11 best electric stoves for home

  • What is the rating based on?
  • The best low-cost electric stoves with enamelled surfaceaccount for in life. This is mainly due to the failure of the previous one. And this happens in most cases, then when the old served a certain number of years. Therefore, if it is no longer suitable for use, then most likely it is already quite obsolete.

    It happens that the owners move or redevelop with new furniture and pick up new appliances.

    Whatever the reason for the acquisition of a new plate, you choose it with the expectation of many years of operation. Therefore, in order for the equipment to be of high quality and functional, it is very important to make a good choice.

    What is the rating based on?

    Many in their choice prefer the electric type of stove. Describing it as a safe and effective device. A very popular option for housing where, for certain reasons, there is no gas exhaust, which often happens in private country houses.

    Therefore, if you decide on an electric stove, then the cross-cutting question is which electric stove is good. This article will be devoted to this question, namely we will consider their best options with the detailed characteristic.

    In order to make it easier for you to orient yourself to the consumer, and to decide which particular slab is necessary in specific conditions, we suggest conditionally dividing them into several categories. In each of them will be presented the best options of the specified type and the main properties of technologySo consider.

    The best inexpensive electric stoves with enamelled surface

    In order to understand all the subtleties of the stoves in this category, we denote what is the material from which its surface is made. Enamel is a relatively inexpensive material that can be made in different colors. Easy to care for. The disadvantage is its sensitivity to chips. Violation of the integrity of the enamel, leads to corrosion. In general, a fairly common variant of the surface of the plates.

    DARINA B EM341 406 W

    A worthy representative of this category. For an absolutely reasonable price, high-quality equipment that meets all basic requirements. Convenient and easy to operate. Modern look and high-quality assembly.

    In the configuration has a baking sheet, made of quality material. Equipped with a convenient box for kitchen equipment, which makes the equipment even more useful.

    Available on sale in ready( assembled) form. Therefore, it does not require extra costs and efforts to attract a specialist. It is enough to install it in the allotted place and connect it to the mains.

    Key benefits:

    • Heats up quickly.
    • Easy to use.
    • Low cost.


    • There is no rear partition compartment for inventory.

    HANSA FCEW54120

    A great option for the electric stove. It successfully combines German technological processes and high-quality assembly at the European level. As in all in this category, the surface of the plate is covered with enamel. There are four burners, one of which is express heating. The oven works well and thoughtfully, in which it is provided for:

    • Grill function;
    • Illumination;
    • Quality non-stick baking tray and wire rack.

    The stove has a modest size - 50 * 60 * 85 cm, which allows you to install it in a small kitchen area. In addition, it is characterized by ease of cleaning both the surface and the oven from the inside. There is a box for storage of kitchen equipment.

    Key benefits:

    • Compact;
    • Affordable;
    • Efficient functionality;
    • There is a hotplate express heating;
    • Built-in timer.

    Flama AE1406-W

    This is also an economical option for a plate of this category. However, it is noted quite an attractive view and there is enough thought out. In particular, the light of the oven and the lid make the device very convenient. The unit is characterized by a quick heating function. And also the oven bakes well and qualitatively.

    Special advantages:

    • Low cost.
    • High-quality heating.
    • Provided heating hotplate.
    • Good design.


    • Primitive view due to ease of configuration.

    The best electric stoves with a glass-ceramic surface.

    Glass ceramics is the newest solution to the surface of a stove. This material has a sophisticated and elegant look. Maintains high degree of heating. The heating is quite rapid, as is its cooling. The perfectly smooth surface is easy to clean.

    There are concerns that the surface may break. Theoretically, the material has a risk, but in practice it is not so easy to do.

    BEKO CSE 57300 GAR

    The model is famous for the assembly of high-quality material. Sufficient and good functionality ensures its easy and effective use. The hob is made of high quality glass ceramics. It is designed for four burners, two of which have double-circuit expansion zones.

    Volume oven( 60 l), in which an electric grill is provided. For convenience, there is a backlight. The oven door has double glass, which eliminates the occurrence of burns when touched. The control is carried out by switches, which are located on the end of the plate. The stove control is simplified with a display and a useful timer in the kitchen.

    The device has standard sizes, but rather non-standard in a good sense of appearance. The facade is made of black enamel. This is a good design solution for modern kitchens.

    Main advantages:

    • Standard functionality is supplemented with auxiliary functions: backlight, timer.
    • Heat-resistant glass - protection against burns.
    • High build quality.
    • Roomy inventory box.

    Bosch HCA 623 120 R

    This model is known as a full-featured thoughtful functionality of standard sizes. The hob is made of high-quality German glass ceramics. Equipped with a standard set of four burners, among which there is a double heat expansion circuit.

    Oven has a durable coating( such as GranitEmail) that can withstand various heating modes. It provides seven operating modes, the convention and the grill function of small and large areas.

    The elegant oven doors are made of solid glass. It should be noted that the structure of the door is very convenient when washing. It is noted for excellent heat insulation, which is concentrated only inside, and does not apply to furniture and outside.

    Special advantages:

    • Large and spacious surface.
    • High-quality assembly technology.
    • Oven oversized 66 l.


    • No timer provided;
    • There is no ring heating.

    Gorenje EC 57341 AW

    This is a compact model that deserves attention due to the combination of modest parameters and decent full functionality.

    The hob( glass-ceramic material) is equipped with four High-Light burners. Rings are functional: two standard types of 14.5 cm;the third with a round extension zone 18/12;the fourth with an oval zone of expansion 25 * 14. This makes it easy to use dishes of various sizes and shapes.

