Why the refrigerator began to work loudly: causes of malfunction

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The latest brand of low noise has begun to buzz loudly, and this definitely creates discomfort. The question immediately arises: why is it making noise - is it completely new and does it still have a guarantee? How to be in this situation? After all, only a faulty or disconnected refrigerator does not make sounds.

Features of the location of the refrigerator

It is not excluded the fact that the refrigerator makes a lot of noise when working, due to the wrong location in the kitchen. First you need to find out for what reason there is noise. The main source of why the refrigerator makes a noise is the compressor. He forces a cold temperature, and it is he who makes a loud noise, hums and rumbles. If it is equipped with two compressors, the noise level doubles, since each of the compressors will operate at different times in an unconstrained mode.

In the case of a working refrigeration unit, the noise level of the compressor is quite tolerable; here you just need to come to terms with it. If the refrigerator is not only very noisy, but also produces irregular rattling sounds, then the problem lies in another reason, which is completely solvable. First you need to check whether your refrigerator is not close to the wall or furniture. In addition, usually the vibration of the apparatus may occur due to nearby objects. Be sure to make sure the fridge is installed correctly. If necessary, adjust the legs.

As for the camera, you need to clean up the inside of the camera. If the refrigerator began to buzz loudly and there is a sound of rattling and ringing dishes, the explanation is in the products that fit tightly to the walls. In particular, we are talking about glass cans and dishes with metal lids.

It is worth noting that before buying a new refrigeration unit, it is recommended to check it before switching on so that the compressor tubes do not come into contact. Otherwise, there will be an extra noise.

Why the refrigerator is loud: the cause of a malfunction

  • Faulty shock absorbers. If before the new unit worked well, and then began to make noise, you need to look at the compressor shock absorbers. In the case of their fragile fixation, a background noise will arise. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the unit began to rattle and “bounce”.Replace the defective compressor shock absorbers with a new one and then the problem will be solved.
  • Refrigerant. A household appliance with refrigerant use may begin to make a lot of noise due to the circulation of gas in the furious pipes. There is nothing like that, this is normal. We'll have to get used to that the fridge is buzzing. See also: How to fill the refrigerator with freon at home.
  • No Frost. The chambers of the units equipped with No Frost may experience the occurrence of noise that is generated from the rotation of the built-in fan. If the device suddenly began to buzz strongly during operation, then this was due to the ice that was frozen around the blades. Here salvation will be complete defrosting of the refrigerator, which will take at least 10 hours.

Noise is a new refrigerator

According to GOST standards, the permissible noise level of the refrigerator is up to 55 dB and this is the average sound. However, if you look at the attached manufacturer's instructions, most of the last batches have about 40 dB.

Note that when choosing a technique, you need to pay attention to the label on the front of the device. You will see the class of energy consumption, the volume of each chamber and the readings of decibels. If you want the cooling chamber to work almost silently, analyze the models and purchase the one that has the smallest noise readings.

And if when choosing a quiet unit still comes a strong buzz? Do the following:

  • check removal shipping bolts. They fix the spring where the compressor is fixed. If you do not pull out the bolts, then the refrigerator will rattle and make a loud noise.
  • let the refrigerator stand for a while. Let it freeze a bit - it will take a week for the device to go out to normal operation.
  • third - check whether the device is installed correctly. Perhaps there is contact with objects or nearby furniture? For normal operation, it is required to leave a space up to a wall of about 5 cm.
  • pay attention to the loading of the refrigerator. By the way, this applies to new and old refrigeration units. It is possible that inside the pans or banks are in contact with each other - this creates a ringing. Here you just need to properly distribute the contents on the shelves.
  • Have you noticed that the hum of the refrigerator is only at the beginning of the compressor? This is normal! At the beginning of the start, the motor needs a large starting current, which is why you hear a brief growl of the refrigerator.

But if everything in your fridge is perfect and it has been working for several years without any extraneous noise, this indicates a problem. Therefore, he gives you such a signal that something is wrong with him.

General recommendations

Actual answers to the problem of refrigerator noise were considered. If you did not manage to fix the problem yourself, then you will need to contact a qualified specialist. Most likely the situation is in serious damage to the compressor.


Some sounds, such as crackling with cracks, as well as increased buzz when the device is turned on, are common phenomena and do not bode danger. Remember that when you buy you need to study the technical properties of the refrigerator - so you will avoid noise.

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