Surprise everyone around you - plant a kiwi at home!

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Pears, apples, plums, raspberries - it's all very good. But you can grow something exotic! Let not in the open field, and on the balcony or in the winter garden. Yes, even in a pot on the windowsill oranges or tangerines, pineapples or kiwi - it's so great!

Kiwi - creeping liana. She can trudge around the balcony, around the special racks. This is both beautiful and practical - it is quite possible to enjoy the fruits of the plant grown at home and treat the guests.

Where can I get kiwi seeds?

You can find kiwi seeds in online stores, and collect yourself from purchased fruits. This is done quite simply:

  1. The ripe fruit of the fruit is cut in half. You can take both shaggy kiwi and smooth-skinned.
  2. About 20 small seed seeds are obtained from the middle.
  3. Laying the seeds in gauze, tying it with a bag, washed under running water. It is necessary to do this procedure several times so that there is no pulp left on the planting material. Otherwise, the seeds will rot in the soil.
  4. The washed seed is allowed to dry for several hours. You can put it on a clean newspaper and leave it in a dry, windless place( not near an open window, not in fresh air, not in a refrigerator).
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So the seeds of an exotic plant are ready, which can later be surprised by friends, acquaintances and neighbors.

But why is it recommended to take 20 seeds instead of two or three? Yes, because this culture is dioecious.

There are female and male kiwi plants. So, in order to subsequently receive the fruits, you need to have both those available. Determine whether this plant is male or female, can only be after it blooms. Therefore, it is necessary to plant several shoots, so as not to suffer from their lack.

Sprouting kiwi seeds

This process will take a whole week. Considering the fact that kiwi grows in nature in an area where summer is long and warm, you should start experimenting in the early spring, in mid-March.

Cotton pad moistened with hot water and put in a saucer. Seeds are laid out on its surface. Water in the saucer should not be.

A saucer with seeds is placed in a plastic bag and tied. It turns out the greenhouse in miniature. Expose the design in the sun.

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At night, take the saucer out of the bag, and in the morning wet the cotton pad with warm water and hide the seed material under the film.

After the appearance of white sprouts they land.

Soil preparation, planting seeds

The composition of the soil for kiwi is simple: humus, sand, turf and peat are mixed in equal proportions and laid out in pots. You can use ready-mixed soil for vegetable crops by adding sand to them. It is also good to put claydite, small crushed stone in pots on the bottom.

Shoots Kiwi

It is not recommended to use construction sand - it compacts the soil, making it unsuitable for plant growth.

Spread a seed on the prepared soil. From above it is covered with a thin layer of dry earth. Water the soil very carefully, using a sprayer, so as not to wash off the top soil layer from the seeds. This procedure is performed daily.

It is important to ensure that the soil does not dry out! For kiwi moisture is hardly the most important factor that allows to grow and bear fruit.

Domes over pots made from cut plastic bottles will help protect the ground from drying out.

Grow kiwi in the summer and in the open field. But with the onset of cold weather, the plant needs heat and additional lighting. Therefore, in the autumn-winter period around the landings they organize walls, a roof, heating devices and fluorescent lamps are installed in the “winter garden”.

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Basic requirements for good growth of kiwi

Equal daily watering of plants with a sprinkler is an important condition for this crop. Once you have determined how many times the spray gun is pressed to ensure uniform soil moistening, you should constantly follow this figure.

Planting pots with plants should be in the southern part of the house, as they need a lot of light. It is recommended to use fluorescent lamps, since kiwi is a long daylight culture. Additional lighting should be fed horizontally, not from above.

Once a year it is necessary to feed the liana with biohumus or compost. Make a nutrient mixture should be in the trench, which form around the sprout. During watering, the substances needed by the kiwi for growth and fruiting will flow to the roots of the plants.

Potted kiwi cultivation.

Once a week in the summer, the crop is fed with a complex of mineral fertilizers.

Kiwi - liana, weaving along the balcony.

Periodically pinch the top of the vine, thereby stimulating the growth of lateral processes.

For the flowers to form a fruit, they need pollination. Indoors there are no insects doing this work. Consequently, the owner of the winter garden should take care of this himself.

We grow kiwi at home.

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