Overview of washing machines with two drums

  • Advantages and disadvantages of two-drum machines
  • Features of the Haier Duo washing machine
  • Features of the LG Twin Wash washing machine

Household appliance manufacturers are constantly trying to alleviate our daily efforts. And overtake competitors. The range of specialized stores is constantly updated with interesting and technological innovations - with convenient features and special features. Some devices, without undue modesty, create a sensation and a real revolution in everyday life. An example of this - washing machines with two drums. What it is? Another useless marketing ploy or a real bestseller in the laundry world? Will our housewives be able to enjoy routine duties? Let's figure it out!

Advantages and disadvantages of two-drum machines

For the first time, two-drum automatic washing machines were presented at the exhibition of the latest technology, which was held in Berlin in 2015.New items attracted a lot of attention and became the center of an active discussion of their advantages and disadvantages.

The uniqueness of such a device is the presence of two separate tanks for loading laundry at once. The owner of such equipment does not easily increase the allowable load volume, and it becomes possible to perform “two washes at a time”!Drums in such a washing machine can operate independently of each other. That is, you no longer need to share dirty laundry - in one tank you can only wash white things, and in the second - colored ones. One tank is suitable for washing bulky items - blankets, curtains, outerwear, and at the same time you can load a smaller tank with things that require delicate care. Children's laundry is washed at the same time as an adult, only in the next tank, and this is very convenient, and allows the young mommy to carve out more free time.

Another advantage of such a washing machine is water saving. If you need to wash a small amount of things, load only a smaller drum. In addition, the quality of washing in such a novelty is at the highest level: washing the most difficult stains the first time, eliminating unpleasant odors, and in some models - steaming. Agree, it sounds tempting!

Whom may be interested in buying such a unit? A two-tank washing machine is the best choice for crowded families. In addition, such devices are suitable for the equipment of small private laundries, hostels, mini-hotels.

But like every type of technology, washing machines with two drums have their drawbacks. First of all, it is high cost. Such stiralki have not yet come out in the mass sale, and when they come out - they will cost very expensive. If you are ready to spend money, you will have to find a suitable place for such a device, because the size of a machine with two tanks is an order of magnitude larger than that of their “single drum” predecessors.

In some models of washing machines, both drums are controlled by one board. That is, if the machine fails - both drums stop at the same time. And how much it would cost to repair such a high-tech control board is difficult to imagine.

However, if you compare the pros and cons of a washing machine with two drums, then the purchase, rather, is worth the money. And if you have the opportunity to choose - it is wiser to make a choice in favor of such an instrument.

Features of the Haier Duo washing machine

Externally, this is a two-story machine in which one tank is installed above the other. At one time, the user can wash up to 12 kg of laundry - 4 kg in the upper tank and 8 kg in the lower one. The Duo model is equipped with a touchscreen display, remote control capability, and wash process indicators. In the washer - inverter motor with a 10-year guarantee of work. From the communications - the usual filler hose.

It is noteworthy that the Haier Duo is quite compact, does not make noise during operation, and is equipped with an energy-saving function. Consumption - 2.1 kWh. Spin the upper drum - 1200 rpm, lower - 1500. Functional - 13 and 19 modes of operation, respectively.

Features of the washing machine LG Twin Wash

Another new product with an additional boot tank was the new model from the brand LG.Twin Wash is slightly different from the previous model. The main tank is located in the case of the type of machines with front-loading. Additional tank "hidden" in a sliding platform.

This inverter also has an inverter motor, a common inlet hose, but two independent boards control the wash. Loading the main drum - 17 kg, functionality - 12 modes of operation, spin - 1000 rpm. The lower tank holds 3.5 kg, washes in 6 modes, squeezes at 700 revolutions per minute. The user also has access to remote control from his smartphone via wi-fi technology. It is this model that disinfects and refreshes clothes with the help of steam. But its dimensions are slightly larger than those of Haier Duo.

Which of the two washing machines with two drums to buy is up to you. But both the first and second models can significantly speed up and simplify the process of washing and drying clothes. Therefore, we are waiting for these cars in the mass sale with impatience!

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