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Mantis tiller Little Wonder production company for 30 years working in the gardens and in the adjoining areas of American fans of Agriculture. Since its creation in 1980, the model has not been modernized, as it completely suits the users. Lightweight and compact mechanism has high performance. He leads the initial processing, can work on arable land, where other tools burrow deep into.

Description of the Little Wonder

light cultivator The electric and petrol models equipped with Honda or Kioritz engines are currently on the market. The gasoline cultivator Mantis Honda and the electric model are supplied to Russia. The highlight of the device is a special design of cutters, called "serpentine."Thin, curved and very strong knives float a dense soil, carry out finishing processing, making out rows, preparing deep holes for planting plants from containers. The productivity of a machine weighing 9.5 kg for plowing is 2 weave per hour at a depth of 25 cm. The effectiveness is ensured by the design of the cutters and the speed of the cutters at 240 rpm. The processed strip of land is 15-41 cm.

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You can rearrange the cutters and they become a great geek with a capacity of 4 weave per hour. The design of the cutters is curved cutters, the cutting surface of which resembles a saw with uneven teeth. No other cultivator can boast of such a knot.

The same cutters, just in a different position, do not go deep into the ground, and produce surface treatment, flying.

The Mantis cultivator can perform other operations:

  • form a row for planting potatoes using a plow;
  • works with hiller;
  • to work as a rake on the basis of a cultivator, removing crop residues and leaves, conveniently;
  • can be equipped with a working mechanism with a brush, and the cultivator will work as a janitor.
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Gasoline cultivators supplied to the Russian market are made in Japan, equipped with a Honda engine. The four-stroke engine is reliable and easy to maintain. Capacity 1.2 l.with.provides deep plowing and productivity.

Worm gear, as users note, allows you to protect the unit from damage if stones hit. When overloaded, the idle is automatically switched on and the mill can be cleaned. The engine should be shut off. A folding handle adds convenience.

Specifications of the Mantis 7262 cultivator:

  • engine - Honda GX25 OHC four-stroke;
  • power per shaft - 1.2 liters.with.;
  • diameter cutters - 25 cm;
  • processing depth - 25 cm;
  • number of speeds - 1 forward;
  • unit weight - 9.5 kg.

The unit costs up to 50 thousand rubles.

A cheaper model is the network model of the Mantis 7252 cultivator. It is also supplied to the Russian market. The advantage over the petrol model is in low noise. On the remote control has a speed switch. However, less power, the danger of working on wet ground and the lack of mobility - the shortcomings of all electrical appliances are present. Engine power 730 watts. The cultivator weighs 9 kg, plows a strip of 23 cm, costs 35 thousand.

The manufacturer gives guarantees for 2 years for the power unit and 5 years for the mills of a special design. When buying a cultivator for an American company, it is necessary to carefully study the equipment documentation. The cases of receipt of counterfeit products from China have become more frequent. The counterfeit is not covered by the warranty, and the quality of the instrument does not correspond to the declared by the manufacturer.

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Even without understanding the language of the demonstrator, the video can help evaluate the effectiveness of the Mantis cultivator:

Maintenance of cultivators

There is no perfect technique, and any unit requires proper maintenance and repair. When the first signs of not paying attention, may require replacement parts, the price of a third of the device. Therefore, first of all, before the first start-up, the instruction manual for the Mantis cultivator should be examined. Proper preparation of the device for operation is an essential element in maintaining the equipment in working condition.

Russian fuel does not always meet international standards. Perhaps, gasoline should be bought in advance and defended during the day. The inclusions will sink, it will become cleaner. Store gasoline in a metal container. PET bottles are being destroyed, and micro-doses of plastic in gasoline will not make it more useful for the engine.

When buying a machine, you need to purchase a lubricant, gear oil recommended by the manufacturer. The manual describes in detail the procedure for the preparation of equipment and the timing of maintenance. Technical manual - primer for the owner of the equipment. It is necessary to study the techniques of work.

Have you noticed on the video, the operator moves back and pulls the car behind him. This is called return control. For safety reasons, the path must be clear of foreign objects, animals, children. Users pay attention to equipment and physical condition, which is safe for work.

It is especially noted that when working with a gasoline engine, it must be remembered that on a slope gasoline from a tank can spill. The most careful to do turns. In the event of a leak of gasoline, the body must be immediately wiped with a dry cloth. At the time of completion of work, without waiting for the ground to harden, it is required to clean all parts of the mechanism.

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In case of equipment failure, you may be able to find the cause yourself using the fault table and ways to fix it.

Cutter rotation 240 rpm is dangerous to others. During operation, the operator must be in glasses and closed clothing. A small pebble flies at this speed, as if from a sling, and can cause injury to a worker.

Typical Malfunctions

Gardening tools with engines are a complex technique. It is not possible to repair the Mantis cultivator by yourself during the warranty period. Diagnostics will show whether a breakdown occurred or consumables need to be replaced. Referring to the instruction manual, you can find and fix not complex problems.

The motor does not start:

  • may be, the position switch is faulty, and it should be switched to the “1” position;
  • check fuel level; if necessary, top up;
  • check the condition of the fuel filter, possibly replaced;
  • check and replace the spark plug;
  • happens, there is a lot of fuel in the tank, then the candle is cast.

All these actions are recorded in the instructions for each node. And only if it was not possible to eliminate the malfunction independently in accordance with the manual, contact the service center. Spare parts for a cultivator of Mantis are got in the service center or online stores. Details and components for overseas technology are expensive. The average prices for some components are:

  • manual starter - 1,500 rubles;
  • worm gearbox - 14 thousand rubles;
  • carburetor - 4500 rubles.

If the failure occurs due to the user's fault, it is hardly worth counting on the warranty. Necessary condition of operation should be accuracy. And then the means of small-scale mechanization will surprise with working capacity for 30 years.

Video about the work of the Mantis cultivator on the Russian cottage

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