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situation when the interiorthe doors become unusable and lose their appearance is not uncommon. Knowing a few basic techniques for upgrading the old door, you’ll be able to save a lot and don’t waste your time. Having learned how to restore the surface independently, it will turn out not only to give the apartment a fresh look, but also to turn interesting author's ideas into reality.

After reading a few useful secrets listed below, you will be able to do repair work with your own hands. Do not forget about the importance of the preparatory work, as this process also affects the beauty of the product. Making the door will turn when using paint, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, decoupage and other techniques.

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Preparatory stage of the

Before you change the old door, you must first prepare the surface and remove the previous coating. If you remove the product from the hinges in advance, it will be more convenient to carry out repair work. Place the door on a flat surface, use a table or goats for this. Remove the accessories from the canvas: handles, hinges, latches, locks. Replace parts with new ones if they become unusable. Do not forget to remove the glazing beads and remove the glass before starting repair work.

It will be much easier to act by adhering to the following points:

  1. Using a building dryer, heat the surface so that the old paint is removed much faster. When the layer begins to soften, use a spatula to remove the coating.
  2. Fill up scratches and defects due to putty and putty for wood.
  3. Take sandpaper with different grit. Sand the surface and polish it thoroughly.
  4. Fully update the old doors with your own hands if you distribute the varnish or stain on the surface. Such a measure will protect the canvas from moisture, and give the tree a beautiful shade.
  5. Insert the glass back into the door leaf, use new beadings.

If you are painting the door or glue the wallpaper onto the canvas, do not forget to prime it first. Pick up a special primer or liquid diluted glue.

Self-adhesive film

When the ideas on how to glue the old door stalled - pick the simplest and most inexpensive option in the form of a self-adhesive film. Geometric stickers will be distributed on the canvas, even if you do not first remove it from the hinges. Choose a bright shade film to create a contrast with the overall tone. If you pick up the stickers to match the color of the door, it will look tasteless.

Before sticking the film with a pencil, mark up where the patterns will be located. After that, put a sticker on the canvas and with the help of a cloth get rid of the air under the film, wiping it carefully. A canvas on which you can draw inscriptions in chalk will look very stylish and effective. The cost of such a film is not cheap, but this option will look very unusual.

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In the process of updating the old door, as in the first case, it is important to use another inexpensive option - paint. Here you have to remove the door from the hinges to get to paint the door as carefully as possible. You can choose absolutely any color - it all depends on your taste preferences and interior. Buy paint on acrylic or water base, as it does not have an unpleasant smell. It is better to refuse alkyd paint.

Experienced "artists" will be able to paint the door using a dye in cylinders. For beginners, it is better to refuse such an idea, since it will be difficult to apply the material in one tone, as the dye will be sprayed on different sides. If you chose the standard option of painting, then take a matte, not glossy paint. In the second case, the dye will only emphasize all the defects and irregularities of the web.

Before you upgrade the doors without changing them, take a roller so that the painting process is as comfortable as possible. The wide roller is suitable for flat and solid doors. It is best to paint the door in 2-3 layers, applying paint with a fairly thin ball.

How to update the old door with wallpaper: several methods

It is not difficult to paste wallpaper on the door leaf and at the same time all the stages of work will not take much time. Create a beautiful contrast is obtained if you choose the wallpaper color, which will be different from the colors of the walls. Having prepared the doors and progressed them, you will be able to glue the wallpaper according to this scheme:

  1. According to the instructions indicated on the packaging, dissolve the glue.
  2. Spread the adhesive backing onto the sheet.
  3. Gently start to stick wallpaper and do not forget to remove bubbles. This will help plastic or rubber spatula, which must be moved from the center to the edges.
  4. Use a metal strip and wallpaper knife to trim the edges of the wallpaper.
  5. Wait for the wallpaper to dry completely, if necessary, to proceed to the next stage of decoration.

If desired, apply additional decor on top of the wallpaper.


If before you upgrade the interior doors with your own hands( according to the photo with the instruction) to buy foam or polyurethane moldings, as well as sockets, then the decor will be quite unusual. This option will beautifully emphasize the room, decorated in a classic style. Using rounded moldings and bright background will be able to decorate the room in the style of Provence.

After you had time to glue the wallpaper and they are already dry with a pencil, mark up where the moldings will be. Using a tape measure, measure how much material you need to complete the decor. Gash the edges of the molding at a 45 degree angle. Then take the PVA or other glue to process the back surface of each element and glue on the markup. Wait for the glue to dry completely.

