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video Smoke-smoking house with your own hands is a simple way to make a smokehouse -

smoker smoked hot-smoked sketches is made by 4, you can use the smoke, hot smoke-smoking with your own hands, you can take it, you can take it, you can take it, you can take it, you can take it, you can take it, you can use it as a simple way to get one, you can use a smokehouse, we can use a smokehouse to make a smoking shed, you can use it, you can use it, you can use it, you can use it, you can use it as a simple way to get one, you can use a smokehouse, you can make a smokehouse, using your own hands, you will be a voices, you will be able to make a smokehouse. To smoke meat products on your own means to be confident in the quality and freshness of subsequently consumed delicious dishes. The technology of hot smoking, as compared to the cold method, requires much less time for cooking. The very same design in size and device allows you to use it not only outside but also indoors. Materials, tools used for manufacturing are not intricate and quite accessible.

Possible options for smoke-cured hot smoked

As a container for the smokehouse, modern man has adapted a significant amount of improvised means and apparatuses that have served their time for their intended purpose. Barrels, gas cylinders, refrigerators, washing machines got their second life.

One of the simplest options for making a home smokehouse for hot smoked fish and meat products is the use of metal buckets with a lid.

Metal bucket

Consider an example of how to make a hot-smoked smokehouse out of a bucket for outdoor use. The procedure is as follows:

  • selects a suitable metal bucket with a lid( not enameled) suitable for the volume;
  • in the side walls of the bucket are drilled holes for the installation of skewers or nets made of wire;
  • on the lower tier of wire mesh is fixed pallet to trap fat;
  • in the cover is drilled 10 -15 holes;
  • chips or sawdust are placed directly on the bottom of the smokehouse;
  • to activate the process of smoking will require a source of fire( fire, gas burner) or an electric stove.

Metal barrel

The following simple design is the manufacture of a barrel. Its capacity has a capacity exceeding the bucket at times.

The procedure for the manufacture and subsequent use is no different from the above example of manufacturing oil window from a bucket. The only difference is in size: all structural elements are proportionally larger.

Before use, the drum must be cleaned by firing at high temperature.


Refrigerator A home-made hot-smoked smokehouse with your own hands can easily come from the refrigerator. In this case, it will require more costs, not only material, but also physical. In exchange, it will be possible to get a large number of smoked products prepared in a convenient device. The choice of device for modernization should be stopped on Soviet models of the Dnepr type, since its manufacture used the minimum amount of plastic for interior plating. This fact greatly simplifies the refinement of the device.

The presence of plastic parts during hot smoking inside the smoke cabinet is not allowed due to the creation of a high temperature during cooking.

Consider an example of how to make a hot-smoked smokehouse with your own hands from an old refrigerator:

  • plastic interior trim removed;
  • magnetic seal is inspected, if necessary, disposed of;
  • joins holders of wire grids and hooks;
  • is being finalized or replaced by a new locking mechanism of the refrigerator door;
  • all technical holes that appeared after the modernization are pasted over with adhesive tape;
  • a hole equal to the diameter of the exhaust fan is made at the top of the cabinet with the help of a drill and scissors for metal;
  • in the resulting hole is fixed to the fan, it is attached to a pipe that takes the smoke to the street.
  • as a lower shelf smokehouse installed metal pan to collect the fat released during the process of smoking;
  • smoke generator of this design serves as an electric stove with a thick-walled container with sawdust or chips installed on it;The
  • smoke generator is placed in the lower part of the chamber, the power cord is led out through the prepared technical opening in the refrigerator case.
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The motor power of the fan used for exhaust must be sufficient to completely remove the smoke from the room.


stainless steel The most durable material for making hot smoked smokehouse is a food-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel allows you to use a thing made from it for more than a decade. The special grade of stainless steel AISI 304 is resistant to temperature changes, which makes it possible to smoke products all year round.

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The stainless steel hot smoked smokehouse is resistant to aggressive media, does not react with salts and acids, therefore it can be used as a stationary construction for the yard. Due to such properties of metal, the appearance of soot on the walls of the smokehouse is minimal. Cleaning and maintenance of the inner and outer surfaces is significantly simplified compared to a metal smokehouse subject to corrosion. This allows you to comply with hygienic requirements in the preparation of meat and fish semi-finished products.

The compact smokehouse made of stainless steel, the most common found among outdoor enthusiasts. Fishermen and hunters deservedly appreciate the ease of operation and care for this type of smokehouse. In hiking conditions hygiene is especially important.

There are also hot-smoked smokehouses with a water seal. Such a variety is common and in demand for home use. The design of this option is a box of welded thin sheet metal, having a square or rectangle in cross section. The edge of the box ends with a p-shaped groove 15–30 mm wide and 20–30 mm deep into which water is poured. There is also a lid of the same shape as the duct used to create tightness. The cover has a size wider than the box, but freely fits into the groove filled with water.

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The kit of such a device necessarily includes a fat collecting tray, a grid for laying out products prepared for smoking. The water seal also constructively fulfills the reinforcing properties, since the body of the smokehouse expands during heating, and the corner from which the valve is welded prevents the duct from deforming.

The principle of operation of the smokehouse with the water seal is based on stopping the exit of smoke from the body due to the liquid poured into the side of the smokehouse. Smoke from the oil lamp comes out through a special fitting in the center of the lid. Sawdust or wood chips suitable for smoking are poured directly to the bottom of the box, a drip pan is installed to trap the fat, followed by a net with neatly laid meat. Next, the lid is closed, water is poured into the valve and the smokehouse is set on fire.

During smoking, the level of the liquid should be maintained by pouring it, because it evaporates, heating up along with the body of the smokehouse.

Making your own hot smoked smokehouse is not difficult. A creative approach, not a cunning tool, small investment, and most importantly - desire. These are all requirements for obtaining high-quality results.

Any of the hot smoked designs proposed above can be used to make great delicacies. Their taste always only gets better from the realization that the hot smoked house smoker, in which they prepared, was made personally with your hands and with love for your loved ones. Do not be afraid to experiment. Difficult can be simple!

More clearly the production of hot smoked smokehouse do-it-yourself video.

Making Smokehouse - Video

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