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Cayman Cultivator will help to flux and saturate the soil with oxygen before sowing. The equipment for the land works of the French manufacturer is equipped with Japanese four-stroke engines, economical, and with a large power reserve. New developments are being supplied to the Russian market, as it has been mastered recently, since 2003.

Description of Cultivators Cayman

Among the many machines of the same name it is difficult to imagine a brand from the most advantageous side. The sophisticated buyer is no longer surprised by the novelties. It is necessary to attract his attention exclusive. So, considering the Caiman gasoline cultivators, it is necessary to take as a basis the information of the manufacturer:

  • Caiman supplies all cultivators supplied to Russia by Caiman with four-stroke gasoline engines Subaru-Robin, Kawasaki;
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  • cultivator milling cutters of the Razor Blade type are made of hardened steel;
  • stamped frame with handle, adjustable in 2 planes;
  • gearbox sealed with life-time lubrication, if necessary, disassembled, chain drive;
  • spinal back load reduction system Right Balance;
  • wide network of service centers;
  • warranty period of 5 years for amateurs, 3 years for professionals.

It is correct to immediately mark the feedback on the instrument of this brand in the user forums. It is a lot of remarks, we will list some of them:

  1. The instruction is issued the general for all petrol models. It is written in detail specification, order of repair and safety. Work on the technique missed. Those who see the technique for the first time, have suffered a lot, until they have adapted to work.
  2. Caiman cultivators are assembled in Kaluga, according to an informed user.
  3. Cayman Cultivator with a Japanese-made Subaru engine is available in the Subaru EX-16 Premium series, and the Subaru EP-16 motors from China. See what is on the proposed model. The cost is the same.
  4. The layout is inconvenient, the spark plug can be reached only after the delay of the gas supply hose.
  5. Initially, when unpacking, it was found that the clutch cables were standing incorrectly.
  6. The engine is demanding on the quality of fuel, Russian gasoline from unscrupulous tankers creates a lot of problems, but understanding comes after repeated cleaning of the system fuel and oil supply.
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farm This is not a complete list, for sure there are more comments, positive feedback is very brief and rare. Cayman cultivators prices are above average.

The horizontal shaft of the Subaru engine more fully transfers the load to the working tool. The operation of the mechanism is accompanied by less noise due to the engine. The engine is mounted on the frame, the connection with the gearbox at the bottom is a belt drive. The cultivator reducer Cayman transmits torque from the chain leading to the driven sprocket. If the model is equipped with a reverse, reverse, a tapered clutch is installed on top. The axis of the driven sprocket extends beyond the gearbox housing, which allows you to install the lugs and wheels. At idle, the cultivator belt Caiman does not transfer torque to the clutch. For this you need to squeeze the clutch on the handle, to tension. In this case, the tensioning roller changes the trajectory of rotation of the belt, and it transmits the force to the gearbox.

The design features of the mechanism allow cultivating virgin and fallow lands. However, the Cayman cultivator knives are not sharp, so they tear up the roots of bushes and perennial weeds on the way, without chopping.

Almost all models have a reverse, which makes the control units and turn accurate. However, adapted for processing dense soil and virgin soil models can not be light, and their weight is 46-57 kg. Transportation by car technology is difficult.

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Maintenance of motor cultivators

Caiman cultivators are sophisticated equipment operating in difficult conditions. Even with timely maintenance, it is possible to replace not only consumables, but also the elimination of failures. Follow the instructions for use. If it allows self-repair, then the instructions indicate the sequence of operations. Caiman cultivator repair is carried out in the service center during the warranty period. Maintenance by specialists is carried out if the unit is already removed from the warranty. Repair shops are provided with parts for the repair of the equipment supplied. In the online store the necessary parts may not be, in the center it should be required. It is hoped that it will be in the workshops that the spare parts for the Cayman cultivator will be sold of adequate quality. Here you can buy branded:

  • cable reverse;
  • wheels - regular, pneumatic, grouser;
  • belts of the right size and profile.

Attached implements for equipment will be sold here. With a skillful approach, any work in the garden may take several hours instead of several days of exercise with a hoe and shovel. A plow can be used to carry out waste plowing of dense soil.

Okuchnik will cut the furrows for planting, in the summer it will scoop up the ground for corn and potatoes. Pololniki will pass between the rows, without harming the cultivated plants. Couplings and adapters will help to expand the field of use of the equipment.

Examples of motor cultivators

It should be noted that the models in question can be classified as professional in terms of power and functionality.

Cultivator Cayman 50S in the ranking of the same type tools of this company takes the 6th place. The model is equipped with the Robin-Subaru EP16 engine, compared to other devices, it is compact, weighing 46 kg, but without reverse. This model does not have the ability to install rear equipment on the hitch. Output power is 3.7 liters.with., fuel tank capacity of 3.4 liters. The width of processing 60 cm at a depth of 320 mm makes the cultivator suitable if you need to plow up to 15 hectare. It is worth the tool 23990 rubles, at the price of the manufacturer.

Cayman 50S C2 cultivator is much more functional. In the ranking of the models of his company, he took a leading position. It differs from the previous model the possibility of reverse.

With the same energy performance, a move backwards creates significant relief in control. The shafts protruding from the gearbox make it possible to use the rear hitch and attach the plow in the kit to the potato harvester. Cultivator price 28990 rubles.

Only one of the presented models of cultivators - the Cayman 60S D2, is equipped with a pneumatic actuator. The bogatyr easily handles the dense ground with cutters with a grip of 90 cm.

In order to take the unit as a whole to its full depth, it will take 2 steps. For the first time he will tear the sod 15 cm deep, plow the second time 32 cm.

All mounted implements are feasible. The pneumatic actuator allows to change nozzles with ease. The unit weighs 57 kg, costs 33990 rubles.

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There are in the line and more powerful cultivators Vario 60S TWK, Quatro Junior V2 60S TWK +, working on the same engine, but having another hybrid gearbox. Machines are equipped with 2 speeds forward and reverse. And this allows you to use the front and rear canopies, to process up to 30 acres of land. Weigh products 72, 75 kg, cost 37, 44 thousand rubles.

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