Photo Wallpapers

Give the room a completely new look, if you stick it on the door of the photo wallpaper. Such a decoration will look very bright and will help to transform the interior of any room. Order photo wallpaper will work in any printing. In this case, it will be possible to individually select the design and type of pattern. Before you update your old wooden doors with your own hands in a similar way, you should follow the previously mentioned instructions for gluing ordinary wallpaper.

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The effect of old

In the process of how to update the old door with paint, and emery paper will create the effect of old. Before moving on to the decor, cover the canvas with dark paint in several layers. After that, apply a light paint over the previous layer. When the dye is completely dry, take the sandpaper and start cleaning the top layer so that the dark paint appears.

Using the craquelure effect you will also visually “age” the doors. To do this, use a lacquer or paint, which, after solidification, will visually form cracks.


A decoupage of an old door will look very nice if you use ordinary napkins for decoration. Before work, paint the canvas in white. Then take a three-layer napkin with a beautiful pattern and scissors cut the image. Separate the color layer and gently attach it to the door.

Dissolve the PVA glue and water in the correct ratio and take the brush. Apply glue to the back of the picture and attach it to the door. You can repeat this procedure several times until the entire application is completed. At the end, open the surface with acrylic varnish.

Glass inserts

Another good way to update the old door with your own hands( photo clearly using) is to try to replace the glass. In the door leaf, install a new glass or update the decor of the old. Unusual will look equipment stained glass.

Before painting the doors and creating an unusual stained glass window, prepare these tools:

  • ; stained glass paints;
  • gloves;
  • contour;
  • marker.

Paint the glass most conveniently in a horizontal position. Using a marker, draw outlines, and then paint with paints to paint the middle on both sides. Complete the whole picture if you stick small stones or pieces of glass. These details should also be circled with a black marker on top of the picture.

Before you elevate the old door with your own hands, take this recommendation into service. Cut small holes in the door leaf and insert small multi-colored glass pieces into the middle. This method will allow you to create a beautiful composition of glass. This option is suitable if the door leaf is made from a solid array.

Decor on the stencil

Uncomplicated and at the same time a beautiful option - the design of the door on the stencil pattern. Prepare a stencil will turn out independently or it will be possible to buy it in the building( stationery) store in finished form. Take thick paper and cut out a pattern that you like. Similarly, you can also prepare a self-adhesive film.

First pre-process the door, then take a stencil and carefully walk over the top with a paint roller. Paint in the spray can also be suitable for decoration. Make sure that the template fits snugly to the surface of the door, as otherwise there will be excess smudges and stains on the canvas.

Paint the door in white, and then use stencil patterns. Black and gold patterns will look very beautiful against a light background. During the renovation of interior doors with your own hands, also use the opposite of a dark background and bright stencil patterns.

Art drawing

Art lovers can pay attention to such an unusual option for decorating doors. It is enough to paint the doors in one tone first, and then use additional paints and paint brushes. The picture may go beyond the doorway by 10-20 cm and be a beautiful continuation of the composition.

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Draw a sketch with a pencil, and then proceed to paint. Pre-cover the floor and walls with a protective film so that splashes do not spoil the interior. In order to create a memorable design, give the children paint in their hands, where they can show their creativity on the canvas. Such art will give a lot of positive memories and emotions.


In the case when there are no ideas on what can be done with the old door, but it would be very desirable to decorate it, the textile version is ideal. This is a very time-consuming process, but the design of the doors will turn out to be truly homely and cozy. Before proceeding to the arrangement of the door leaf pre-buy fabric with your favorite patterns. Avoid too light colors, as spots and defects will appear very quickly on such a surface.

Pick up in the store material that will blend in color with the rest of the decor. Use double-sided masking tape to glue textiles as comfortably as possible. Distribute tape around the door. Make sure that the edges of the door do not form folds, and that there are no rags.

Laminating of doors

Refresh the look of a room if you apply the film on the doors at home. To do this, buy in the hardware store self-adhesive tape on a sticky basis. First, pre-prepare the door leaf and apply scratches and bumps. If necessary, remove the layer of old paint.

When sticking a film, do not forget that it very quickly connects to the surface, so you need to work very carefully to prevent bubbles and irregularities. Apply the film gradually over a millimeter, use a plastic wallpaper spatula to prevent defects.

Choosing one of the above options, it will not be difficult to update the door on your own at home. It is important not to forget when decorating the rest of the interior of the apartment and pre-protect it with a film.

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