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video The apricot line in the north passes the pattern under the ground in the north, passes under the pattern in the north, passes under the pattern. Until recently, the summer residents of the middle lane had only to envy their southern colleagues. Today, gardeners have at their disposal fruitful winter-hardy varieties, among which is Apricot Success, which survives, flourishes and bears fruit even in the Moscow Region.

Apricot in gardeners is considered capricious, in need of constant attention and competent plant cultivation. In fact, thermophilic trees easily take root and delight in the harvest, if the grade is chosen correctly.

Apricot Variety Characteristics Success of

Selection work on the production of hardy frost-resistant varieties in our country began as early as IVMichurin. The varieties he bred can still be found in gardens throughout Russia. They, for example, the variety Comrade and Michurinsky best, are used for further breeding. The seedlings obtained with their help and the European variety Ljuise, gave the cottagers a sort of apricot Success, valued for the quality of the fruit and resistance to frost and disease.

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Apricots fall into the garden by two or three year old saplings. By 5–6 years, they enter fruiting season. By 10 years of age, the yield reaches optimal indicators for the variety.

Apricot Success forms a medium tree, up to three meters high, with a rounded pyramidal shape. The variety is characterized by weak branching. Strong skeletal branches and young annual shoots are covered with smooth bark brown with a red shade. The branches are covered with smooth, ovoid foliage with pointed tips, jagged edges and rather short colored petioles.

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The trees of this variety are among the first to produce crops, while the flowering also begins quite early. Medium-sized pinkish-white corollas form on short, bouquetted branches. According to the description of the apricot variety Success, ripening in the middle lane falls on the last days of August or the beginning of September. In the Central Chernozem region, you can taste sweet apricots at the time of weeks earlier.

Fruiting and Apricot Tastes Success

With proper care and a properly selected planting place at the age of 5 - 6 years, up to 35 kg of fruits can be obtained from a strong tree. In addition to yield and endurance, attention is paid to the excellent quality of apricots.

Fruits of a variety that fits tightly on the branches do not belong to the largest. On average, their weight does not exceed 20-25 grams. In apricots Success, as in the photo:

  • rounded shape;
  • thin skin with amber-yellow basic color;
  • light reddish-pink blush;
  • is a dense, slightly fibrous pulp saturated with juice.

According to experts, the taste of the fruit of this variety is worthy of 4–4.5 points. This is a good indicator for a culture that grows not in the south of the country, but in its center, for example, in the Non-Black Earth Region.

Apricots Success is equally good as a fresh dessert and as a raw material for all kinds of blanks. In the hands of the hostess, fruits rich in carotene, organic acids, sugars and pectins will turn into excellent jam, compote, marshmallow and jam.

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Planting apricot Success and care for fruit trees

The main value of the variety is high resistance to frost, adaptability to a short and not superfluous warm summer of a middle lane and high for the region yield. As follows from the description of the Apricot Variety Success, plants under the cover of snow and natural barriers can survive without serious losses at temperatures up to 35 ° C.

At particularly low temperatures, mouth and flower buds are primarily damaged. But thanks to good annual growth trees in a short time restore yields.

If the tree is in danger, then from the thaw and the subsequent frosts, as well as from sunburn in the winter. Therefore, in the autumn, the shtambal neatly covers the air-permeable material, and closer to spring, next to the tree, a snow crust is broken and a loose snow is thrown onto the boom.

In order to simplify the care taken after planting apricot Success, a well-lit place is chosen for the garden with reliable protection from cold winds and blowing snow. Fruit crops need light, air-permeable and moisture-permeable soil with a slightly alkaline or neutral reaction.

If the soil at the site is acidic, annual application of dolomite flour or other additives will be required, neutralizing the increased acid content.

As long as the fruit plantations are small, they need special protection from pests, among which aphids and moths cause the most damage. When it is time for fruiting, the podzhodork is likely to attack.

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One can eliminate this and other threats by using chemical control agents, as well as strictly following the rules of stone crop farming. The gardener needs:

  • to maintain clean pristvolnyh circles;
  • carefully cut basal shoots;
  • to cut the dead or damaged branches, as well as shoots, making the crown too thick;
  • regularly water and feed the garden to prevent its weakening.

. If the winter hardiness of apricot Success is beyond doubt, then to obtain a crop from this crop, you need to know that the variety is practically self-sterile. To see the placer sweet amber fruit on the trees, you need planted next to the apricot Success pollinators. Their choice depends on the time of flowering plantings and the adaptability of plants to growing conditions. In the middle lane, the North Triumph, Lel, Michurinets and Manchurian varieties, which are universal for temperate climates, can be used as pollinators.

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