Top 10 Samsung Vacuum Cleaners by Customer Reviews

  • The best models with a bag for dust and debris
  • The best vacuum cleaners without a bag( cyclone filter)
  • Vertical units for daily cleaning
  • The best robotic vacuum cleaners
  • Conclusion

Samsung is not a strength to gain, it’s also a un-favored brand, it’s a non-partisant, it’s also a way, you can take advantage of a non-profit, you’ll have to be, you can use it, as well as a non-profit, you’ll have to be, and you will not be able to use it.popular brand. The devices of this brand optimally correlate the cost and quality of performance. This also applies to vacuum cleaners.

For its customers, the company has developed a huge number of modifications. There are classic bag vacuum cleaners, cyclone units, vertical models and even a large selection of robotic cleaning equipment. To understand this diversity and buy the best in its performance device, you have to work hard. To facilitate the search, we have prepared a small TOP-best Samsung vacuum cleaners, which we compiled based on the huge number of positive customer reviews and expert opinions.

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Models that are included in our review, are of the highest quality, manufacturability and attractive design. Any of these units, can rightly be called one of the best devices in 2018.

The best models with a bag for dust and debris

Samsung SC20F30WE

Opens the rating of the best Samsung vacuum cleaners one of the most powerful units in its price niche. It has a power of 420 watt litter. The device is equipped with an incredibly strong nine-layer bag. To spoil this will be incredibly difficult. The design of the device provides an innovative HEPA filter-13, which is a design that fully protects the user from allergic reactions.

The instrument package includes 5 different nozzles at once. There are options for the floor, upholstery, dust collection, crevice nozzle and a device for collecting animal hair. For all its virtues, the vacuum cleaner is quite compact and equipped with an additional bumper to prevent damage and scratches on the furniture.


  • high power;
  • wide equipment;
  • super strong bag for litter;
  • anti-allergic filter;
  • capacious bag for 3 liters;
  • protective bumper;
  • great price.


  • quite heavy, more than 8 kg.

Samsung VCJG24LV

This vacuum cleaner is a good option for those.who are looking for an easy and maneuverable device for cleaning the house. This is a very easy to use device. The vacuum cleaner has large rubber wheels for easy movement. They will not scratch the surface of the floor.

The unit is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic handle that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, so that twists and loops are completely excluded. In the process of cleaning small particles of dust fall directly into the bag, while the larger ones remain in a special container, which is easy to clean. You just need to remove the small rod and the contents poured into the bucket. The dust bag, though small( 3 liters), however, lasts a long time, because only dust falls into it.


  • high power - 440 W;
  • anti-allergic filter;
  • storage compartment for accessories;
  • cyclone filter on the handle;
  • light weight and maneuverability;
  • wide range of colors to choose from;
  • cable length 7 m;
  • nice design;
  • affordable price.

Disadvantages: The

  • flask for a cyclone filter has a not very large hole.

Samsung SC4140

Another decent model. This vacuum cleaner, although slightly inferior to the previous one in terms of suction power( 320 W), but consumes much less electricity( 1.6 kW).There is a fairly roomy bag of 3 liters, HEPA filter, and it is inexpensive. By the way, the kit includes 2 disposable disposable bags and one more, reusable. So if there is no money for the purchase of “shifts”, your house will not remain uncleared.

The kit provides informative instructions in 5 languages, although the device is so simple to use that it may not be necessary.


  • good suction power;
  • energy efficient;
  • roomy bag;
  • replacement bags;
  • compact size;
  • budget price.


  • very stiff brush;
  • is quite noisy.

Best vacuum cleaners without a bag( cyclone filter)

Samsung SC8836

This is a very simple and reliable unit, created using the “bagless” technology, which allows buyers to significantly save on purchasing consumables. The device has a stylish "space" design solution.

Spacious container-dust collector is designed for 2 liters of garbage. It is very easy to clean. In addition, it was created using a special technology and divided into two special chambers. This significantly increases the suction power, and ensures the stability of the device. Even with medium settings, the vacuum cleaner shows excellent suction performance.


  • stylish design;
  • high performance;
  • rubber wheels;
  • quality filter HEPA 12;
  • excellent suction power( 430 W);
  • vertical parking;
  • many nozzles;
  • container fill indicator;
  • reasonable price.


  • instrument case is not very maneuverable;
  • non-reinforced hose, can be bent;
  • nozzles dress tight.

Samsung VC20M25

Another great model with a container. The suction power is slightly higher than that of the predecessor( 460 W), so the quality of cleaning will be guaranteed. The trash bin is small, about 2.5 liters, while cleaning is very easy. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-quality filtration system capable of trapping even very small dust particles.

Among the advantages are the long cord( 6 m) and the possibility of securing the EZClean Cyclone Filter cyclone filter for large debris on the handle. In general, users find this device quite comfortable and of high quality.


  • good suction power;
  • high-quality filter system;
  • long wire;
  • HEPA filter;
  • turbo brush included;
  • compact size;
  • power control on the handle;
  • maneuverability;
  • rubberized wheels.


