Growing Cherry Tomatoes

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How nice it is to have cherry tomatoes warmed by the warm summer sun straight from the branch. These juicy fruits concentrate in themselves the whole taste of a full-sized tomato with a diameter of less than 5 cm. They are sweeter, have an almost perfect shape, and their skin is much thinner than that of ordinary tomatoes.

Cherry are very addictive, but they are also very good for your health. Fruits are rich in calcium, iron, lycopene, and vitamins A and C. Simple to care for, many planting cherry tomatoes have innate resistance to certain diseases that can kill an ordinary tomato. This is a strong, fast-growing and prolific plants. Some of them begin to bear fruit only 60 days after transplantation.

Cherry tomatoes come in completely different colors.

Growing cherry tomatoes in containers

If you do not have a garden, try growing tomatoes in pots. There are several varieties bred specifically for container planting. We tried "Terenzo", "Lichened" and "Tumbling Tom".All of them are dense, compact plants that are well adapted to life in a large nursery or hanging pots, covered with a large number of small, but delicious cherry tomatoes.

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This year we plan to try a new variety of Rambling Rose. This pink cherry tomato is bred specifically for growing in containers.

Ordinary tomatoes can also be planted in tanks, they just need more space. One 23 L bucket with drain holes in the bottom can hold one plant. Plant it near the porch or trellis so that the plant is not on the ground.

Most cherry tomatoes will grow, bloom and bear fruit until the frost kills them.

Vine Support

Tomato vines can grow very high, so they need support. Forget about an ordinary tomato cage - they will outgrow it in the blink of an eye. In this case, you have to be creative.

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We grow tomatoes on the ground and install reinforcing bars at the ends of each row, as well as every 6 plants. As they grow, the stems are alternately tied with a rope to the pillars on the principle of braiding. Thus, a hedge of tomatoes, also known as the “Florida Garter”, is formed. I do not want to pull out the ladder every time I want to pick tomatoes, so I climb as high as possible, and then let the plants grow freely. We even have tomatoes that have exceeded the two-meter mark and continued to grow, spreading to the other side.

The best varieties of cherry tomatoes

There is a huge number of varieties of cherry. Below are some of our favorites:

  1. "Sangold" is an impressive size and one of the first in our garden begins to yield. These gorgeous golden fruits are the most delicious thing I've ever tasted. The only problem of "Sangold" is that the plant does not tolerate cold, and its thin skin has a tendency to crack.
  2. "Sunny Sugar" looks exactly the same, and tastes the same as "Sangold."The only difference is that its fruits are worse separated from the branch.
  3. Isis Cherry Candy is another excellent variety. Tomatoes have a red marble color with a golden hue and a strong aroma.
  4. Chadwick and Fox are our family value. These red cherry tomatoes differ in sharp original taste and actively bear fruit.
  5. "Chocolate" and "Black" tomatoes are two varieties of cherry trees with dark skin and rich aroma. Thanks to them, you can make a salad of an unusual color.
  6. “Sweet Trits” has a phenomenal taste and rich ruby-red color. This variety is resistant to many diseases.
  7. "Honey drop" brings amber fruit, which fully correspond to the name, because they are sweet, like a drop of honey.
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If you do not plan to grow anything this summer, we recommend planting one cherry tomato and enjoying its pleasant aroma.

Cherry tomatoes at their summer cottage - video

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