Overview of diesel generators for summer residence

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The issue of autonomous power supply of country houses affects more and more residents of rural residents. Indeed, the solution of this important problem does not depend on the quality of the services of the supplying organizations and the quality of the networks available in the settlement. It is important only that the acquired equipment is correctly selected, and therefore, it would provide all the needs of the household.

One of the preferred options for such equipment are diesel generators for homes and villas that can guarantee the functioning of all life support systems as a backup and main source power supply.

Advantages of diesel generators

  1. If you compare devices on diesel fuel with gasoline analogues, the first are more efficient and reliable.
  2. The economics of these generators is especially evident with the constant use of aggregates.
  3. The device is more environmentally friendly than the gasoline generator.
  4. Diesel generators are safer than gasoline ones.

Disadvantages of diesel generators

  1. Noisy work.
  2. Sensitivity to fuel quality.

Which diesel generator should I choose for a holiday home?

The choice of a suitable model of the diesel generator is best based on the key technical and operational characteristics of the equipment:

  • power;
  • on the form of the current produced;
  • economy and volume of the tank;
  • at the noise level;
  • mobility of the device.

Power Diesel Generator

The peculiarity of such generators is that they are capable of producing a fairly wide range of power. And here it is important to take into account the purpose of the generator and the estimated power consumption.

  • To organize a backup power supply when the centralized power supply is disconnected or for permanent provision of a summer cottage will be enough for a diesel generator for 5 kW or 7 kW.
  • Diesel generator for 10 kW or slightly more powerful is already able to provide energy a full-fledged country house for permanent residence. At the same time, all modern home appliances, including devices with high starting currents, can work smoothly.
  • The unit with a power of 25 to 50 kW is a reliable source of uninterrupted power supply on an ongoing basis for Cottages and mansions with an extensive set of electrical appliances, which can include devices with an active ohmic load.
  • Diesel generators of 100 kW and above are used to supply groups of households or whole villages with modern infrastructure.
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Noisy diesel generator

This, according to this criterion, the diesel generator for the dacha significantly exceeds the similar gasoline and gas installations. Along with the increase in the power of the device, the noise level also increases, for example, the unit generating power up to 10 kW has a noise level of about 75 dB. To reduce this impact, special covers are used. Diesel generators with a power greater than 30 kW are recommended to be mounted only on a concrete foundation and in separate rooms with proper insulation.

Mobility of diesel generators

Diesel generators designed for dachas are designed for small or medium capacity and can serve as a permanent or backup supply source in suburban conditions.

Therefore generators are divided into two categories:

  1. Mobile or mobile generators are often equipped with engines from 3000 rpm. They are air-cooled and serve for short-term operation. The power of such devices does not exceed 15 kW. For ease of movement, they are equipped with a chassis. Such generators can be started manually, with the help of an electric starter, but there are also diesel generators with an autostart.
  2. Stationary generators are preferably selected with an engine developing 1500 rpm, liquid cooling and a strong frame. The power of stationary generators is generally higher than 20 kW, but such devices are noisier and require regular maintenance.
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Type of diesel generator engine

For sensitive equipment, it is recommended that you select asynchronous devices. But synchronous diesel generators for the home are all preferable to the countryside, where their endurance is important.


The more intensive the operation mode, the more reliable the selected device should be.

The high-speed engine will be good at a load not exceeding 500 operating hours during the year. If the generator has more serious work, it is more logical to prefer a device that has a frequency of 1500 rpm, which is also more durable and less noisy.

Conditions of operation of diesel generators for the home

For an open-type generator mounted on a metal frame, a separate room is required, equipped with heating, ventilation and safety equipment in case of fire.

The container-type device is not afraid of the influence of weather conditions, it can be installed in a convenient place. As a protection, a special casing is used here, which can positively influence the noise of the generator

Sometimes on suburban households mobile generators are used in the form of a trailer on the chassis.

Control method of diesel generator

  1. The manual mode assumes that someone should be near the unit in order to be able to regulate its operation.
  2. Semi-automatic mode differs from manual by some automation, for example, manual start can only be the starting of the generator. Today, there are models controlled remotely, but such control can be carried out from a distance of not more than 25 meters.
  3. Generators with automatic control mode require only monitoring and human use of special programs. All the necessary information is displayed on the panel.
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Video review of stationary diesel generator for home with auto-launch

Overview of diesel generators of popular brands

To the best diesel generators in the Russian market should be attributed devices produced by domestic companies under the brands Vepr, PRORAB and Svarog. The range of generators on diesel fuel from these manufacturers is designed not only for household consumers, but also for the industrial use of high-power units.

Video review of the Russian diesel generator Prorab 3001 D

Among foreign models, the generators of such well-known European brands as EKO and HAMMER, FG Wilson, SDMO, as well as HUTER and Genpower are trusted by buyers. These are highly reliable devices that show excellent performance and efficiency in Russian conditions.

A wide range of diesel generators are offered by Asian companies traditionally represented in this market. Hyundai, Honda and Yamaha, as well as many other manufacturers are today the original leaders in this sphere, not only because of the high quality of the products, but also because of its modern design. Now on the market you can see products from American companies, for example, Ranger and Mustang. And under these brands a line of not only domestic, but also industrial models is produced.

With all the variety of the assortment offered today, Russian products are distinguished by availability, extreme reliability and ease of operation.

As domestic diesel generators are better to local conditions, then there are almost no complaints about their "whims" or refusals. And if you need a technical inspection or repair of the device, it is not difficult to find those or other parts.
If we consider the merits of imported generators, then their undoubted advantage will be greater profitability and a sufficiently long motor life.

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