Overview septic tank "Evrobion YUBAS": reviews, device, advantages and disadvantages

deep cleaning station allows you to dispose of domestic waste and save space on the plot. Supplied to Russia and CIS markets septic "Evrobion YUBAS" enjoys quite reasonable demand because of the ease of installation and good quality household water treatment.

In our proposed article described in detail the principle of action of sewage treatment installations of this brand. Constructive peculiarities and specifics of waste recycling. We will introduce the model range, and with the specific choice of the optimal model.

The content of the article:

  • The evolution of septic tanks "Evrobion"
  • Expected quality of treatment
  • Design and operation principle
  • Lineup "Evrobion YUBAS"
    • Characteristics Eurobion-5R ART
    • Characteristics Eurobion-8R ART
  • Terms and frequency of care
  • Pluses and minuses data septic tanks
  • Comparison with septic major competitors
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The evolution of septic tanks "Evrobion"

Part of the development has been enhanced by experience, during the release of the first models. Refinement was carried out on the basis of the problems that arise in the operation of end-users. The first model has a number of design flaws.

They lacked the anchoring system and increasing the groundwater level occurred emersion tank. This led to the deformation of the pipe and, in some cases, to failure of the sewage system.

Buyers massively applied in the company, who go on the site and make improvements septic tank body "Evrobion". The costs of the extraction capacity will be charged at 50% of their value.

image gallery

Photo of

Sewage station from Evrobion

Evrobion YUBAS station is designed for deep sewage masses of household expenditure categories without using chemical and biological weapons

Scope of use stations

Generating effluent cleaning station is included in the battery circuit for processing sewage effluent directly to the site of their formation

Apparatus deep cleaning station

Vertically oriented body made of fiber reinforced resin inside is divided into chambers. Flowing over them runoff subjected to mechanical, chemical and biological treatment

Insulated cover septic system

For round operation sewer installation should be warm to the depth of seasonal freezing soil. The station is equipped with an insulated cover which protects technical equipment and systems bionapolnenie

Lack of odors

In operation, the station does not propagate odors, so it can be positioned next to an adjacent portion

dirt after-treatment wastewater system

Past treatment in septic tanks Evrobion YUBAS wastewater disposed into the soil after the ground post-treatment in the absorption pit or trench filter

Construction of country manor

The company's product range includes stations that can fully recycle waste water from kitchens and bathrooms of country houses of permanent residence

Model for suburban area

Manufacturer suggested model for the small suburban areas, visited periodically

Sewage station from Evrobion

Sewage station from Evrobion

Scope of use stations

Scope of use stations

Apparatus deep cleaning station

Apparatus deep cleaning station

Insulated cover septic system

Insulated cover septic system

Lack of odors

Lack of odors

dirt after-treatment wastewater system

dirt after-treatment wastewater system

Construction of country manor

Construction of country manor

Model for suburban area

Model for suburban area

After identifying this lack of groundwater hooks have been added to all models. It is possible to solve the problem with the ascent. Special hooks mounted at the corners of the installation, which was at that time rectangular shape. She, too, was not a good solution.

Since the container was elongated rectangular housing, there were cases depressurization at a pressure in the tank wall. This was due to the large number of welds.

Seats connections was reduced by making the cylindrical body. Additionally, it strengthened the ribs on all four sides.

homemade lugs

The problem solved by welding to the bottom of the plastic base capacitance larger area. This made it possible in the future to attach the container to the bottom of the pit arranged on a concrete slab. In some cases, the concrete foundation is not poured. All the works on modernization of the company were paid

The consequence of this problem was solved partially. In areas where the winter period the temperature falls below 25 degrees, the upper part of the container needs insulation. This is to maintain the optimum temperature for propagation therein active sludge, which cleans waste water.

The manufacturer is actively improved cleaning and the old model system have the opportunity to purchase a set for modernization, which solves the problem of the excessive removal of the active biomass at reset volley water.

This has improved the quality of municipal wastewater treatment. Last renovation took place in 2015. She touched upon the models of stations, which are designed to receive domestic waste in households, where 12-15 people.

New cylindrical shape body

Changing the shape has improved the circulation of fluid between the compartments container. Activated sludge has become more uniformly distributed. However, the first cylindrical model forms had insufficient thickness. This resulted in a freezing container and further recommended to insulate

Expected quality of treatment

The quality of wastewater depends on the state of the microflora. After connecting the septic water system at the outlet have a cloudy appearance. Installation needs to operate within a few weeks to reach full capacity. During this period, the percentage of purification does not exceed 70%.

To prevent environmental pollution active microbial mass can settle immediately after installation. In the system, the use of aeration fields are not provided, so the final effluent quality can be checked by taking a sample from the tertiary settler.

If the number of people living less than how much is designed septic system, access to the full power of the work will be much longer. The process may last from 6 to 12 months.

