How to remove burn marks from the iron from clothes?

  • Tan marks on clothes: who is guilty?
  • How to remove the trace from the iron?
  • How to avoid the appearance of scorpions?

We all want to look neat and presentable. Or fashionable and stylish. We carefully select things so that they emphasize our image and correspond to the situation. Well, we watch our things - we erase them, iron them, and sometimes - and reanimated. Today, we will tell you how to remove the trace from the iron on clothes, because of what these annoying troubles occur and how to avoid them.

Tan marks on clothes: who is guilty?

Unfortunately, a fairly common situation - ironed clothes, and as a result - they crooned their favorite thing. Because of which? The reasons are different, but more often than not, this trouble is due to:

  • non-observance of the temperature regime of ironing the product;
  • malfunction of the device;
  • inattention of the one who strokes the thing.

The stains from the iron can look like a huge brown scorch or a shiny luster on the seams of black fabric. If you saw such a stain on your things - first of all, check the mode at which this thing was ironed. If this parameter is not violated, then it is possible that the thermoregulating sensors have broken in your iron. Check the heat of the iron on any unnecessary cloth - an old sheet or a home-grown t-shirt will do. If the traces on the clothes appear due to a breakdown - then you can take your electronic assistant to the service center or perform diagnostics and repair of the iron yourself.

And maybe the reason for the appearance of stains from the iron is more banal? Maybe you just got distracted by ironing children or a phone call, or even exciting footage from the TV? But even in this case, you should not drop your hand and throw away the damaged product - it is likely that with the help of simple tips you can learn how to remove the trace from the iron and use our recommendations to save your clothes.

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How to remove the trace from the iron?

So, burns from the iron: how to clean? You can ask for help from professionals and take your clothes to dry cleaning. But not always there is time or opportunity. In addition, dry cleaning services are not an expensive pleasure.

Red spots on any fabric can be removed with a chemical stain remover. Producers - a huge number and they all talk about the exclusivity of their own means. However, in all sorts of forum owners often refer to such products as organic spray from the trading brand Amway, stain remover Faberlic, oxygen bleach Ace, Vanish in various forms - liquid, powder, soap.

But we hasten to tell you a secret - do not rush headlong into the store for a miracle remedy, there are more simple, safe and worthless substances that will help remove the trail from the iron on your favorite dress or blouse. We have prepared as many as 15 recommendations that will teach you to remove the scorch marks and shining marks from the iron on your favorite products.

  1. To begin with, try rubbing the burnt place with a usual clean, damp sponge. This will help remove from the surface of the product, burnt and charred villi. Sometimes this is enough.
  2. If it does not help - arm with a nail file or with a shaving machine, try simply to "shave off" the damaged tissue site. The main thing is to do it very carefully. If this method does not suit you, they singed a thin shirt or other cotton article, then we switch to "heavy artillery" - improvised materials.
  3. Remove gleaming stain from the iron on the trousers will help gauze, moistened with vinegar. Lightly squeeze it and iron your trousers in those places where a brilliant trace from the working surface of the device appeared. After this, thoroughly wash and rinse the thing to discourage the specific smell of vinegar.
  4. Insidious shiny traces of iron on black can be removed with soap. It is necessary to densely soap gauze or a thin cloth and iron the stains from the inside. Then rinse your "little black dress" or another ironed black product and wear it with pleasure.
  5. You can try ironing black trousers or a skirt with an iron through a newspaper, this also helps remove shiny stains on the seams and folds of the product.
  6. Sometimes, with the removal of spots on the trousers, the office eraser handles. The one with the blue edge. Just intensively rub the scorpion and rinse the thing in warm water.
  7. On white prizhzhennye tissue can be affected by any bleach - banal whiteness. Or peroxide of hydrogen. Peroxide must be diluted with water - one part of the active substance has one part of the water. The next step is to apply the solution to the stain with a sponge and leave it for a while. You can take out and spread the product in the sun - exposure to ultraviolet rays will intensify and accelerate the whitening effect of peroxide. Do not forget to rinse your item in running water with air conditioning. Such a tool will successfully cope with the "resuscitation" of even such delicate fabrics as silk, chiffon and satin.
  8. If the effect of peroxide seems weak to you - add ammonia to the solution, about the same as peroxide. After that, we put the solution on the cloth, we wait and the linen.
  9. If the damaged tissue is viscose, the solution should be made from alcohol or denatured alcohol.
  10. If the colored thing has suffered, then it is better to remove burns with lemon juice and powdered sugar. First, we moisten the seared place with juice, then cover it with sugar powder. Now it is necessary to wait patiently until the active substances dissolve the stain. To enhance the effect, you can spread the thing in the sun.
  11. A regular baking white onion will become a reliable assistant. Clean one head from the husks, make a gruel from it and spread this damaged area with a damaged area. For a couple of hours the onion will successfully cope with a spot on your favorite shirt or skirt. And you will only have to wash the thing in warm water with perfumed detergents.
  12. Not very strong spots from the iron on synthetic or natural linen will help simple skim milk. You will need a sufficient amount of milk to soak the product and several hours of time, so that the milk has time to act.
  13. If you have boric acid at home, you can also apply it as an inexpensive but effective stain remover. Especially if the carpet or carpet has suffered from the iron.
  14. How to remove a stain from an iron on synthetics? With the help of baking soda. It is necessary to soak the burnt place well and cover it with soda. When all the powder gets wet and absorbed into the fabric - rub the stain with a stiff washcloth.
  15. Or, soak the cloth in the usual vinegar and pour salt. After that, put the product on the sunny windowsill. When the product is completely dry - it is necessary to wash the thing in sufficient quantity of water and powder, and then - rinse thoroughly in cool water.

Naturally, it is better to do all these saving manipulations immediately, after ironing. The more fresh the scrap - the easier it is to get rid of it. How to remove burn marks from the iron from clothes - now you are in the know, but how to prevent such problems?

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How to avoid the appearance of scorpions?

So as not to ask Google the question: "how to remove the stain from the iron? Just stick to the elementary rules:

  1. Use a serviceable iron. And the more temperature regimes in it are available - the better.
  2. Always look at the label of your things.
  3. Do not use too thin gauze for ironing, sometimes it is the reason for the appearance of shiny tracks on synthetic fabrics or black products. It will be safer to use a flannel or a cotton cut.
  4. After each use of iron or before ironing, it is worth wiping the soleplate of the device and cleaning it from the nap or thread. Sometimes it is the charred dirt on the sole of the iron that creates additional problems in the form of stains on clothes.

We hope that our recommendations on how to remove the trace from the iron on clothes will help not one mistress to restore a spoiled thing during ironing. After all, for this purpose we collected all the advice in one article. Have a good mood, dear readers!

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