  • hose does not rotate axially;
  • is a bit noisy.

Samsung VC21K5170

This model has a special design. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special turbine, which provides high suction power and prevents the filter from clogging. It is very easy to remove dirt from the container; simply loosen the lid. The control system is located on the handle. This allows you to turn on and off the device without "bowing" to his belt.

The kit includes 3 different nozzles: for crevices, upholstery and dust. Thanks to the turbine, wool and hair are practically not wound on the parts of the unit.


  • excellent suction( 440 W);
  • suction power adjustable;
  • convenient handle, with which you can control the device;
  • compact size and light weight;
  • nice appearance.


  • there is no vertical parking;
  • may become hot during long cleaning;
  • "carpet" nozzle is not very comfortable.

Vertical aggregates for daily cleaning

Samsung VS60K6030

The best electrobroom for everyday cleanliness. With small dimensions and high maneuverability, the device shows a fairly decent suction power - 30 watts. Users respond positively to the filter system and a comfortable brush that is easy to clean after work. The device is incredibly mobile, as it runs on battery. At the same time, it is much less noisy than classic models.

The battery life is up to 30 minutes. This “for the eyes” is enough for high-quality daily cleaning. You can store the device anywhere: behind the door, in the closet, in any niche. He does not take much space.

Positive points:

  • good suction power( as for “verticals”);
  • compactness;
  • high mobility;
  • sufficient battery life;
  • vertical storage;
  • good brush.


  • does not provide power control;
  • is quite expensive.

Samsung VS6000KL

This vertical vacuum cleaner has a slightly lower suction power than the previous model. But he can work offline much longer - a whole hour and even more. Convenient brush device can rotate 180 degrees. With this in mind, the vacuum cleaner acquires even greater mobility and maneuverability. They are very easy to get into the farthest corners, walk around the furniture, in the corners and along the walls.

Vacuum cleaner moves very easily. This is facilitated by large wheels. Autonomous operation provides a powerful battery. If necessary, it can be easily removed and replaced with a spare. The vacuum cleaner can be easily transformed into a manual option for cleaning furniture or car interior.


  • long battery life;
  • rotating brush;
  • large wheels;
  • sustainability and high mobility;
  • convenient container, easy to clean;
  • washable filter;
  • is very light.


  • additional battery is not included;
  • motor in the lower part, it is difficult to climb under the furniture.

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Samsung VR20M7070WD

Continues the review of the vacuum cleaner that quickly and simply removes the apartment, without your participation at all. This unit has a height of only 9.7 cm, so it easily penetrates under the sofas and cabinets. It does not differ in any prohibitive power. As with the previous model, the suction power is only 20 watts. But the device is equipped with a "smart" regulation system, which independently regulates the indicators depending on the type of coating.

The brush of the vacuum cleaner is cleaned automatically. This fact guarantees a high quality of cleaning throughout the work. The unit has a high-quality navigation system, thanks to which it is perfectly orientated even in a room full of furniture. The peculiarity of the vacuum cleaner is a "reverent" attitude to cleaning along the walls and in the corners. For these purposes, a special brush is used here. Provides remote control via Wi-Fi module.


  • remote control;
  • special brush design;
  • small height;
  • the passage of any obstacles;
  • maneuverability;
  • high-quality carpet cleaning;
  • automatic recharging;
  • low noise;
  • capacious trash bin.


  • expensive.

Samsung Powerbot VR20H9050UW

Well, the latest model in our review is another very worthy robot vacuum cleaner. It is slightly larger than its “brother” described earlier and has a height of 13.5 cm. The device also weighs a lot - 4.8 kg. But he can autonomously clean the apartment for an hour and he himself determines the degree of surface contamination.


Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with the Select & Go system, which creates an apartment map in the smartphone application. The device is able to recognize steps and never falls from them. It overcomes obstacles up to 2 cm in height, you can set the cleaning on a schedule. The unit has a rectangular front part, which is very important for high-quality cleaning in the corners. When the battery is discharged, it returns to the base for recharging. At the end of the process can continue cleaning.


  • fully autonomous operation;
  • sensor dust and pollution levels;
  • passes obstacles well;
  • is controlled from a tablet or phone;
  • can be controlled light pointer;
  • has sound alerts that can be turned off if desired;
  • container is easy to clean;
  • can create a house map;
  • distinguishes steps;
  • is an “invisible wall”;
  • washable filter;
  • unusual appearance.


  • rather high body;
  • after recharging returns to work only 1 time;
  • expensive.


All Samsung vacuum cleaners, described by us, do an excellent job with the task - quickly and efficiently clean and tidy the house. Of course, Samsung has a lot of models worthy of attention. Before buying, evaluate all the basic qualities of the device: suction power, functionality, equipment, ergonomics and ease of use. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the cost of a vacuum cleaner. Only by evaluating all the parameters in the complex, you can choose the best Samsung vacuum cleaner, which will surely become a reliable assistant in your home.

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