9 best hair styler

  • Low-end models
  • Models with ionization
  • Hair styling with steam
  • Conclusion

Hair styler is a thing that every girl who cares a bit about her hair style. It is in the careful care of curls is its main function. However, choosing this wonderful device is not an easy task. The choice on the shelves of retail outlets and online stores is so great that it is not easy to decide. Almost every model has both positive and negative reviews.

We offer our own ranking of the best hair stylers for 2018, based on the opinions of customers. The TOP includes models that meet all modern standards and have excellent technical characteristics. Using any of the stylers below, you will quickly and easily make a beautiful styling.

Budget models

We begin the review with inexpensive devices that do not make a big gap in your family budget, but will keep your hair in perfect condition.

Philips HP8699 Salon

Excellent low-cost multi-styler that gently cares for hair of any length. The kit includes special tongs for shaping curls of 22 and 16 mm, a brush, special strands for straightening strands, a shirring system, a micro nozzle for spiral stacking, several clamps for strands, and a case for placing accessories.

The device warms up to 190 degrees, but thanks to the ceramic dusting, the hairs always remain safe. Styler differs ease of use, safety, ease of use. In addition, the rather modest price is a nice addition.


  • good quality tips;
  • convenience and safety of use;
  • wide equipment;
  • convenient storage case;
  • attractive price.


  • when straightening hair power is not always enough.

Remington S8670

The next representative of low-cost but high-quality styling devices is the Remingon styler. This multi-device also includes special tools for spiral and traditional curling, corrugated nozzle and brush, special attachment for straightening curls. To heighten the convenience and the formation of a beautiful hairstyle, the set includes clamps for strands.

The maximum temperature for heating surfaces does not exceed 200 C. At the same time, you should not be afraid that the device will burn. For this, high-quality system overheating protection is provided.


  • wide equipment;
  • overheating protection;
  • convenient case for storing nozzles;
  • easy change of temperature settings;
  • nozzles are easy to change;
  • indicator, indicating the achievement of the desired temperature;
  • ceramic coating all nozzles;
  • fast heating to the desired temperature;
  • wire rotates around an axis and is not tangled;
  • light weight;
  • price is affordable.


  • need to set the temperature mode again each time, there is no system for storing the last settings;
  • difficult to change the plate "corrugation" and "straightening";The
  • case is made of a “dust bag” type material - everything sticks.

Scarlett SC-HS60 T50

Another budget model. The set provides curling iron and tongs for straightening strands. There are 5 different modes of operation, while the maximum heating reaches 200 C.

Although this styler is not endowed with an ionization function, a tourmaline coating is provided here to provide the same function. Nippers with such spraying do not entangle strands and prevent electrification.

Main advantages:

  • several modes of operation;
  • tourmaline coating;
  • long rotating electrical cord;
  • loop for hanging the device;
  • system of automatic shutdown at long non-use;
  • nice design decision, typically female version;
  • low cost.


  • sometimes a factory defect.

Models with ionization

Continue the TOP-best hair styler for several devices with an ionization system. Such a device allows you to prevent excessive electrification of curls and saves hair from drying out. Most ionization stylers resemble a small hair dryer with a round rotating brush. But there are devices with wider functionality.

BaByliss 2736E( 2735E)

This styler allows you to make a perfect curl at the same time taking care of your hair. The brushes of the device are supplied with natural bristles, and the ceramic coating protects the curls from excessive heating. For convenience, there are two modes: with cold blowing and ionization. There is a system of adjustment of pressure on the hair.


  • respect for curls;
  • natural brushes;
  • not confusing and rather long power wire;
  • 4 various nozzles;
  • instrument turn on indicator;
  • practical carrying case;
  • removable filter is easy to clean from hair;
  • convenient control system;
  • cold air, ionization system.


  • does not “pull” hair too well;
  • small brush does not rotate;
  • natural bristles shag from prolonged use;
  • is quite large;
  • missing loop for hanging.

