DIY repair multicooker

  • Operating Requirements
  • Common Causes of Redmond Multicooker Breakdowns
  • How to Clean the Redmond Multicooker?
  • Multicooker software errors Redmond
  • What is the function of the thermal fuse?
  • Search and Replacement of the
  • Thermal Fuse Microcircuits in Modern Multicookers Redmond

Most modern housewives know the benefits and effectiveness of the Redmond multicookers by firsthand knowledge. This multifunctional kitchen fixture made it possible to provide thousands of homes with wholesome, nutritious, hot and tasty food. Anyone who has used this device at least once, has actually been convinced of its effectiveness. However, like all electrical appliances, it is subject to various failures. First of all, failures in the work of the device are attributed to the factory defect. However, sometimes it happens that the device breaks down during operation. That's when most people think about repairing a multicooker with their own hands. It is possible to perform it at home, but for this it is necessary to take into account a few nuances.

Requirements for the operation of the

In order to protect the Redmond multi-cooker from damage and not to think about how to fix it yourself, it is necessary to follow the requirements specified in the device manual.

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the sequence of placing the products before cooking the dish. Before placing the food bowl must be removed from the Redmond multicooker. Otherwise:

  • fluids poured into the bowl, through carelessness can spill into the mechanism;
  • , forgetting that the container is on the table, you can begin to pour the liquid inside the equipment, thereby drowning mechanisms or filling them with loose products.

Common Causes of Redmond Multicooker Damage

Most faults occur due to contamination of the device contacts. This can be caused by the ingress of liquids or solids into the device’s interior, such as:

  • cereals( rice, buckwheat);
  • sugar;
  • salt.

This type of breakdown is the most harmless and it will be easy to repair multi-cookers with your own hands. It should be remembered that until the end of the process of cleaning and assembling the structure, the device should in no way be included in the network.


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How to clean the Multicooker Redmond?

. To do the cleaning of the device yourself, it is important to study and follow the sequence of actions.

  1. Remove the metal( plastic) cover, as well as other items that are visible, attached with screws.
  2. Clear the microcircuits by turning the device over and gently shaking it off.
  3. Fasten the cover and other top elements.

In the case when the clogged contacts are in the lower part of the device, it is necessary: ​​

  • to unscrew the screws holding the bottom cover;
  • disconnect the cables connecting the heating and software boards;
  • remove the heating element by unscrewing the screws;
  • gently remove the internal thermometer without damaging the device;
  • clear chips and motherboards from bulk products.

Observing the rules of disassembly, cleaning the device will not cause much trouble.

Redmond Multicooker Software Errors

In some cases, the Redmond multicooker can stop working by producing a specific alphanumeric error code. The ability to decrypt the code will allow you to understand the cause of the breakdown and begin to fix it. Information for decoding is known to manufacturers, as well as craftsmen specializing in the repair of household appliances.

Certain errors displayed on the screen signal serious malfunctions. Nevertheless, there is a list of codes explored by ordinary users through trial and error.

Thus, the craftsmen managed to find out that the displayed message “e0-e4” signals faults related to closures, as well as breaks in temperature sensors located above or below. Also, the problem may be related to thermal fuses. Different manufacturers set their own codes, so for repair on their own you will need to remove the device case and using the capabilities of a multimeter to detect a break by measuring the level of contact resistance.

Another common reason for which repair of multicookers may be necessary is the clogging of the thermal relay, which is responsible for heating. In most cases, it is located in the bottom of the device, next to the power board. To reach and repair the thermostat, you must remove the bottom of the structure. Before cleaning, the copper contacts need to be opened a little, and then wiped with a zero emery cloth or thick paper. The reason for such a breakdown can be a collection of moisture that has penetrated into the mechanism due to spilled liquid past the bowl. Condensation may also occur.


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What is the function of the thermal fuse?

Thermal fuse for multi-cooker - this is one of its most important parts. It is a small piece of wire, indistinguishable from a resistor. The conductivity index is 10-15 A, based on the type of element. The highest temperature - 150-170 degrees. Exceeding the permissible standards will lead to the burning of the fuse and breaking the electrical circuit, which can be determined using a multimeter.

Finding and Replacing the

Thermal Fuse The most important part of the Redmond multicooker is located in the center of the device. Most modern models are equipped with several thermal protectors covered with protective plastic insulation. To detect a blown fuse, you must remove the bottom cover of the device.

After removing the bowl, you can notice a button: externally, the knot resembles a steel mushroom, the bottom of which is covered with a spring. The circumferential surface is the heating element of the Redmond multicooker. Thermal stops are located near the main node.

In this case, plastic insulation is located in sight. Some manufacturers fix them with clamps, screwed to the screw, but in most cases, the fuses simply dangle in the air.

As the factory fastening of the fuses is crimped, the use of soldering is strictly prohibited, because a hot soldering iron can burn a heat-sensitive fuse. To determine which element is faulty, and whether at least one of them is working, you should measure the resistance with a multimeter without removing the fuse. After detecting a fault, the fuse must be replaced.

Microcircuits in modern multicookers Redmond

Modern multicookers are equipped with two electronic boards:

  • controllers;
  • power.

The main board responsible for heating is located at the bottom of the fixture, the control is located at the heart of the device - inside the working cylinder.


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With a thorough examination of the chips, several signs of a problem can be detected:

  • track peeling;
  • violation of heel joints;
  • blackening resistors;
  • swelling capacitors;
  • formation of soot.

If you find one of the items in the list, it is worth repairing or replacing parts, restoring the soldering or board tracks with the help of a sandpaper-sheet and tinning of damaged areas. Jumpers can be made from burnt resistors using their feet. To fix the soldering and the tracks, it is recommended to use a lacquer to protect the circuit from leaks and oxidation.

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