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The most delicious dishes are obtained when the process of their preparation does not take a lot of time and effort from a cook. In modern hostesses in the arsenal is full of fully functional and useful helpers who facilitate the daily chores in the kitchen and help diversify the home diet. For example, blenders. Well, if you urgently need to buy this necessary and convenient kitchen gadget for yourself, then it will not be out of place to find out which blender is the best.

Rating of the best firms

For sure, it is not news for you that blenders are submersible and stationary. The first - light, compact and "maneuverable."They do an excellent job with small portions of soft and not too fibrous products. More powerful and functional models can cope with kneading dough and interrupting small pieces of meat for stuffing or chopping ice. Stationary blenders are more powerful, stable and spacious. They do not require constant intervention of the owner - it is enough to put the products in the mixing bowl, close the lid and start the device operation. Such a blender can process small portions and a bowl almost full to the brim.

Both submersible and stationary blenders are in the range of any self-respecting company for the production of kitchen appliances. But traditionally, three firms are considered the best - the German Bosch and Braun, and the international concern from the Netherlands - Philips.

The distinctive feature of Bosch is the reliability and durability of household appliances. Blenders are not an exception, but rather a confirmation of these words. These devices are virtually silent, quite functional and well equipped. Especially popular are knives with four blades, attachments for greens, nuts, meat and chopping ice.

The Braun brand captivates customers with the functional Multiquick blender series. These devices are complemented by knives made of durable stainless steel alloy and a large selection of operating modes. If you plan to pick up a blender to the country or on vacation - choose a wireless model that runs on batteries. In short, everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

The Philips brand traditionally delights its fans with a wide variety of models and super-durable roomy bowls. Owners recognize that Philips submersible blenders are ergonomic and do not make their hands heavier while working, and stationary models are able to recycle even the hardest or hottest product.

In addition to these three "whale" appliances for the home, there are good blenders in the model lineup of companies Tefal, Moulinex, Scarlett( harmonious balance of functionality and quality), Redmond, Kenwood( reliable, reputable manufacturers of European-quality appliances) or in the range of Vitek, Saturn, Polaris(budget, but rather high-quality models).Perhaps today all of these companies are the best manufacturers of blenders for everyday use in the home kitchen.

Rating the best models of

If you decide to replenish your kitchen arsenal with a brand new blender, then two lines about equipment manufacturers for choosing an effective appliance will not be enough. That is why we have selected for you the top best models of submersible and stationary blenders, which have the highest popularity rating among ordinary buyers.

Bosch MSM 88190

Functional, powerful model made of durable metal. Measuring cup is small, but, nevertheless, quite roomy - 0.6 l. The device has 12 programs, including turbo mode, the possibility of splitting ice, a grinder and a whisk for beating.

Braun MQ 5035 WH Sauce

Mechanical blender with a large number of speeds( 21 pieces).The body is made of plastic, but the submersible part is made of metal, the power of the device is 750 watts. The set includes a 0.5 L chopper and a 0.6 L mixing bowl.

Moulinex DD656832

Super-powerful model with mechanical control and with 20 modes of operation. There is a 0.8 L beaker, a 0.5 L grinder, smooth speed adjustment, a long mains cable. However, the weight of the device is quite impressive - 1.36 kg.

Philips HR 1676

Electronic model, 10 operating modes, smooth adjustment of speed. This model has the largest capacity - 1.2 liters, and the rest - turbo mode, the function of splitting the ice. Blender weight - 1.4 kg, power - 800 watts.

Redmond RHB-2942

The most powerful blender among submersible models - 1300 W, 0.6 L measuring cup, whisk, mill, turbo mode. Excellent inexpensive model with all the necessary functionality.

If you want to choose a more powerful and functional device, then look at one of the stationary blenders in our rating.

Braun JB 3060 Tribute

Mechanical stationary blender with continuously variable speed. Power - 800 W, a glass jug of triangular shape, which promotes uniform mixing of ingredients and a better air consistency of whipped ingredients.

Bosch MMB 43G2

Stationary 5-speed blender with mechanical control. In the functional - the pulse mode, ice splitting, glass jug The owners of the blender praise the device for its silent and very productive work.

Philips HR 2166

This blender has 7 speeds, pulse mode, ice pick, mill, chopper. Power of work - 600 W, does not make noise, qualitatively crushes and mixes products, is easy to wash.

Scarlett SC-JB146G01

The device is electronically controlled, with a working power of 1000 watts. The manufacturer took care of the comfort and durability of using a blender and added a glass jug and a metal case to the model. The hostess can choose one of 12 modes of operation.

Redmond RSB-CBM3400

Another device with an electronic control type. The capacity of the model is 2000 W, the volume glass jug is 1.8 l, three modes of operation, a book with recipes as a gift. There is overheat protection and control lock in case of improper assembly. Blender is especially popular with smoothie lovers.


As you can see, in the assortment of any manufacturer, you can find successful and popular models that will please their owner with a harmonious ratio of price, functionality and quality of performance. In our top 10 best blenders, models from the top three were more common. And it is not surprising, because it is these manufacturers who produce the standard equipment for quality and functionality.

We hope our material will help you make a pleasant and useful purchase for your kitchen. Cook quickly and with pleasure!

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