The largest manufacturers of interior doors from solid wood


  1. Garofoli
  2. Legnoform
  3. Doorwood
  4. LLC Inta
  5. Vinchelli
  6. BRAVO
  7. Astek TOV
  8. Status Doors
  9. MaxWood
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  11. .Her choice should be approached no less carefully than the selection of the right wallpaper, flooring or furniture, because an interroom door is the same element of the interior that can decorate and complement it or spoil it. Therefore, when buying, you need to pay attention to the appearance, functionality, and compliance with all requirements, while not forgetting that the door leaf should be of the highest quality, durable and wear-resistant. All these qualities are combined in solid wood doors, and we will dwell on the largest manufacturers of such products in more detail.


    The largest Italian manufacturer of interior doors, which, thanks to its high production standards and compliance with all the necessary technological processes, has already reached the international level for a long time, having conquered the quality of products of users around the world. The company’s product range now includes both modern metal doors and classic solid wood doors. Here, great importance is given to the design of products, and to facilitate the process of creating your own interior, they release a whole series of products combined with each other.

    Company over the years of its activities, and it was established in 1968, managed to form its own traditions. By production of doors from the massif own unique patented technologies are used, researches are constantly conducted and search of the most qualitative raw materials is conducted. So, for the production of interior doors, wood of such species as oak, alder, pine, beech, maple, walnut and mahogany is used. The company's commitment to high quality finished products and the desire to build environmentally sound production have made it possible to obtain a number of certificates, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


    Another Italian manufacturer that specializes exclusively in the manufacture of solid wood doors. The key to high quality products is a careful attitude to the choice of raw materials. The interior doors here are made of alder, oak, larch and tulip wood .Designers are trying to create unique products that can perfectly fit into any interior.

    It’s hard to call the company's products affordable, since each door made is virtually unique, it still uses manual work, and only natural materials are used for wood processing. Each door is accompanied by a number of documents, which indicate all the technical details, as well as recommendations for care. As such products no doubt.


    In the modern market, not only doors from foreign manufacturers are popular, but also products made in Russia and the CIS countries. Modern equipment and advanced technologies allow many companies to produce wooden interior doors of the highest quality, but at the same time their price is more affordable. Doorwood, which specializes in the manufacture of solid wood doors, windows and stairs, is a prime example. is used in the production of wood from alder, pine, oak and ash , which allows any customer to choose the product according to their budget and preferences.

    At each production stage, strict quality control is carried out, which, combined with the use of the best European equipment, makes it possible to manufacture high-quality doors. This is confirmed by the availability of relevant certificates. The company's assortment includes doors made of solid and glued solid wood, of any sizes and colors. If necessary, the door can be made to order by developing their own design or by contacting the company's employees for help.

    LLC Inta

    Domestic manufacturer, which has been manufacturing interior doors for many years in a row. During this time, the technological process has been studied to the smallest detail, which allows us to produce only the highest quality products, which are characterized by durability, reliability and beautiful appearance. The advantages of doors made of pine are huge: it is an inexpensive material, the wood of which is relatively soft, which allows it to be easily tinted and take on any shade. The manufacturer offers many different color options for doors, has in its assortment doors that have undergone artificial aging, and such items are indispensable in some interior styles.

    The company produces doors not only for a specific sample, but also fulfills individual orders, producing doors with non-standard parameters. Moreover, it can be solid tight, or complemented by glass inserts.


    Domestic manufacturer, whose products are difficult to distinguish from the doors of European companies. The company specializes in the production of exclusive wooden interior doors, which will delight the owner not only with its warmth, reliability, durability and environmental friendliness, but also with originality. All products here are made of from oak wood, alder , and the masters try to observe all old technologies as accurately as possible, and the company remains open to innovation, and the unique combination of these two approaches makes wooden doors as durable and quality as possible.

    At each stage of the production of doors, strict quality control is carried out, which allows us to ultimately offer customers products with excellent performance characteristics. In addition, a separate field of activity is the production of exclusive doors to order of any complexity, design, shape, with any decoration and decorative elements.


    Russian manufacturer engaged in the manufacture of interior and exterior doors. A special place in the assortment is occupied by solid wood doors, which the company promotes under the Belarusian Doors brand name. Their assortment includes products from oak and walnut , but there are a lot of design options. The manufacturer guarantees the reliability and durability of products, ensures the delivery of products in all regions of Russia, and also establishes a uniform pricing policy for all settlements.

    In addition to interior doors made of oak, the company offers all related accessories. Reasonable prices and high quality products are the main advantages of BRAVO.

    TOV "Astek"

    "Astek" is a Kiev-based company that has been on the market for about 20 years. She specializes exclusively in the production of interior doors from the array, which helped the manufacturer to better focus on all the nuances of this business. Here equipment is used from Germany and Italy, but some elements are made by hand, which gives each product its uniqueness. Today, the manufacturer is a recognized leader in the Ukrainian market, and the company's doors are in great demand in other countries.

    Products are manufactured by from solid pine, larch, walnut, oak, ash, beech and maple .The main competitive advantages of the company are the variety of products offered, which are combined into five collections, a wide palette of colors offered, and the use of Italian design in the design and manufacture of doors. As a result, at an affordable price, the buyer receives an interior door of European quality and design.

    Status Doors

    “Status Doors” is a trademark under which the factory “A.M.Union ", which began its activities in 1993.In 2013, she released the first collection of interior doors under the new brand. Improved production technologies have allowed products to instantly become popular in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Ireland. uses an array of oak and some softwood to produce door linens, and designers take ideas for new collections, studying the interiors of the most majestic and richest palaces in the world. Thus, for the first two collections of the brand, the main elements of the interior doors in the Louvre and Petrodvorets were used.

    All the company's products are natural, completely safe for health, as they use eco-friendly paint materials from Italy, Sweden and Switzerland. Separately, it is worth noting the strength and reliability of products, which, according to research, can withstand about 1.5 million openings-closures, whereas the same indicator for most competitors is two times lower. The use of Italian locks and German seals in fitting the doors makes the products as silent as possible. The manufacturer provides a guarantee for 5 years on the door of the array, which once again confirms the serious attitude to the production of products.


    This is a major Ukrainian manufacturer of solid wood furniture and doors. It has been on the market since 2003, but during this time has managed to attract the attention of buyers throughout the country and abroad. pine wood, alder wood and oak are used for the manufacture of products. They are processed according to the most modern technologies, which allows to obtain the highest quality and durable products at the output. The highlight of the company is the absence of any templates, so each product comes out not only high-quality, but also unique, and sometimes even striking imagination. Depending on the wishes of the client, doors of any color, shape and style can be made. Moreover, all the accessories and decorative elements of interior doors, which are used here, come from Italy. The company provides warranty and after-sales service for doors.

    The Furniture and Furniture Center of the Postavy Furniture Center

    One of the largest Belarusian manufacturers of massive interior doors that are made here from pine, oak and alder .The company focuses on the absolute naturalness of products and the absence of formaldehyde compounds in their composition. They approach the production of doors in the company as responsibly as possible, aware that in order to obtain a truly high-quality product, a number of conditions must be met.

    The door manufacturing process here begins with the quality control of the raw materials. Wood is supplied from ecologically clean regions of Belarus, and in the preparation of products only natural safe materials are used, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity. The doors of the company meet all the most stringent European requirements, which, together with a wide range of products, has provided them with wide popularity both in Russia and in Russia, as well as in Ukraine and some other countries.

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