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If a son grows in a family, then sooner or later his parents ask themselves: what kind of room should there be for a boy? Of course, to solve this problem, you can ask for help from a specialist, and you can do interior design and yourself. The second option is not only cheaper, it is much more interesting to engage in the arrangement of residential premises with the child.

When the whole apartment is made in the same style, then the nursery should at least correspond in general terms to the chosen direction. Often parents prefer simple design of a children's room for a boy. It does not require significant costs( both money and time).But if there is a desire to dream up, then it is quite possible to make the living space as interesting and original as possible.

It is very important that the child takes an active part in the design of his room. This, firstly, will allow to fully take into account all his wishes. Secondly, he subsequently will with great pleasure spend time in it.

What should be the room for a boy

First you need to decide on what factors will depend on the design of the nursery for a boy. Among the defining moments include:

  1. Child's age - a cot and a changing table are needed for a newborn. The student, in addition to the bed, requires( at least) a desk and chair. This also applies to the color scheme: for a baby, it is recommended to select light shades, and dark tones may be present in the room of a teenager.
  2. The size of the room to be equipped is much easier to decorate a spacious room, arranging the necessary furniture and decorative elements. But to create a cozy atmosphere in a small room, you will need to exert maximum efforts.
  3. Preferences and interests of the child. If a boy has reached the age when he is fully capable of sharing his desires, then it is worth listening to them. When arranging a room for a boy, you can focus on his main passion. Parents will need only a little imagination, and the child will feel very comfortable in his element.
  4. The amount that parents can spend on room furnishing. This is also an important factor, because when the family is limited by a certain budget, then, ultimately, it is necessary to save on something.

All the above factors should be provided in advance( prior to the beginning of the arrangement of the children's room).

Planning the design of residential premises is better several months before the start of work on registration. And if you feel that you will not be able to cope with this task yourself, it is worthwhile to involve in its solution specialists in the field of interior design.

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Most often there are difficulties when the apartment has a small children's room for a boy. In this case, it is important to arrange the furniture correctly so that as much free space is left as possible. No need to purchase a large sofa or desk. In this case, there will be no room for other, no less than necessary interior items. Heavy elements that are visually capable of reducing existing space should be avoided.

Even a small room can be made cozy. Only functional pieces of furniture, proper lighting and light colors in the walls and ceiling are used. Still shared space for recreation and games.

How to choose furniture and lighting

To get a bright children's room for a boy, you should pay particular attention to the lighting. If natural lighting is not too good, this flaw can be eliminated with additional light sources. When the living space is dark, even the brightest colors look lifeless and dim. When it is possible to provide the necessary level of illumination, even a room in black and white is looking advantageous.

If the windows face the north side, additional lighting in the children's room for the boy is required without fail.

This is especially important for schoolchildren( regardless of their age).It is recommended to use one large or two main smaller light sources.

Ceiling should be made in bright colors. But the walls in the children's room for a boy are recommended to be arranged in the following way: three walls should be light-colored( you should not make them different), and one should be bright or even dark. Thus, you can make the room more spacious and comfortable. You need to start from the fact that the color of the floor should be darker than the walls. In this case, the room will look stable, and the son will feel comfortable.

As for the color scheme, it is recommended to stop the choice on the following colors:

  • blue;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • white;
  • black;
  • is brown.

Keep in mind that the room for a little boy should be as bright as possible. In no case should it be overloaded with bulky furniture and heavy curtains. If the child is small, then one should carefully ensure that everything that surrounds it is made of environmentally friendly materials. This is due to the fact that the children's body is very sensitive to various kinds of allergens and may react unexpectedly.

As practice shows, children's room for a boy with his own hands most often turns out bright and original( especially if parents put a piece of their soul into its design).

The child’s interests in the interior design of the room

If your son has grown up, and he already has his own hobbies and preferences, then this should be taken into account when arranging his room. Even without resorting to the help of professional designers, it is quite possible to make any living space individual and original, reflecting the wishes of the child.