Cleaning before reaching full capacity

Muddy residue in samples taken from the tertiary settler, indicates the problems of the system. Typically, this can be caused by leaching of the activated sludge or its low concentration. Most of these effects occur with salvo Dumping

Sometimes it is a consequence of blockage of one of the system connections. After the release of the installation at full capacity, the water should not contain fine suspended matter.

But even transparent effluents contain a large amount of phosphates and other surfactants contained in detergents. The design standard septic systems do not provide a mechanism neutralizing chemical contaminants.

Clear after reaching full capacity

So should look like the sample water from the septic tank. The first sample with a minor amount of finely dispersion sludge taken from the primary settler. The second sample is taken from the tertiary settler. Water quality should be checked periodically

Purified domestic waste have an unpleasant odor and may be collected in a gutter or swamp. Discharge into rivers or other bodies of water can not be, since it leads to poisoning phosphates local biological flora and fauna.

The company allows you to purchase a separate feeder for wastewater disinfection, but install it in itself can not be the device capacity. Since water is continuously circulated in the station between the compartments. This requires a drainage well.

additional drainage device

The diagram shows a variant of the installation of the filter wells for purification of recycled waste station. The clarified and disinfected liquid drains through the precoat filter and disposed in underlying layers (+)

An alternative method of purification is the installation of a UFO. The plastic from which the housing is resistant to UV rays. If a station is set in a conservation area, it needs further upgrading. The equipment can be ordered from the manufacturer's website.

Design and operation principle

Wastewater Treatment involves two or three steps. Accordingly container itself has three compartments. It reduces the number AeroLift to one. It has an inner diameter of 28 mm. There is one compressor and one aerator. The diagram is a detailed arrangement of biological treatment plant, which involves aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

Scheme septic device

In the diagram, there is a control unit. It contains the electronics, including the signaling of overfilling. signal supply means to verify the state of the biological treatment plant. Often this indicates a compressor failure (+)

Phased purification process is as follows:

  1.  Through the inlet water enters the vertical receiving channel oxidation.
  2.  There, the solids were broken krupnopuzyrchatym aerator.
  3. The resultant slurry after the oxygen breakdown is deposited on the false-bottom, which has a bias and the transfer opening.
  4. After a small hole the slurry settles in the bottom of the activation tank.
  5. formed on the bottom of the activated sludge.
  6. Water that does not contain a slurry moves airlift the secondary settling tank.

Then the water circulates through the system as long as its level rises to transport of the system. As the mass of activated sludge increases and the quality of treated water.

Activated sludge

The picture shows the activated sludge, which is subjected to aeration. The processing is based on an earthy smell. It is removed through a background riser. Installation does not spread odors and may be installed near the home ownership

Sludge Aeration takes place in a continuous mode, which eventually necessitates cleaning device. The stations are installed aeration elements are produced in Russia. Their cost is lower than foreign analogues.

Lineup "Evrobion YUBAS"

The company produces multiple configurations of septic tanks "Evrobion". They vary in volume and the presence of some additional features.

Model line represented by the following devices:

  • Eurobion-5R ART
  • Eurobion -5R ART Midi
  • Eurobion -8R ART
  • Eurobion -8R ART Midi
  • Eurobion -8R long ART

The number in the abbreviation means the number of people for whom the installation. Long and Midi models are designed for areas with high water table. This is not a complete lineup.

Characteristics Eurobion-5R ART

This type of installation has capacity of up to 900 cubic meters. liters per day. Designed for year-round use in private households, where from 1 to 6 people.

Have a volume of 2.38 to 2.80 cubic liters. The hole for the waste pipe coming out of the house, is set at 60 -80 cm. Maximum volley discharge does not exceed 390 cubic liters.

Characteristics Eurobion-8R ART

These models have a capacity of up to 700 cubic meters. liters per day. Designed for year-round use in private households, where from 6 to 9 people.

Have a volume of 4.35 to 6.12 cubic liters. The hole for the waste pipe coming out of the house, is set at 60 -120 cm. Maximum reset drains limited cubic volume of 700 liters.

Terms and frequency of care

Since the primary settling tank has a small volume, it must be pumped out by a pump or every 6 months.

Further, it is mixed with remnants of vegetation and other substances suitable for the preparation of fertilizers. In order to reduce the pumping rate can be further set overflow well. Then the waste water will fall into it, and then only in the installation. This will prevent from entering the septic tank is not degradable waste and possible breakage.

Pumping of excess sludge

If you do not to pump from the primary settling tank on the tank surface appears clot, consisting of dead organisms. Evacuated sludge must be disposed of. The best way will be the organization of the compost pit where the remains of the activated sludge merge

The use of the scheme in the overflow water drain well and allow to reduce leaching of the activated sludge with high volumes of simultaneous flow of water into the unit.

