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Save space in the apartment and neatly arrange the balcony, preparing roomy boxes for this room. Everyone can independently make the furniture, if you first understand what to make a closet on the balcony and how to act. Spacious shelves are suitable for storing conservation, clothing, bulk items, building materials. Making racks for the balcony does not take much time and special skills for this work will not be needed. All the necessary materials are easy to find in the hardware store, and tools will be found in every home.

Design types

Before proceeding to the manufacture of furniture, it is important to determine which type of product fits well with the size of the balcony. If the space is small, then you should pay attention to the built-in model. In the process of carpentry work, the walls of the balcony will perform the function of supporting structural elements. Shelves and racks join the walls of the balcony, without taking up much space at the same time. It is not difficult to make a built-in wardrobe on the balcony with your own hands, but before starting work it is important to think through all the details, since moving the product if necessary will not work.

When there is a lot of space in the room, then it will be supplemented with a cabinet. Carpentry work will require large financial expenditures, since it will be necessary to manufacture all the structural elements and the inner wall, including. The product takes up more space on the balcony, but if necessary it is convenient to move or transport when moving.

Making a corner cabinet on the balcony will be a little more difficult than the previous two designs, but such a product is very spacious. This version of the furniture is built-in or cabinet type. This model is made in the form of shelves attached in the corner of the room. The product of the angular type is installed on a heated loggia or balcony.

It will be much more convenient to be in a room if, before making a built-in wardrobe or cabinet on the loggia, it is determined what the doors should be. To make a construction it will turn out when using such elements:

  • Swing doors. Suitable for a loggia, where a lot of free space. Doors can be installed to the full height of the structure or to divide the structure into certain zones, where each will have its own door;
  • Doors-accordion, coupe and roller shutters. This type of door is suitable for a room where space is limited. They will help save space and conveniently use the closet.
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What materials are needed?

To make a cabinet will turn out when using plywood, wood, a chipboard, gypsum cardboard or plastic. If desired, you can combine several materials among themselves. In the process of finishing it is important to use PVC or wall paneling. Use natural wood, making a wardrobe on the balcony with your own hands, it is important in the case when the room is not glazed. If you pre-coat the tree with waterproof paint or varnish, you will be able to prevent material damage under adverse weather conditions.

Before you decide on the building material from which the wardrobe will be made, you need to consider the design of the balcony, whether the room is insulated or not, and how much load will be on the shelves. A universal option for any type of balcony is natural wood. Moisture resistant materials such as plastic and MDF.

Frame product

Deciding to make a wooden cabinet on the balcony, you should consider what material to use for each individual structural member. In the manufacture of products the main part of the attention is paid to the frame and doors. Some cabinets are complemented by side strut and cladding.

To produce a cabinet frame, it will turn out when using a bar with a section of 50x50 mm or 40x40 mm. This option is suitable for a heated balcony. If the room is not heated, it is better to exclude a wooden frame and pay attention to other materials, since under the influence of moisture the tree will change its size and begin to deform.

A universal method for the manufacture of the frame - use galvanized profiles for drywall, as they do not change their appearance under the influence of adverse weather conditions. It is very easy to join the galvanized profile to drywall, chipboard, plywood and other materials.

Shelves for a wardrobe

You can make a high-quality and reliable wardrobe on a balcony if you choose the right building material for the shelves. The main load will be directed to this element of the product, so the shelves will have to pay special attention. It is best for the manufacture of this part suitable chipboard, OSB or thick plywood.

If the shelf load is more than 5 kg, then it is better to give preference to a wooden board. Such material will perfectly cope with cargo in the form of preservation, dishes or books.

Attach shelves to pre-mounted bars or self-tapping screws. The framework for the cabinet of the bars will not be difficult to do if you prepare all the tools and materials in advance. It will turn out to make a wardrobe, using metal corners, where you can also mount shelves. If the cabinet is built-in type, and the walls of the balcony can be drilled, then it is important to use corners and screws.

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A wardrobe made on the balcony on your balcony will not look worse if you build shelves using metal guides and brackets. In this case, changing the height of the shelves is very simple enough to move the brackets to another hole.

Build shelves obtained from the remaining scraps of wooden boards. Before you attach the part to the frame, it is important to pre-prepare the boards. To do this, they are covered with paintwork material( preferably water-based).Such shelves will not deform under the influence of moisture and ultraviolet.

