid wood and piece parquet;
  • pleasant to the touch surface;
  • sound absorption capacity;
  • price is much lower than that of piece parquet;
  • ability to use with a system of underfloor heating;
  • many options for styling: herringbone, braided, etc. You can even create different patterns.


  • top layer of the floorboard is often so thin that it can be easily scratched;
  • fear of moisture;
  • coating restoration is not always possible, because it is not solid-mass boards. If the damage is significant, then you have to completely change the entire board.

№6.Cork flooring

Cork flooring is another great option for arranging the floor. Its main advantages:

  • naturalness and environmental friendliness, as the coating is made from cork oak bark. Moreover, the cork has pronounced bactericidal properties;
  • cork floor is very pleasant to the touch: warm, and when walking a little springy, which is useful for the spine;
  • ease of installation, which is largely achieved due to the low weight;
  • non-slip floor surface, it is not able to attract dust, and even in the care of the tube is simple;
  • has the ability of sound absorption, retains heat;
  • high strength, despite the fact that when walking the floor is a little springy;
  • durability. Such coverage will easily last for 20 years and more.

The main disadvantage of the cork floor is a delicate surface, and a noticeable mark may remain when a sharp object falls. This material is presented in a small variety of colors: from dark yellow to light brown.


Laminate - a great option for the bedroom, which in terms of price and quality takes the lead. This is actually a budget analogue of the floorboard, which is significantly inferior to her in naturalness. The laminate board consists of of multiple layers of : the main one is a fiberboard panel under which moisture-proof paper is used, and on top is a film that improves moisture resistance, decorative paper and a layer of melamine resin. Any image can be applied to decorative paper: any kind of wood and even stone or leather.

The main advantages of laminate:

  • reasonable price;
  • is a huge assortment: you can choose a material of any color and texture, so it’s not a problem to fit it into the interior. Laminate, by the way, is great for all interior styles, from classic to hi-tech;
  • high strength;
  • withstands temperature extremes;
  • easy installation and maintenance, scratch resistant;
  • relatively long life.

Laminate is called a cool coating , and ideally it is better to install under floor heating system. Excellent laminate flooring combined with a small, padded pad. You need to buy high-quality material from proven vendors and manufacturers, otherwise in some time a new floor will start to deform. Although the installation of laminate is not so difficult, but you need to properly level the surface and adhere to all the rules of installation. Fear of moisture, if the laminate is used for decorating the bedroom - not the main drawback.


It is this type of linoleum that we mean when we speak in principle of linoleum. This cover is well known to many of you, and in modern apartments it is used everywhere: in the kitchens, and in the bedroom, and even in the bathroom. Linoleum, which is based on polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most popular materials for the bedroom. Its lower layer is the substrate, which provides additional sound insulation, and on top there is a layer with a pattern. You can apply any ornament and pattern, convey any shade, imitate any noble material.

The main advantages of linoleum:

  • ease of installation;
  • ability to provide additional heat and sound insulation;
  • is hygienic and easy to clean;
  • high strength, resistance to abrasion, moisture resistance. Expensive types of PVC linoleum have high rates of durability and strength;
  • low price;
  • a huge selection of patterns and colors. Linoleum can imitate any type of wood, stone, ceramic tile, have fancy patterns.

The disadvantages of linoleum as a floor covering for the bedroom are not significant. Black traces of shoes remain on it, but in the bedroom they usually don’t wear shoes. Linoleum can crack at low temperatures and deform when too high, but in ordinary bedrooms always have about the same temperature. A couple of days of linoleum may emit an odd smell, and heavy furniture may leave traces - that’s all the disadvantages of this material. For the bedroom it is a great choice, especially if the funds for repairs are limited.

# 9.Natural linoleum( marmoleum)

Once linoleum was understood to be a natural coating, and not its PVC equivalent. The base of marmoleum is made of cork or jute, and the bulk is made of resin, oil, sawdust, lime and various pigments for coloring the finished material. A protective layer is used on top. As you can see, the cover is really natural and eco-friendly , but these are not its only advantages. So, can also include to its strengths:

  • longevity, because marmoleum can last up to 25 years and often even longer;
  • resistance to sunlight and mechanical stress;
  • is anti-static and moisture resistant, so it will be quite easy to care for such a coating;
  • antibacterial properties due to the presence in the composition of linseed oil and tar;
  • sound insulation properties;
  • fire safety;
  • the ability to use flooring with a system of underfloor heating.

Among the shortcomings worth noting the high price: for all in-kind you have to pay. Installation of marmoleum requires special training, and laying it yourself is not so easy. In addition, natural linoleum is a sufficiently brittle coating, so when transporting and installing it, you need to be extremely careful: a fall or bend of the material can cause cracking.

No. 10.Vinyl tile

This is actually PVC linoleum, cut into individual square or rectangular elements. Due to this, the material receives a number of additional useful properties, and can be called its main advantages: :

  • low cost;
  • ease of installation, because the vinyl tile can be laid on any floor, the substrate is not required, and there is a tile with a self-adhesive base for sale, and then the installation is further simplified;
  • absolutely non-slip surface;
  • a huge range of different patterns, which allows you to decorate the bedroom as you please: create a single-color coating, any pattern, etc.;
  • PVC tiles are not subject to the formation of cracks, chips, dents, and are not afraid of water;
  • sound insulation properties;
  • strength;
  • ease of repair, because in which case you can simply cut the damaged tile and replace it with a new one;
  • ease of care.

But such a seemingly remarkable, at first glance, coatings also have significant disadvantages .So, you need to understand that this is a completely synthetic material, and its durability is not at a high level - an average of 10 years. If you plan to use heated floors, the surface temperature should not exceed 250 ° C.In addition, vinyl tile is afraid of various kinds of solvents and acetone.

Other options

If you are a fan of unconventional solutions, or the bedroom style will not harmonize with one of the listed coatings, then you can use other options:

  • rubber coating has excellent thermal and sound insulation performance, easy maintenance, very durable. Appearance is not very diverse, but it is covering for centuries. It can be supplemented with a small bedside rug;
  • ceramic tile in the interior of the bedrooms is used very, very rarely, because this is a cold coating. If there is a need to supplement the room with just such a decoration, and the bedroom is made, for example, in a classic style, then it is necessary to provide a system for underfloor heating. This applies to stone and concrete floors, which today are considered an integral attribute of the bedroom in the loft style;
  • self-leveling floor - a novelty that today is very popular in the decoration of any type of premises. This is a durable, durable, wear-resistant coating that runs without a single seam. You can use absolutely any pattern, making the floor a highlight of the bedroom, but this is a very expensive coating.

In conclusion,

The floor covering in the bedroom should be beautiful, warm to the touch and eco-friendly. The options that fit these descriptions are many, so everyone has a choice. You just need to decide which of the materials will best fit into the interior of the room, and at what cost you expect.

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