With every two or three years, you need to change the membrane compressor. If the timer is set, then the membrane may need replacement before.

Diaphragm compressors

membrane replacement is easy. Perform minor repairs will be much cheaper to purchase a new compressor. You can perform independently. Component parts available in the market, as the compressor model is in demand

Besides it is necessary to reduce the amount of chlorine-containing household chemicals, which destroys activated sludge. Do not allow entering the septic tank remains of rotten vegetables and other food products. This has a negative effect on the microorganisms.

Pluses and minuses data septic tanks

By analogy with all the septic tanks for bioremediation "Evrobion YUBAS" have merit and are not without drawbacks. The advantages include the station tank form which has a small number of welds and reinforced ribs. Another advantage is the availability of airlift and minimal electronics presence.

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Photo of

The advantages of ease of installation

A strong advantage of septic tanks Evrobion YUBAS recognize the ease of installation, which can hold your own hands

Connection and operation

The station is easy to connect to the power supply independently, using its Annexes leadership. Need to inspect once a week, once every six months is required to pump sludge, once every 4 years to carry out a full after-sales service

station setup in the ground rules

To install the casing into the ground is developed pit whose walls are settling formwork. The lower half of the pit is filled with sand-cement mixture so that the construction is not floated in the flood period, a top covered with sand

Geological conditions for installation

Evrobion YUBAS sewage station is set into the ground any structure regardless of the level of mirror ground water

The advantages of ease of installation

The advantages of ease of installation

Connection and operation

Connection and operation

station setup in the ground rules

station setup in the ground rules

Geological conditions for installation

Geological conditions for installation

All electrical appliances are collected in a separate compartment and accessible for maintenance. Presented septic tanks models are light weight and compact dimensions. This simplifies the transport and installation stations.

K on gaps provides insufficient purification of domestic wastewater from phosphates. In addition, the plant needs constant monitoring. Every 6 months maintenance-free. Aerator operates continuously, which reduces battery life.

The camera is designed for the primary draining wastewater, it has a small volume, which leads to leaching of the activated sludge plant. Septic tank operates on electricity, so it increases the cost of its maintenance. Flaw is the location of the vent on the lid.

air hole

The photo shows an air hole. It is located directly above the compressor. The slit may seep water, causing failure of the electronics. This is possible if the water level is greater than the height of the vent

In some cases, the moisture caused by melting snow. This happens when it gets to the station cover. Damage caused by moisture in the electronics, do not refer to the warranty. Repairs made at the expense of the owner.

With septic tank maintenance rules in winter acquaint next article, With the content which we encourage you to read.

Comparison with septic major competitors

Closest competitors' Evrobion YUBAS "treatment plants are "Tapas" and "Aster". In their device much in common, but each brand has structural features.

septic tank

In the "Topas" figure shows the deep cleaning station 5. Its capacity is 1000 cubic liters per day. Salvo water discharge is 220 cubic liters. Fitting Weight 230 kg

According to the degree of "Tapas" superior cleaning "Evrobion". Since the basic configuration "Tapas" is a system of UFO. "Astra" also has this disinfection mechanism. The container body "Tapas" and "Astra" have a rectangular shape with a large number of welds. This makes the container more susceptible to deformation and seal failure.

"Evrobion" has a body of cylindrical shape, which distinguishes it from the nearest competitors. Since one seam is present in the vessel. This makes it more resistant to hull and squeezing deformation.

septic tank

In Figure "Astra" illustrates a deep cleaning station 5. Its capacity is 1000 cubic liters per day. Salvo water discharge is 250 cubic liters. Fitting Weight 250 kg

The amount of airlift to the biological treatment plant "Topas" and "Astra" is three. When this tubing is approximately the same width. "Evrobion" has only one airlift pipe with a large diameter. This distinguishes it as blockages in the system is minimized.

Another advantageous feature of septic systems "Evrobion YUBAS" is less electronics content.

In models "Topas", there are two compressor units in septic "Astra" two aerator. In "Evrobion" unit data is present in single copy. This reduces the cost of installation maintenance. In addition, the control unit in the "Topas" systems and "Astra" controlled by a float switch sensor.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The video explains how to pump excess sludge and produce a service station:

The video shows a gradual process membranes substitutions:

Overview of structural differences septic systems similar configuration:

Advantages and disadvantages of septic "Evrobion YUBAS" characteristic of all low power purification stations. This is due to the low cost price, which is achieved by reducing the size of installations.

Reduced volume of the chambers, where there is a clearance, which necessitates a multiple circulation of the water, and increases power consumption. The advantage of such systems lies in their compactness.

Please write comments in the form of a block located below intended for feedback. Tell us about what you have chosen a septic tank for sewage devices in the suburban area. Ask questions, share useful information and pictures of the article.

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