Preparatory work

Before proceeding to carpentry work, stock up on the necessary tools. Prepare electrical appliances in the form of: a screwdriver, electric drill, jigsaw. You will also need to take a hammer, a chisel, a building level and a square. Do not do in the manufacture of products without nails, screws, plumb, tape and dowels. It will be easier to draw the drawing of the cabinet on the loggia by preparing a ruler and a pencil in advance.

Before you begin to assemble the cabinet, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Pre-repair the floor surface on the balcony. If there is no possibility to repair the entire floor of the loggia, then pay attention to the section where the wardrobe will be located.
  2. In the process of installing the cabinet on the balcony with your own hands drawings will help to avoid trouble and get the desired design.
  3. If you install the structure on a glazed loggia, the cabinet will last much longer;
  4. Pre-warm the balcony( walls and floor) and fix the gaps with mineral wool, foam or PVC.Such a measure will extend the shelf life of the cabinet.

How to make a new product?

Having understood what the closet on the balcony is made of, and how to prepare the room properly, proceed to the next step. Think over in advance where the structure will stand, and also consider whether the balcony is glazed or not. This factor will help to figure out which material is better to use for carpentry work.

Beginners can make an open cabinet in the form of a stack. The process of creating a cabinet for a loggia includes the following steps:

  1. Using a tape measure, measure the exact dimensions of the future cabinet.
  2. Prepare the drawing. Consider the width, thickness and height of each part.
  3. Buy the necessary materials at the hardware store and prepare the tools.
  4. Focusing on the dimensions indicated in the drawing, make the markings on the boards with a pencil.
  5. Using the prepared materials, cut out the parts, assemble the frame and attach the shelves.

Making a wardrobe on the loggia with your own hands on a photo or drawing will be much easier. Make the frame, adhering to the basic rules. Start to build the frame, starting at the bottom. To begin, set the base straight, and then attach the vertical parts to it. After that, fix the horizontal parts on the structure, not forgetting to fix the rigidity of the product. Then attach the tabs where the shelves will be located.

When you begin to assemble the cabinet, make sure that the product is level and its parts are arranged symmetrically. If the product will stand on an unglazed loggia, then pre-treat the boards with varnish so that the cabinet will last as long as possible.

Tips for experienced masters

The process of making a cabinet with a more complex design includes the presence of doors. Having figured out what to do on the balcony, and what tools to use, proceed to the following steps:

  1. Plan a drawing. Decide on the size of each part, the height and depth of the cabinet and the distance between the shelves. Think about the order in which you will collect construction details.
  2. To make swing doors or sliding doors for the locker on the balcony, buy hinges, handles and fasteners.
  3. Using the drawing, prepare the materials, cut out all the main parts with a saw.
  4. Alternately assemble the cabinet, using the building level and plumb.
  5. At the final stages, sheathe the cabinet with clapboard or plastic( sheathing should be combined with the rest of the repair at the loggia).
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Assemble the wardrobe on the loggia with your own hands on the drawing, starting from the bottom of the frame. First, install the support, and then fix the longitudinal and transverse parts. After that, attach the shelves and doors. Try to evenly and carefully secure the hinges on which the doors will be located. At the end, attach the handle to the door. Prepare the holes for the hinges and fixing the handles will work when using a drill and chisel.

Unusual ideas for design.

. It is important to install not only a regular wardrobe with doors, but also other variants of cabinets with a beautiful design on the loggias. It will be much easier to develop the design of the cabinet on the balcony according to the photo and the finished drawings. Frosted glass inserts will help to make the product as comfortable and homely as possible. Unusually on the balcony looks like a wardrobe in the form of a kitchen cupboard.

Visually increase the size of the room will help closet with mirrored doors. Arrange the product will also in the form of a workplace. The similar option will be suitable for the warmed balcony. Behind the cabinet doors can be hidden computer monitor and system unit.

Complete the closet with fresh flowers or books if you plan neat shelves in advance from the side. If the loggia is large and it is insulated, then the room can be equipped as a separate room. The lower part of the cabinet will be arranged in the form of a soft bench or sofa. It is important to equip the window sill on the loggia in the form of a table and supplement it with a folding chair.

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