    Oven has many features:

    • Convection Heating.
    • Grill.
    • Mode of keeping warm ready meals.
    • Self-cleaning using steam( AquaClean function).

    It is easy to control appliances by electronic control.

    Main advantages:

    • Excellent thermal insulation of the oven: double glass with a thermostat.
    • Smooth door operation thanks to GentleClose hinges.
    • Cooking at different levels.


    • Power consumption is not the best level( B).

    Electrolux EKC 96450 AX

    Standard-sized electric stove, which has a fairly modern look. Externally, its color is close to stainless steel, which contributes to its harmonious combination with other appliances in the kitchen. The width of the plate is 60 cm, this is enough to feel free in the choice of dishes and its comfortable placement.

    Equipped with four Hi-Light burners, two of which have extended functions: one with a double expansion circuit, one with an oval extension of the heating area. The surface is equipped with an indicator of excess heat.

    Functional oven, which besides the standard types of heating has the function of grilling, maintaining heat, convention, including ring heating. From the middle, the oven is covered with high-quality enamel, which can be easily cleaned. It has the auxiliary newest features: timer;setting time for cooking, with a sound sensor on their completion.

    Main advantages:

    • Cooling fan.
    • Steam extraction into a separate compartment.
    • Deeply integrated switches.
    • Telescopic redirection.


    • There is no auto cleaning function.
    • High price of the device.

    The best electric cookers with a stainless steel surface.

    Stainless steel is a material characterized by particular resistance. Reliable, not afraid of household shocks and other mechanical damage. However, the material requires competent care with the use of funds specifically intended for this material. With proper care, always has a brilliant and solid appearance. Characterized by the longest service life.

    Hansa FCEX58210

    According to the principle of operation is simple and affordable model. However, its appearance deserves attention. Made in modern style, the stove has a look much more expensive than its value, despite the modest price. The functional includes a four ring panel( two with a diameter of 14.5 cm and two with a diameter of 18 cm) and an oven.

    Oven is not a small size of 62 liters. It works in eight modes, including a grill, convection, defrosting function, fast heating. In the complete set there are two baking sheets( flat and deep), a lattice. Greater convenience gives the built-in lights.

    Non-ordinary provides a special box for inventory on wheels, which is retractable. The surface of the hob can be covered with a lid, which is also provided in the kit.

    Special advantages:

    • Availability of a timer with an audible alert.
    • Grill function with a helicopter property.
    • Economical, - energy consumption of group A.


    • The surface of the plate requires care with the help of special tools.
    • When the oven is turned on, the stove heats up as a whole.

    The best induction electric cookers

    Induction - the most modern type of stove with the newest system of burners. The control of the stove of this type is simple and affordable, and the properties of the slab please with their reasonableness.

    Hansa FCIW53800

    This model has a low price for this category, since induction electric cookers are not cheap. In addition, it should be noted that it is extremely economical in terms of energy saving. It works according to the following principle: heating occurs only in the part where the pan stands. That is, with a slight separation of the dishes from the surface in time, the heating immediately turns off and instantly turns on again after contact with the dishes.

    The stove is equipped with efficient auxiliary functions: timer with shutdown, residual heat indicator. The oven is not small in size, in which you can cook the grill, equipped with convection function. Excellent stove, energy saving category A.

    Main advantages:

    • Fast and even heat distribution during heating.
    • Energy efficient, class A.
    • Exquisite design.


    • In the work produces background noise.

    The best low-cost 2-ring electric stoves

    The need for a variant of a small-sized stove is not always, however, sometimes it is very relevant. For example, too small kitchen, cottage or the like.

    Darina S EM 521 404W

    Just want to mention the parameters of this model, namely, its depth is 40 cm. This is easy to put in the smallest kitchen corner. Pleases also in accordance with the low price of equipment. Despite the fact that the stove has all the necessary functions and does its job well. The hob is equipped with two cast-iron burners. The oven is quite roomy, with a volume of 42 l in a set which provides a baking tray with a grid.

    Visually, the stove has a special compartment for inventory. In fact, it is separated only by the facade lid, and from the inside it does not have partitions between the floor and the wall. However, something to hide there is still possible. Sufficient aggregate for a small family.

    Key Benefits:

    • Simplicity.
    • Low cost.
    • High quality oven.


    • Modest functionality;
    • Long warm-up.

    The best electric stove with built-in dishwasher

    At the end of the ranking of the best electric stoves you want to add an unusual stove type that combines two types of completely different appliances. This option is good for those who want to put everything in a room where there is not enough space.

    Candy TRIO 9503

    This model is mainly designed for a small family. This is due to the small dimensions of the oven, 39 l. The sink itself is also quite small, and holds just over half the load of a standard-type dishwasher( 6 sets of dishes).However, such a station wagon suits a certain category of consumers, and even very happy.

    The stove itself has a modern design. The hob is made of glass ceramics. Five burners( one halogen), which have residual heat sensors. With good oven functions, namely: provides for grill, convection, has a backlight and an off timer.

    Special advantages:

    • Universality( multifunctionality of the device as a whole).
    • Five rings.
    • Functional Oven.
    • Auxiliary functions: timer with shutdown.


    • The oven is small due to its compatibility with the sink.
    • Price - high.

    This article quite fully revealed the question of the best options for electric stoves, among which there are even those that were little known to potential buyers. Actually, this information is intended so that the consumer would be prepared in the informative plan for the purchase and choose the option he needs.

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