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Teak is most often used in two industrial areas: construction and medicine. This wood has several distinctive features that make it unlike any other species. More about what kind of tree and where it is used will be discussed in this article.

General information, a brief description of the

The tree called tick has several names. Sometimes it is called an Angun or Burmese tonic. The plant grows in India, Thailand, South Asia( in the eastern regions), as well as on the Malaysian peninsula.

When the tree became particularly popular, plantations appeared, created specifically for the purpose of growing trees. Such plantations are created not only in the places of natural growth of this tree, but also in Africa, Costa Rica and Panama.

There is one significant difference between the wild type and the one that is grown on plantations - the color of the wood on the cut. However, this has virtually no effect on the use of wood and its quality.

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The height of the tree reaches 40 m, and the figure indicating the diameter of the trunk reaches 60 cm.

There are rare specimens in which the diameter of the trunk can reach one and a half meters.

Teak wood is especially appreciated for its durability. With proper processing and proper storage conditions, products can be stored for several centuries.

Statues made from the wood of this breed were found in Indian caves. Experts have established that this figurine is about 2000 years old. However, they have a beautiful appearance and are completely preserved.

The unique color palette of wood makes it possible to use wood for the manufacture of various products. When cutting a log, straight fibers are clearly tracked and only occasionally wavy fibers can be seen.

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Wood teak has a velvety, smooth structure and a high content of rubber and oil.the tree is extremely resistant to moisture and chemicals, is not affected by pests and fungi. When processing, the smell of old skin is clearly felt.

Medical use

Besides wood, leaves, bark, and other parts of the tree are also actively used. The healing properties of the oil, the leaves, and the teak wood itself are very diverse and wide.

The leaves of this tree have the highest healing properties. They are used for:

  1. Treatment of peptic ulcers of the skin, as well as fungal diseases. The leaves have antibacterial properties, so they are often used to treat skin diseases.
  2. To stabilize the menstrual cycle. Dried leaves are brewed as tea, and it is used in violation of the menstrual cycle.
  3. Treatment of hemorrhage. Also used in the form of dried leaf powder in the form of tea leaves.
  4. Treatment of tonsillitis( brewed as tea).
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Besides the leaves of the tree, wood itself is also actively used in medicine. It is ground in the smallest powder. The scope of its application is quite wide. This powder is used as:

  • laxative;
  • remedy against intestinal parasites;
  • medicine for dysentery;
  • for the treatment of leucoderma;
  • for the treatment of certain diseases of the female reproductive system.

Teak wood powder is most widely used in Indian medicine.

Teak oil is widely used. It is used to stimulate hair growth. In addition, this oil lubricates irritated skin, especially after insect bites. This oil soothes the skin and reduces itching.

The roots and flowers of the plant are used to treat infectious diseases of the urinary tract. They are also used as a remedy for nausea and for the treatment of bronchitis.

It is believed that teak bark can be used for diabetes.

Sawdust used in Indonesia. There they burn like incense.

Photo-presentation of the use of teak wood.

Teak wood has the greatest use in construction. For example, the following photo shows how teakwood is used to cover walls.

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Teak wood is used to make the floor. The flooring of this wood is moisture resistant with proper preparation.

Tick is actively used for the manufacture of furniture, including designer. From this tree create exclusive models, for example, with carvings or engravings.

Furniture for kitchens, business offices and so on is made from the wood of this breed. Tick ​​- very durable, and the furniture created from it, is very long.

Tick is a rather expensive material for construction, however, all the material costs associated with preparing this tree for processing and directly processing it themselves are paid for by durability and ease of use of its products. That is why tick is often used to make decorative woodwork, such as statuettes, vases, and so on. Wood is easy to process, and products keep their shape well and do not lose their attractive appearance even with time.

Preventive treatment with special protective compounds allows preserving the attractiveness of teak products. Outdoor furniture and other products are recommended to be cleaned of dirt and sanded once a year, and then apply a protective composition.

Using Teak to Finish the Bathroom - Video

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