What to do if the multicooker does not turn on?

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  • Process of Replacing the Thermal Fuse
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In case of finding the same

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  • Thermal FuseWe will tell you how to repair the multicooker with your own hands and reduce the cost of this process.

    Device and principle of operation of the multicooker

    Before you talk about how to troubleshoot multicysticks, you should know that all home multicooker programs are subject to trade secrets of manufacturers. Multivarki based on the installation of two sensors, through which they understand what is required of them. Many masters have suggested that inside the board there is a memory of the temperature and duration of individual operations and specified programs. Thanks to this data, the heating element is being programmed( heating element).Sensors installed in the multicooker:

    1. Thermistor. It is installed on the main button of the device. Its dismantling is a rather painstaking task, for the reason that manufacturing firms strongly oppose repair by self-taught persons and workshops, providing it is done only with warranty services. Redmond went even further, they filled all the terminals with a compound, making it impossible to dismantle the removable terminals.
    2. The second sensor is mounted inside the cover. To gain access to it, it is necessary to make a lot of effort, so we do not recommend you to undertake this if you are not confident in your abilities. It is necessary to make the seizure of the necessary connector without paying attention to the compound, and then start the multicooker. If after switching on the multicooker does not work, then you have discovered the cause of the breakdown. In order to make sure that it is 100% it is necessary to measure the resistance of the sensor and the cover coming from the wires with a multimeter. In the devices of the company Redmond cables are located in the area of ​​the loop under a removable cover. In order to make measurements, you need to unscrew the screw, then carefully remove the shield and remove the wiring from it, and then turn on the slow cooker while measuring the resistance.

    As follows from the above, in order to work properly, the slow cooker must be read from two sensors. They transmit their signal to the control terminal of the board via two wires. As a rule, the board itself is installed under the button panel. The next possible problem may be the power supply. In order to make sure that it is working properly, it is necessary to connect the slow cooker to the power grid, if at least one of the indicators lights up, it follows that everything is in order with your power supply. Otherwise, it must be replaced.

    Multicooker control is divided into mechanical and sensory. If mechanical control is installed in the multicooker, microswitches are embedded in the printed circuit board. By counting the number of "closures", the chip selects related parameters to perform operations. All this works thanks to just one wiring. The beginning of the program execution process is performed by means of transmitting just one signal. However, this requires the use of a large number of operation control boards installed in the multicooker. The signal is constant and is required to enable or disable the transistor. Thanks to the voltage stabilizer, no supersaturation can occur on the contact fields.

    Switching Power Supply

    Let's talk in detail about how it works. Its design includes a transformer, pre-wound with electrical tape, so that the contact does not fall off, it is occasionally filled with compound. In order to protect the transformer from the input pulsations, the design provides an input filter. The multicooker itself does not create pulsations. The transformer provides for the installation of two windings of a parallel connection. The use of two windings increases the reliability of the device.

    In case the multicooker does not turn on, the needs to make measurements of the resistance of the transformer, it is not necessary to disassemble the device, since the relay is in the disassembled state open. The resistance between the plug and the input terminals should be low. The transformer is followed by a two-period rectifier of four diodes. After it, the power supply unit provides an additional filter from the largest resistor with a capacitor. Next, set the emitter follower with a stabilizer and a resistor, which is designed to select the operating point.

    Be sure to pay attention to a small gap of double wire, which is located in the fuse area. This part of the design is responsible for the supply of 220V current to the device, connecting to the relay. The main board is installed in the device elements down, if the current exceeds the limit value, the copper wire will simply melt and drain to the bottom of the unit, which is completely unprotected against it. If when you remove the main board, you notice this kurtosis, it means that somewhere inside the device there is a short circuit. These damages may indicate a loss of operability of the heating element of the multicooker. But do not immediately take up the restoration of the jumper.

    When measuring the resistance of the heater, its working value fluctuates around 30 ohms.

