Which boiler is better to buy for a summer residence?

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Although in the country we do not spend much time, I want comfort there was not worse than in a city apartment. Even if we live there only in the summer and heating is optional, hot water must be required. After all, you need to wash the dishes, and even more after the hot summer days you can not do without a shower or a bath. It is most simple to provide a country house with hot water supply by installing an electric water heater. But then the question arises - what kind of boiler it is better to buy for a summer residence. We will try to help with his decision.

Which is better to choose: cumulative or flowing?

There are two types of storage and flow-through boilers. The second type is more compact, but during operation it takes on a considerable current. Therefore, if the dacha is not equipped with the same powerful wiring as a city house, asking which boilers to buy, naturally it is worth stopping at the storage device.

The storage boiler has additional advantages:

  • It is a battery of water, keeping it in its capacity. If the water supply of the cottage has insufficient capacity (due to a small well debit, pipe cross-section or pump capacity), it easily copes with the peak water consumption.
  • In the event of a power failure (which is not rare in rural areas), it can supply pre-heated hot water even when there is no voltage.
  • If the fee for electricity is less at night (and today the transition to such tariffs), then there is the possibility to program its in such a way that its heating elements work during the action of reducing the cost of kilowatt hour, preparing water for the morning soul.
  • If such a water heater is placed higher, it can also be an element creating a pressure in the system, even if the central water supply or pump is switched off.
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The increased dimensions of the storage electric water heater are not so important for a summer house where there are no problems with a free place. Therefore, the answer to the question, which is better to choose a boiler is almost unambiguous cumulative.

Boilers, which firm is better, how to find the best option for price and quality?

This is another rather difficult question. To date, not one hundred manufacturers produce boilers. If several years ago you could give advice not to buy products of little-known companies from PRC, and focus on trademarks, which are on hearing, then for today - this is an extremely wrong an approach.

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The quality of the products from the "Celestial" at a very decent level and even such concerns as "Bosch" or "Vissman" transfer their assembly there. But buying a device of a well-known brand can be overpaid not so much for quality, how much for its fame.

At the same time, a boiler with an unfamiliar name can be much better and more functional and at the same time much cheaper. Therefore, when deciding the question of boilers, which firm is better, it is necessary to study the documentation for the apparatus.

If the boiler manufacturer is serious, the following conditions must be met:

  • A full package of documents will be attached to the boiler, including a detailed operating manual, and permission to operate (certificate) in our country and confirmation of compliance with the current standards.
  • The addresses and other contact information, both about the manufacturer, and about its representatives and service centers, must be reflected.
  • A quality water heater has a long warranty period. The time for which the company takes responsibility for the serviceability of the device can serve as an indirect criterion in determining which boiler is the best company.
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You can also ask the acquaintances about the quality of this or that boiler, and the impressions of its operation.

Another option to look on the Internet is the best boiler, according to buyers. But the result must be treated with caution. Often the search robots give on the first pages not the most reliable sites, but the product of people who optimized the page in order to make money on advertising. It is better to check the attendance of the site, and also try to leave your own review. If it is published, then all the rest, wrote real people.


Naturally, you need to pay attention to the technical characteristics - why buy the most powerful boiler, even if it is the best, if there are no more than two or three people in the country. We must not forget about the economics of the device - be sure to compare how much the heater consumes energy for heating a certain volume of water to 50 degrees (we have such a temperature standard for hot water supply).

Which boiler is better to choose for a summer residence

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