Comparison of LG and Samsung washing machines

  • We evaluate the quality of washing
  • Price comparison
  • Reliability and maintainability
  • Noise level and vibration
  • Washing programs and additional functions

Do you have to buy a new washing machine? You almost chose a model, but at the last moment you doubted - what if a competitor has something better and cheaper? If you think about it, the competition between major manufacturers of household appliances is very useful for the simple consumer. Indeed, on the shelves of stores appear more and more new and interesting models with the most innovative improvements. But on the other hand, the diversity of the range gives rise to the real problem of choice - which brand should be preferred? Perhaps the biggest "people's love" is the washing machine of such giants as Samsung and LG.But which one is safer? Let's find out right now which washing machine is better: Samsung or LG.

We evaluate the quality of washing

. The choice of any device is determined by a number of customer preferences and the functional features of a particular model. Washing machines - buying a serious, durable. It is also necessary to find a place for it, and for the price it is worth the trouble, and the set of functions is very important. But the most important thing that we expect from such a technique is a quality wash. So, let's compare the operating efficiency of Samsung and LG washing machines.

After analyzing a large number of consumer reviews, we can conclude that washing machines from these brands erase at about one, rather high, level. The duration of the washing cycle at Samsung is slightly less than that of AlG, but the spin is slightly higher. However, one should not lose sight of the fact that the frequent intensive squeezing of linen at high revolutions detrimental effect on the integrity of the tissues. Moreover, the 1400 rpm in the LG washer makes it possible to get pressed laundry with a residual moisture percentage of only 44%.

Samsung washing machine developers have introduced a new, improved drum with a Diamond textured surface for a more gentle wash and Eco Bubble technology for effective dissolution of detergents in water. In contrast, LG engineers supplemented some of their latest-generation cars with the steam treatment mode. According to the owners of such models, this mode of operation allows you to effectively cope with the most complex and old pollution.

Price Comparison

The next determining factor is price. Everyone wants to buy a quality unit at the lowest and most affordable cost.

If we compare Samsung and LG models of the same type with the same set of functions, we will see that the former are slightly more accessible than the latter. However, some top Samsung models are inexplicably more expensive than similar washing machines from their competitor. Therefore, you should be careful and carefully compare prices in different stores and online catalogs.

Reliability and maintainability

As we have said, a washing machine is a purchase for a year. And it is very unpleasant to be in a situation where you are left without the opportunity to wash your things because of a broken device. What washing machine in this case is more reliable?

It all depends on the quality of the components and the skill of the instrument assembly. Both companies come from South Korea, however, today domestic or Chinese devices are more common on the market.

Note that a direct-drive asynchronous motor is installed in LG washers. Such a mechanism may suddenly stop, reverse or change the pace of work. In the event of an overload of the laundry tank, the engine simply stops and shuts down. In the same situation, the belt engines will continue to work and may fail after a short period of time.

In washing machines, according to experts and practicing craftsmen, the most often fails the water heater. The cost of the part, as a rule, is low, but in order to make a replacement, in Samsung machines it is necessary to disassemble the front panel, while the DJ has the rear panel. Dealing with wires and a dashboard is harder than unscrewing the back cover. But an interesting nuance - you will feel the difference only if you change the heating elements yourself. In the service center, the service will cost the same.

And since we mentioned the opinion of practicing craftsmen, the electronics in the ElGi washing machines are arranged more thoughtfully and expediently, it is easier to diagnose and repair.

Noise and Vibration

Vibration and noise during washing and spinning are not the most attractive sides of washing machines. Sometimes, the working interferes with the rest, work or study of your household.

Both LG and Samsung devices install inverter motors, which, among other things, are characterized by low noise levels during washing and spinning. Modern Samsung models are supplemented with VRT-M technology, which allowed obtaining figures of 46 and 72 dB for washing and spinning, respectively. Similar models of LG without such additions are “noisy” at 56 and 74 dB, respectively.

Washing programs and additional functions

The functionality of the washing machine is certainly important. On the one hand, the device should have a set of the most popular and popular modes of washing - cotton, synthetics, jeans, wool. On the other hand, to overpay for a huge number of modes that you will never use - does it make sense? Certain additional modes are important for some users - washing top or children's clothes, shoes, washing with a soak, or super-fast modes.

In terms of the number of programs, the washing machines of both brands do not differ much from each other. But as the owners note in their reviews, in LG models, the modes of operation are more thoughtful and useful( “anti-allergenic wash”, “night cycle”, “steam wash”, etc.).

Of the additional functions, the devices of both brands are necessarily present: half load, weighing laundry, delayed start of washing, rapid washing, etc.

You are still undecided, LG washing machine or SAMSUNG: what is better to buy? In the model line of the first brand there are narrow and super compact cars( load up to 17 kg).If you need an elegant design, manufacturability and a rich palette of colors - choose Samsung. And let your choice meet your expectations!

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