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video When the bedroom sinks into darkness, many children seem to have children around them - there are children in the room - they are

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monsters, ready to bring them irreparable harm. They understand: only caring parents who have a “magic” night light for a child’s room can help. It is this small thing that dispels oppressive fear and gives true pleasure to sleep.

For a long time, people used different sources of light to dispel the pitch darkness. In the 19th century, they used small lamps with a wick, and later lit candles. The appearance of electricity made it possible to create a new device - a nightlight for the children's room, which became its important attribute. Although initially it looked quite simple, over time its appearance changed dramatically. In the 21st century, such lamps are a true work of art. Let's go to an entertaining excursion of children's lamps to choose the appropriate option.

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Description and Types of

Before choosing a night light for a child’s room, parents can get a closer look at a huge range of such products. Depending on the type of design fixtures are:

  • ceiling;
  • wall mounted;
  • floor standing;
  • desktop.

As you can see, they can be installed anywhere in the room and adapted to the existing interior. Children's night lights can be networked or powered by batteries. Most often they use halogen or LED lamps. Ceiling lights give a directional stream of light or diffuse.

For a device, it is best to use lamps with a power from 25 W to 65 W maximum.

In some nightlights for children, a device is installed that makes lulling sounds or soothing smells. Preferring such models, you need to exercise prudence, and take into account the nature of the baby. An important moment for the lamp - lighting control or built-in program to disable the device. This approach is convenient provided that the child does not wake up during the whole night.

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For example, nightlights in the nursery in the form of a starry sky, work continuously for 12 hours and do not overheat. Even if the baby wakes up, the flickering lights will calm him down and help him fall asleep again. But the main factor is not the design of the lamp, but its quality. This includes:

  • the use of safe materials in the manufacture of night lights;
  • only fit low-power bulbs;
  • floor standing options should have a stable support;
  • small parts without sharp corners and firmly fixed.

When purchasing a children's night light, you should check the availability of the certificate, information about the manufacturer, as well as the operating instructions.

Modern technologies allow you to create non-standard models with many additional programs. Especially popular are nightlights with remote control. These lamps are equipped with options that allow you to pick up music under the option of light bulbs or the movement of the structure. As you can see, the range of night lamps for children is quite large, it remains to find a suitable option.

A nightlight for a child's room:

selection criteria Many would agree that choosing such an attribute is not easy, because the mood, comfort and health of the baby depend on it. In this case, it is important to take into account the age of the child. For young children who are several months old, the night darkness does not affect. They sleep not only at night, but during the day. Therefore, the lamp night light is needed, for the most part, the mother. She has to take care of the child in the dark time, when the rest of the household sleep soundly. Turning on the overhead lighting is not very convenient, but the diffused light of the lamp will help you navigate the room.

Also a great help render the original night light for newborns on the bed. They come in various shapes, which allows them to be successfully attached to a wooden support. Sometimes the fixtures are accessories:

  • clothespin;
  • tape;
  • bolts.
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Given the age of the baby, manufacturers use LEDs in their designs. They are durable, do not fight, do not heat, consume a minimum of energy. Therefore, the nightlight for newborns in the bed most often runs on batteries. In any case, this option is safe enough for the child.

Including the luminaire only when needed, it is possible to extend the life of the batteries, so that one set is enough for several months.

In order to conveniently swaddle the baby, the night light for newborns on the wall is suitable. Their diffused light covers the whole room and does not irritate the eyes. With him, the child clearly sees the outline of the mother, can calm down and quickly fall asleep.

A great idea is to install a night light next to the baby changing table. Some models are included from the light touch of the hand of the mother, who has not yet fully awakened.

When choosing a suitable night light for a cot, it is advisable to pay attention to the material from which the construction is made. It may be such options:

  • plastic;
  • glass;
  • tree;
  • thick paper;
  • rattan;
  • bamboo.

Let's take a look at some of them.


It may seem that this material does not make fixtures for the crib. In fact, modern technology allows you to create amazing designs. It uses laminated glass, which is applied to a special film. It holds glass fragments in case of any damage to the structure. These nightlights are often produced with elements of wood, decorated with a variety of patterns or sparkles.


Polymer small night light is suitable for active guys who do not sit in one place. The device is particularly durable despite its light weight. He does not hurt the baby even if he falls into his hands. The lamp is produced in various shapes and colors, so it fits easily into the home interior.


This unique material reminds of the coziness of a family hearth in any era. A wall mounted night light made of wood blends in harmoniously with the children's home as it is made of natural raw materials.

While giving preference to a certain material, it is necessary to take into account the tastes of the child, if he is able to express them.

A variety of forms and design

For wise parents, the question of what kind of night light to choose for a child is not in last place. They are doing their best to arrange their living quarters in the best possible way. A variety of shapes and design of lamps helps to take into account the sex of the baby, his hobbies and tastes.

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The boys will certainly enjoy products in this version:

  • cars;
  • seals;
  • doggie;
  • spacecraft;
  • heavenly bodies( sun, moon);
  • favorite cartoon characters.

Girls will gladly accept a night lamp for children in the form of flowers, stars, hearts, snails or turtles. Often on the ceiling painted prints with various sweets, fairy princesses, Barbie doll. Such a gift can be a real holiday for them.

One of the most popular options is considered a children's night light in the outlet. This model is an electrical device without wires. It is enough to connect to the network and the room will be filled with diffused light. Although it will illuminate a small area of ​​the room, it will fully fulfill its purpose. In addition, there are a huge number of models of such lamps.

Preschool children like night lamps made in the form of bright toys. Especially prized models with additional programs. The Sea Turtle lamp has a projector on its back that directs an image of the starry sky to the ceiling. Even the usual model in the form of a circle, reflecting flashing fireflies on the walls, will have a beneficial effect on the sleep of a little man during a night rest. Therefore, parents should make a wise choice and give the child a charming "night watchman."

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