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Designing a child’s room for a child in an individual style will help develop the son’s abilities from an early age. If the child is interested in sports, then you can not do without the wall bars, equipped with a variety of equipment. A young football player will like a bed decorated in the shape of a football goal, a carpet styled as a football pitch, appropriate accessories( the main thing is not to forget about the soccer ball, and there may be several if you wish). For a basketball player, you can arrange a room in the form of a basketball court. Only if there is a ring available for an active game, then care should be taken about the precautions: provide adequate protection for windows and other breakable items.

For a young scientist it is necessary to equip a corner to gain knowledge. This may be a mini-laboratory where a child with the participation of parents will be able to conduct fascinating experiments. All other interior details should also be made in the appropriate style. The will of fantasy can be given by making out living quarters for a little dancer or musician. In this case, the children's room for the boy should include the appropriate elements: music accessories, CDs, a place to practice these kinds of art. But the young artist will be glad to have an easel in his room and personally painted pictures on the walls.

Before you plan the design of the interior of the nursery, be sure to consult with its owner. The child will gladly take part in the arrangement of the dwelling, and when everything is ready, there will be no misunderstandings and offenses.

What to consider when making room for a teenage boy

Equipping a room for a boy who has reached adolescence necessarily attract him to the process. The fact is that at this age, children relate to everything with their youthful maximalism. And if the living space does not have to their liking, then problems can not be avoided.

Experts recommend sticking to a certain style when choosing interior design. The layout of the room for a teenager should have some distinctive feature that can make the room individual. Emphasis can be placed on a particular element of decor or wall covering. It can be wallpaper in the form of a map of the world, or a huge soft toy in the form of a tennis racket or soccer ball.

In this case the interests of the child should serve as a starting point for parents. Together with it, the elements of decor are chosen( not to mention the key points of the design).They will make the living space original and as comfortable as possible for its owner.

Often, difficulties arise when deciding how to arrange furniture in a teenager's room. At a minimum, place:

  • bed( or sofa);
  • training table;
  • wardrobe and other accessories.

When there is space, it is preferable to make a zone for sports, which is important in adolescence.

Desk should be placed near the window so that the light falls from the left side. This will save the child from vision problems in the future.

If you plan to equip the room with your own hands, you can carefully study the ideas for the children's room for boys. At the same time, it is not necessary to copy everything. It is enough to use only what parents and teenagers liked. The appearance of housing depends on the chosen color scheme. Therefore, although black color in combination with white is now in vogue, but they should not overload the room. The result is not always good. Most likely the room will look too gloomy.

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How to better arrange a room for two boysIn a situation where the living room is spacious enough, you can place two beds here. But if the place is small, then you should opt for a bunk bed. As a rule, the upper floor is occupied by an older child, and the lower one - by the youngest son. To avoid conflict situations, it is necessary to ask the children's opinion on this matter.

Asking how to make room for boys, parents, first of all, start from the age of their sons, their activities and hobbies. Here everything should be in the interests of children and be as comfortable as possible for them. It is necessary to provide where to put toys and things, where to do homework, and where to spend your free time.

Further arrangement of residential space depends on the size of the nursery. When the area allows, then you need to place:

  • wardrobe;
  • desk and chair for classes;
  • gaming area.

In cases where the room for two boys is small, it is worthwhile to give preference to functional pieces of furniture. You can choose a small wardrobe, bedside table or chest of drawers, make shelves for books and small items that should always be at hand. In a word, it all depends on what area parents have for translating their ideas. If the younger son was recently born, it is necessary to allocate a separate space for him, or to arrange a corner in the parent’s bedroom.

But to answer the question of how the children's room for 3 boys should be equipped, not everyone can do it. No matter how spacious the room was, it is quite difficult to place three beds in it. Here you should also make a start from the age of the children. Older guys can occupy a two-story bed, and for a little son choose a small sofa. The area for games and sports equipment is tailored to the needs of each of the boys. The main thing is to arrange all the furniture so that the occupants of the room are not crowded.

Design room for two boys - video

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