Rowenta CF 9220

This styler, judging by the reviews of outlet managers, accounts for the largest number of sales. This is not surprising. The device is equipped with two functional nozzles of various diameters. Moreover, the rotation of the brushes can be carried out both in one and in the other direction. This significantly expands the range of application of the device. The styling is stylish and modern.

The ionization system prevents static electricity from building up. Provided and the ability to work almost cold air. The ceramic coating will protect your hair from burns.


  • makes excellent styling;
  • pretty appearance;
  • informative instruction with many useful tips;
  • the ability to rotate the nozzles in both directions;
  • ionizer;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • usability;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • acceptable cost.


  • heating temperature may seem very high;
  • is noisy;
  • is not very convenient for transportation, there is no handbag.

Philips HP 8372

Excellent styler for hair straightening. The device has a ceramic coating of the planes and can be heated to 200 ° C.You will not have to wait long to make a beautiful styling - the device heats up very quickly.

Like all Philips devices, the styler is characterized by high-quality assembly and ease of use. Several temperature adjustments allow the device to be used for different types of hair. For getting rid of hair from drying out a sensor is provided. He makes sure that the heating corresponds to the specified parameters.


  • ceramic coating;
  • electric cord swivel;
  • there is a loop for hanging;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • stylish design;
  • quick warm-up;
  • case for storage and transportation;
  • temperature sensor;
  • ionizer;
  • floating plates provide gentle care;
  • excellent power.


  • is a pretty white body.

Hair styling with steam

This styler is much faster and more effective than any styling. Hot steam reliably fixes the curls, but it does not make them wet. Hair retains its structure and is not damaged by heat.

Braun ASS 1000

One of the review leaders is a model from the legendary company Brown. The set includes 2 brushes of different diameters and a nozzle to add extra volume to the hairstyle. Styler is simple and conveniently placed in the hand. The wire has a swivel, so it never gets tangled.

Main advantages:

  • comfortable brushes;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • ease of use;
  • non-tangle wire;
  • there is a loop for hanging;
  • steam force.


  • may overheat during prolonged operation;
  • nozzle is not firmly fixed;
  • with a cold blowing button is not fixed;
  • button placed uncomfortable.

Ritelli W200

A special feature of this model is the huge choice of operating modes. There are nine of them here. Moreover, the device performs all the processes automatically; it is enough just to fill a curl. Additional steam treatment only prolongs the effect. Curls hold on for a long time and form quickly. You can choose one of three modes of curl direction. This allows you to independently perform an excellent styling, no worse than in the cabin.


  • automatic creation of curls;
  • steam treatment;
  • ceramic spraying nozzles;
  • swivel wire;
  • gentle hair styling;
  • power indicator;
  • strand is easily released after curl formation;
  • 3 directions of curl formation;
  • maximum temperature 230 ° C;
  • stylish design.

Negative moments:

  • is not designed for very long hair;
  • is expensive.

Remington CB4N

The review is completed by a small and not too expensive styler with steam humidification. Judging by the user reviews, this device is incredibly easy to use, has compact dimensions and excellent build quality. The steam function can be enabled as desired. With him, the laying will be faster and more careful.

The kit includes spare cloves, but most users say they have failed to use them. For this, there simply was no need, even with long-term operation, nothing breaks and does not deteriorate.

Positive qualities:

  • steam humidification optional;
  • ceramic coating;
  • sufficient equipment;
  • makes fast and beautiful curls;
  • swivel cord( not confused);
  • good build quality;
  • is easy to clean;
  • is inexpensive.


  • may smell plastic at first when heated.


Which hair styler to choose is up to you. If you want “everything and all at once” - the multi-styler is perfect. This device will easily help owners of straight hair to get beautiful curls, and those with wavy hair from nature can easily align them.

Before buying, think carefully about which particular attachments you may need and what amount you shouldn't spend on a miniature “home salon”.If you wish, you can find many more worthy stylers who, for one reason or another, are not included in our review or compile your own TOP-best hair stylers for 2018 hair.

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