    To test the operation of the relay, you must connect the device to an electrical outlet and turn on any of the preset programs on the multicooker. If during the time when the device turns on a click, then this is a signal that everything is in order, otherwise it is necessary to replace the relay and control circuitry in stages. In order to diagnose the problem last, it is necessary to apply voltage to the middle terminal( transistor) on the white wire. Then measure the output voltage. However, it is worth noting that manufacturers love to fill all the compound, so be careful.

    Consider the cases of breakage of the thermal cutoff of the

    . What is the thermal cutout? This is a small cylindrical piece of wire, which in its external form can remind you of a resistor. The device response temperature is 170 ° Celsius, and the current ranges from 10 to 15 amperes, depending on the installed element. In the event of the output of one of the parameters above the norm, a thermal fuse will blow, which breaks the electrical circuit and suspends the operation of the device.

    You could ask yourself how to manufacture such a fuse. First of all, it is not necessary to deny that these products are easy to manufacture, but it follows from this that the price for them will be quite low. Secondly, it is desirable to install the original elements. A factory copy has certain fixed characteristics that were initially calculated in production, and a copy made by hand can have different characteristics from it, which can lead to bad consequences. In the worst case, the use of homemade parts can end for you a fire.

    The process of replacing the fuse

    Getting to the location of this part is not too difficult, first you need to remove the saucepan from the cavity of the device. Under it you will find a metal element similar to a mushroom, the “leg” of which is attracted by a spring. Under it and there are thermal protectors, usually they are installed a few pieces and cover them with cambric.

    Cambric is a plastic wire insulation element, in most cases white, to protect the junction points of various components and areas.

    In order to attach an element, it is necessary to perform firing. Use a soldering iron for these purposes is strictly prohibited. The heating element of the soldering iron without much effort and difficulty will burn through a heat-sensitive element.

    To determine the integrity and operability of one or several elements, it is necessary to use a multimeter. You do not need to remove the part, after detecting a malfunction, eliminate it by the above example.

    About Redmond

    The Redmond multi-cooker also has thermal switches that serve as a device overheating protection. These parts do an excellent job with the function assigned to them, however, there is one very significant BUT - they are able to do it only once. After that, you will have to seek the assistance of a specialist in a service center. We give the extract from the warranty card company Redmond: "a product with the presence of heat and other damage caused by improper operation of the device is not a warranty case."Since there are cases when the owners turned on the devices without a saucepan, it is quite important to know. However, a button is installed in the device, which, in theory, should prevent the device from switching on without it, but it is simply not working in Redmond.

    If by negligence or forgetfulness you did not put the saucepan in place and put the ingredients there, pour the required amount of liquid and forget to disconnect the device from the network, and then remove all the moisture and food with paper towels, but the device stopped working, according to the manufacturerswill lie to you. This is justified by the fact that the warranty does not extend to getting into the cavity of the device of these things, and you will have to pay for expensive repairs from your pocket.

    Chip device

    In typical models, install two electronic boards:

    1. Control Board.
    2. Power Board.

    The second is on the bottom of the device, but to get to the location of the first item, you will have to torment a little and completely disassemble the device, removing the inner cylindrical surface.

    After you have disassembled everything, it is necessary to examine the boards for the presence of:

    • chips;
    • blackened resistors;
    • solder joint failure;
    • swollen capacitors;
    • and carbon.

    In case of detection of such defects, it is necessary to replace the elements with new ones. Recovery of the broken soldering should not cause you special difficulties. It is necessary to carry out the process of repairing the tracks, by stripping them by means of tinning damages and zero sandpaper. You may have to add a few jumpers that you can make from the resistor legs. After performing all the operations, it is necessary to varnish everything to ensure the protection of the device against leakage and exposure to oxygen.


    If you have an , the does not turn on the multicooker and you should not carry it to the service at once. All failures are most often caused by improper operation of the device. In the case when you properly operate the device, it can work for many years and simplify your life. In order to eliminate all the problems, you must adhere to the instructions described above and have common sense, you can easily repair the slow cooker. However, remember that if your device is under warranty, it is best to contact the service center.

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