Planting grapes in the garden and care for them

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Planting grapes is an event requiring careful preparation. In accordance with the peculiarities of the viticulture zone, it is necessary to choose the dates of planting, the place and ensure the future harvest by choosing a zoned variety. After completing the landing correctly, in two years it will be possible to get the first bunch of grapes from a new bush.

How to plant grapes?

The grape bush covers a large area, and you need to select enough fertile soil to nourish the plant. In addition, it is necessary to place the plant in the best conditions for many years. Reasonableness of the plan will help determine the amount of the necessary planting material. Consideration should be given to the ability to pollinate and the predominance of female flowers on one group of varieties and the mixed flowering of others.

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Bookmark a new plantation or planting a single bush obeys the laws of creating favorable conditions for the development of the plant and include:

  • selection of the planting site;
  • seat preparation;
  • selection of the landing period;
  • sapling preparation;
  • planting plants;
  • seedling care in the first year of vegetation.

If these activities are carried out taking into account the climatic conditions and, guided by the lessons of planting grapes in the video, which are posted on the resources, the vine will thank the crop.

Choosing a landing site

The future plantation should be located in a place open to the sun's rays without shading by the adjacent plantings. If a bush is supposed to be placed against a building wall, then it should be located from the south and at a distance of not less than 70 cm from the facade. The illumination of each grape leaf is an indispensable condition for culture.

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Planting material

Planting material can be harvested independently from a well-matured healthy vine in the autumn. This is a responsible event for experienced growers. They store the prepared material in special conditions so that at the time of planting the prepared chubuki are alive.

Planting can be done with a bush that has already taken root, but still young. So it is best to plant a vineyard in the summer, which is desirable to finish in June.

A sapling can serve as a prikopanny cuttings from the vine, which by August will give the root system and will be ready for planting. The material for breeding is a vine with a part of the sleeve. Reproduction can go by seed, so bring new varieties of culture.

Terms of planting grapes

When you can transplant grapes to a permanent place depends on the climatic zone and gardener's experience. Autumn plantings are dangerous in winter freezing or suspending a new, non-stunted plant. But in spring, the surviving bush develops faster, as long as the ground freezes, he managed to root well. For the winter, the plant is insulated and protected from mice. In the fall, you can buy healthy seedlings of the desired variety.

In the spring it is more difficult to get quality planting material. Spring planting should be carried out only in warm land. If the seedlings have leaves, then the hardening of young plants is obligatory before planting. Spring planting requires more careful compliance with watering, as a weak root can not yet provide food, and moisture keeps Chubuk from drying out. The grapes planted in summer require shading and constant watering, otherwise the plant will die, it will not take root.

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Preparing a seat for the grapes

Grapes are planted with a distance between bushes of 2, and between rows of 2.5 meters. Landing pits are being prepared at this distance. The less fertile the soil layer and the harder the underlayer, the deeper the pit is prepared. The depth and width varies from a meter to 60 cm. In order to irrigate the deep layer and feed the plants, a drainage layer is subsequently created in the pit and a tube is inserted into it, the end of which will always be above the surface.

Deep watering through the tube will allow you to deliver nutrients to the root system.

After this, a layer of fertile soil is formed. Planting composition of the mixture in the fertile land includes 2 buckets of humus, 0.5 kg of superphosphate, 2 liters of wood or vegetable ash. A well-mixed nutrient mixture fills two thirds of the pit, where the root system of the grapevine will develop for a century. Top of the earth will be without fertilizer.

Preparation of seedlings and planting of grapes

The strongest seedlings are selected and they form the root system. Leaving only the roots on the heel, which should be developed. The remaining roots of the upper trunk of the kidneys are removed. The plant is aged in water for several days, it contains honey or another stimulant. How to plant grapes from green otvodkov prepared during the summer, described in detail on the site. But this method is no different from rooting seedlings obtained by other methods of reproduction.

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This shrub is planted in a prepared place so that the heel roots are at a depth of 45 cm, the layer most favorable for preserving the root system in winter. Sapling arrange obliquely, so that later it was possible to lay the vine for winter insulation. When planting, the roots are straightened, covered with earth and watered for better contact with the soil.

When setting seedlings in a hole, it is necessary to expose it so that the buds from which the vine will be formed are directed along the row, for strengthening on the supports. The sloping position of the seedling makes it easy to remove the vine for winter shelter.

Later, the pit is filled to the brim, compacted and watered. When planting on each bush, you need to pour 4 buckets of water, and additionally ensure that the soil is moist during rooting. On top of the planted bush is covered to preserve moisture and the desired microclimate. Shelter is removed after two weeks.

The care of grapes in the first year of life consists in forming from 2 to 4 shoots depending on the strength of the bush, their pinching. In August, the chasing of the shoots is carried out, and the cropping of the root system, that is, the roots cut off above the heel are cut. To do this, the stem is excavated into two kidneys. These roots on the surface still freeze out.

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