Pros and cons of the oven with catalytic cleaning

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Probably there is no woman in the world who would not please her household with delicious food cooked in the oven. Cleaning the oven is just as time consuming as cooking. At the moment there are many ways that allow you to clean the oven surface well from grease and other dirt. In addition, many manufacturers equip their equipment with a function such as self-cleaning, which can be of several types. In this article we will take a closer look at the catalytic cleaning function of the oven and tell you what it is.

What is catalytic purification

From a scientific point of view, catalytic purification is chemical decomposition of substances under the action of catalysts. In simple words, the surface of the oven is covered with a special fat-absorbing enamel with oxidation catalysts in the form of oxides of copper, cobalt, manganese or cerium dioxide. This composition covers the back, top and side walls, in some models, the convector blades.

When the temperature rises, the catalyst is activated and accelerates the process of oxidation of fats accumulated on the walls. After the completion of the catalytic fat removal, only ash and water remain.


Catalytic cleaning of the oven is absolutely harmless to human health and does not affect the taste of cooked foods.

The service life of such a coating is approximately 5 years, after which this wall will have to be replaced. How to replace walls correctly, you can learn from the instructions, which contain detailed descriptions of how to carry out these actions yourself without calling a specialist. Some models of ovens are equipped with double-sided side walls, on which there is an enamel with a catalyst. This is done in order to exclude the replacement of walls: they will just need to be put on the back side.

How to start a catalytic cleaning

You do not need to specially prepare for cleaning the oven with the catalytic method - the whole process takes place without human intervention This method does not require the launch of a special mode, it is activated automatically during cooking.140 ° C is enough to start the self-cleaning process, for maximum effect it is necessary to heat the oven to 220-250 ° C.

After cooking, it will be necessary to wipe the oven with a cloth to remove any excreted food and dirt. Note that this technology is in gas and electric ovens.

Pros and cons of catalytic cleaning

Each device has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider the pros and cons of catalytic cleaning of the oven.


  1. Affordable price;
  2. Save time - no need to clean the oven after each use;
  3. Energy Saving;
  4. You can install the oven near any type of furniture - its walls do not heat up much;
  5. Easy cleaning - automatically.


  • When cooking fatty dishes, the oven will not be immediately cleaned - in this case the principle of accumulation works - the more often you use, the better the result;
  • Some elements of the oven will have to be washed by hand, namely the bottom wall and the door of the oven. These elements are not enamelled.
  • Not in all ovens the side walls are enameled on both sides;
  • Term of use - about 5 years;
  • Fragility - enamel must be cleaned with exceptionally soft sponges and products without abrasive components, otherwise they will lose their properties.

In this article, we described what a catalytic oven cleaning is and consider the advantages and disadvantages. This method helps not only to save the woman’s time and energy, but also to keep her in a good mood.

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